Allempe:"Please everyone for people like me to continue to change the world." ". Is it possible that the Ark will no longer be earthshaking, no longer need to be in the heart of thousands of escape.

Please everyone for people like me to continue to change the world.


Earlier last year, Allempe in a public speech by the human rights movement, and her publication touched the world's gender-pagn, even those who did not understand LGBTQ. This year's Allempe Kitanua film, "Seizure of Happiness" in the publicity that he was acting on this gay rights issues related to the film before deciding to get out of the cabinet.

"I thought to myself," Alan, how can you make this film and not come out of the closet? 』」

"Seizure of Happiness" by Allempe Keiten Grand slam queen Julia Ammole acting , the story is a female detective Laura (Julie Ammole adorn) in the career in 25 countless meritorious, and girlfriend Stacy (Allempe Kei) emotional stability. When she unfortunately checked out the end of lung cancer, hoping to leave the pension to Stacey, but the government mercilessly rebuffed. Laura uses the last moments of her life to sue the government with friends and family to fight for justice and rights for herself and his lover. (same field Gayon: After the United States Constitution guarantees the same marriage, Taiwan is not the 51st state: Our battlefield in Congress )

Bravery is not synonymous with homosexuality.

The film is adapted from a true story, Allempe Maggie, in an interview with Time magazine, said that when he was filming the play , she listened to Laura and Daisy, knowing that she had no reason not to face her true self, saying that it was more of an inner journey than being honest with the world. "Seizure of Happiness" is Allempe after the first gay role, but she is always to the media "brave" the word feel disgusted, "out of the closet to many people said is a very marginal thing, if I play is heterosexual, will someone say I am very brave?" I think we're just being honest with ourselves. "(Extended reading: The true picture of gay love: love, Blood and Sweat )

Alan felt that "when people praised the bravery of those who played the role of LGBTQ actors, it was quite offensive and repulsive, but how could it not be that some people feel that homosexuality is a brave thing to be heterosexual?" 」

When we say hello brave to the person who is out of the closet, give her a smile lightly. Let go of the ark, do not have to violate the normal , no more earth-shattering.

"I know what I'm looking for is beyond the red carpet, and those things are real." After coming out of the closet, I feel alive as never before. 」

The red carpet rules in Hollywood have nothing to do with me.

Allempe said that Hollywood has too many rules of the game, she can not play that set. In her visit to Vanity Fair, she discussed the gender phenomenon in Hollywood: "caitlyn Jenner's example was interesting, and his news was surprising, breaking Hollywood's grim insistence on gender two. I had a big thing before I got out of the closet, and that was the dress and heels on the red carpet. Like, "You have to do this," Hollywood is something I can't agree with in order to show a certain way and you should be in the girls ' code. I look like an idiot in a tux! 」

"Wearing a suit makes my world a better place," Allempe Kiele in an interview with a smile. She doesn't care about how the red carpet regulates women, she only makes herself comfortable. When someone asked if a movie maker refused to let her play some role because of Allen's label? "I don't care," said Alan bravely. "Out of their 27-year-old sex cage, Ellen no longer suppresses himself, and no longer looks at the eyes of those who examine her and judge her." (Recommended you see: Kangyong talk about the loneliness of the cabinet: "I have to work hard to prove that we are not monsters")

We see Alan's recent interview performance of Free and easy, but also remember her in the spotlight lamp out of the cabinet trembling, I originally thought her tears are facing the world's fear, now understand that it is over the heart of the warm wall. Now happy to do a Tomboy Allempe not care about those unwritten norms, whether walking on the red carpet, or out of the red blanket, she only do Allempe ji.

Allen quotes Take a walk

We let ourselves become a trend.



Love is beautiful, joyful, even painful, it is the best gift that we can accept as a person. We should abandon the shame, without compromise, to fully experience love.


If we can get to know each other for five more minutes, we can argue and attack less.


More than five minutes, to understand the friends around you, more than five minutes, take the hands of strangers, more than five minutes to face the cry of the heart, more than five minutes, to look at the incomplete. I hope you will take away the spirit of Allempe Kyi in this article and become the one you desire.