A group of Japanese, who own Japanese passports, were born in Taiwan. Because of the frustration of the Sino-Japanese War, they must leave the place where they were born--they are bay health, love and love Taiwan, because Taiwan is the home of their hearts forever. Women fan into the "Bay Home" documentary and history, to see the production field and the Bay of the elderly people, read a section of the life hidden in reality. (Extended reading:"A poem A Memory" at the end of the world, Miss waiting for you to return to the people)

"Once chased the rabbit that mountain, once fished the carp of the river, now only in a Dream reunion, never forget--my hometown." 」

This is the Japanese nursery rhyme "Hometown" Chinese lyrics, but also the documentary film "Bay born Home" in the Bay of the most naked mood portrayal.

Who is the bay student?

The bay was born in Taiwan during the Japanese rule. After the Shimonoseki in 1895, Taiwan and Penghu were ceded to Japan, where, in order to build Taiwan, there had been a number of government camps and private immigrants, with senior officials and technical personnel in charge of the government-run business, the latter being the civilian population seeking a fertile dream. and bay Health, is the children of these first generation immigrants.

We are unfamiliar with the term "wan Sheng", whose faces are hidden behind history, but the blood and tears of immigrants were once true in this land.

During the Japanese period, there were 30 Yi min cun in the eastern part of the country, of which there were 17, and it was apparent that the Japanese authorities planned to place the group of people in Japan as the lower class in a large concentration in the metropolitan area. On the other hand, in order for these people to stay in Taiwan for ever, not only to realize a temporary gold rush dream, the official rules must be the family to move to Taiwan, and the Shinto shrine and Bushi of Japanese faith. (same field Gayon: The woman Chasing the tides: the ordinary happiness of the new living people with Oyster )

Since then, the first generation of immigrants in Taiwan from the beginning of the cultivation, through the middle of the turmoil and plague and other challenges, and finally took root in Taiwan, and bred the Offspring-Bay health.

(Picture: Wan Sheng Fu Yongsheng back to Hualian home for friends)

Born and bred in Taiwan, the Bay life has never lived on the island of Japan and regarded Taiwan as its "hometown", but such sake have been cleaned up by the war. The 1945-Day War ended, more than 400,000 in Taiwan were rushed back to Japan, and for Bay Health, this is a painful farewell.

Some of them were torn apart by a couple who struggled for decades, there are only children in Taiwan until the deathbed still deeply concerned about the relatives in Japan, have a lifetime waiting to return to Taiwan and childhood play with the reunion of the people, but once again experience the tough years: "Dead, all Dead ..."

But the tears of the bay's students were forgotten by the Times. Until the people of the Bay of descent have spent more than 10 years in their fieldwork and accompanied the bay students back to Taiwan to obtain a birth certificate, they will witness that their regrets are complete. All these processes are passed through the book of "Wan Sheng Home" and the documentary film , and let us see that love will eventually be deeply remembered. (Recommended reading:"travel 31 days" travel on the road, to you say "Welcome home" taste memory )

The "Alien" in the Motherland

Taiwan is the home of these bay students. But the cruel is, they in the history of the gap between the same time by Taiwan Day forgotten. When Japan was defeated, they were forced to leave their home in Taiwan as the repatriation of the goods can be strict rules, even the soap can only take a few pieces, the book can only take a few of the provisions, so in Taiwan the Japanese had to send or sell their belongings, and finally with simple luggage and only 1000 Yuanri cash on board.

At that time, many people thought that only temporarily leave, and so on after the situation is settled can return to Taiwan, but did not think this difference is forever. in the the time of the tease, Bay Health seems to be the ruling party's vested interests, actually is excluded from the home country to the outside person. some of them were not too late to land and were sunk by the American torpedo, but the test was more or less after the return to Japan, the group of Bay Health by the Japanese authorities as inferior people.

After the introduction, they were treated as the defeated returnees with germs, so when the repatriated ship arrives in Japan, the "unclean" usher, in addition to vaccination and disinfection, has to stay in the infirmary observation, sick and not sick people are living together, isolated on the shore of temporary shelters, A tuberculosis convalescent facility or an orphan's nursing home causes many of the original health-seekers to die in the same place, and the convalescent homes even have cemeteries, and the unfortunate disease dead is the nearest incineration and burial . They procrastinate in reality, not only can not return to Taiwan, even Japan can not meet one side.

Some of the young people are more fortunate, in quarantine without disease release, but back to Japan's Bay health not only have nothing, but also by the Japanese residents as plague, and everywhere to avoid them. In the documentary The reality presents their plight, the small to the Japanese accent is abandoned, have to learn again, large to because of forced to leave Taiwan's education interrupted, creating a job search dilemma. Therefore, the Bay students hide their identities, they are unwilling to let the past become the scars of constant exposure.

In addition to documentaries, "Bay Born Home" is also a profound description of such distress, such as Doi when recalling his father's talk, said: "A line of people back to Tokushima, we are driven all the way." People here say that we have voluntarily given up Japan and that the rich who have come to Taiwan are now defeated and returned from Taiwan with germs. Japan is poor enough to be miserable, you group of defeated deported, beggars, germs, go away! Don't take up our turf, give us the infection! Fuck off! Fuck off! 」

Can not be embraced Bay health, back to the motherland, the sense of belonging always wandering. They cannot recognize the past as a bay born in the face of the Japanese, but they cannot forget Taiwan. Home Kando in the film that expressed such a strange feeling, she always doubt, why in Japan to live longer than Taiwan, but also continue to make friends, but always feel that their heart is missing a corner, Taiwan has always been a kind of can't put down the missing?

The problem until she saw five wood wide "おとな two people in the afternoon: Aliens impose talk", only to get the answer: "I was always a alien, I miss Taiwan is to die will not put it."

The "Alien" walked all the way from not easy, the bay born in the past memory, and live the present life. Because they are in the motherland, but always can not produce their own "Japanese" emotional link. Therefore, the identity of the bay students, not the "Japanese" ethnic origin, but the cultural feelings of "Taiwan", so that they both suppressed and regained memories, a group of people through their own life experience, tell themselves who and where to come from.

Where is the hometown of Bay born?

"Bay born Home" want to express not only the story of the region, more belongs to the memory of the local, will be stagnant in the memory of the home, is the memory of the history, but also can not go on time. Make the bay Life for the "hometown" of the imagination become a flow of significance, not necessarily with a specific national identity.

Their Ninze is always the land of Taiwan. Bay born descendants of the production field is often puzzled, why Grandma Tanaka, under the bamboo Kin zhi, bamboo and a group of Japanese friends together, always a fluent Taiwanese language, even "Yao Shou", embedded, five words are very smooth.

In addition to frequent travel to Taiwan, they often donate money to the 921 earthquake, small to Hualian High school, the north of a female middle school seems to have no need, "I study in the United States, washing the hands of the dishes are frozen, why don't you donate to me?" "Tanaka has been so provocative to grandma.

Later, after they died, to the field of the Ashes sprinkled in Hualian harbor, she knew that the original hiding in the bay behind the huge miss and sorrow, also let her commitment to take the bay to live home. Tanaka is a discovers of Taiwan and Japan, enabling them to achieve roots aspirations after displacement. (You will like: the song is their map!) Native Australians use music to find their way home

(Picture: Tanaka real plus hand-painted grandmother Tanaka Ying figure)

even after leaving Taiwan for 70, Miss Wan's heart for Taiwan is still a stinging sensation. August 9, 2014, "Bay born Home" the crew with the 83-year-old home Kando back to the Japanese period of Taipei, the current Daan District, which is now a family of households in Taiwan's household registration data. After returning Yang has come to Taiwan dozens of times of the House of Grandma in the screen still appear disturbed, can also conceal is looking forward to the mood, the home of grandma saw the days of the household government data, she was overjoyed to shout: "Ah!" Manuscript! On the other hand, tears followed after's delight.

Jia Cang grandma frequently tears to say: "I finally in my life 83 years old to receive my birth registration transcript, I finally in my life 83 years old will lose part of my life to fill up, I finally in my life 83 years old can in this way and my family reunion in Taiwan. I really do not know how to thank, can be born in Taiwan really good! 」

Homesickness comes from the attachment to people and to the land. In the midst of the war, the chaos. The introduction of the 1946, not only separated the relationship between people and land, but also let countless people and the fate of the people on hold. That will not go back to the past, so become the Bay of Life Miss Taiwan's various.

They have unspeakable loneliness in their hearts, and homesickness is like a ghost everywhere, quietly torturing the wandering people. Homesickness is not only a simple sense of the yearning for the homeland, for this group by the years of pastime "marginal person", is also a kind of no sustenance of spiritual thirst. (Extended reading:"believe that you can do, Taiwan does not have time to wait for us to become old" Miao Boya interview )

(Photo: The production field is added to the media test film will be published all the way through the course)

In the book's 22 Bay Life stories, Tanaka chose eight of them to become the documentary star. This is a 14-year record, 5 years of filming the production of documentary, using the Taiwan daily nearly 40 translation and interpretation, after a year of translation, after 18 months of splicing test, from 60,000 minutes of material in fine cut 110 minutes,"The Bay born Home" There is no political color, is the Ministry of Love to pass the film, Hope to use another beautiful, loving angle to see, feel the power of love, cherish life and people around. 」

But in the process of production, the test is also followed, because the old people's memory is no longer clear, and sometimes incoherent, in the post-splicing stage, the cost of translation alone has burned NT $ more than 3 million.

In addition to money is the enemy , time is not a luxury, because the youngest 71-Year-old Bay Health, the oldest is 105 years old, every time back to Taiwan, may be the last. She was always blaming herself for being too slow, There is no time to wait for the shooting, someone filmed half of the death, more people in the documentary before they walked into the heavens, they still hold a regret to die,"but more often, I was moved by their hearts, which let me always do not forget the original intention-to help them fulfill their wishes." 」

even if only one hand letter, or long dead Ashes, Tian Village is to help many bay students find a lifetime of friends and relatives and love, this shuttle in Japan between the time travel, she walked hard but never stopped. As she said: "Someone asked me from 20 years old to now, sacrifice the youth to get what?" I only have two words, no price. 」

The story of the Bay Life is not recorded in Taiwan or Japan, so that the masses can not know the blood and tears behind the bay, in Taiwan's education, we only standardized to learn from Japan's Nanyang policy, but this group of Bay students say Minnan dialect, singing "Rainy Night Flowers, their love for Taiwan is a textbook never mentioned life." Bay was born in Taiwan, in the heart is a "I came back", rather than "I came", Zhichitianya's native relatives, to find a difficult dream in the reality of refuge. (Recommended reading: 20-Year-old wandering: In the city to become more lonely but complete people )