Dear, did you try the power of four minutes of the Khan Tabata?If you think the two versions of "to the beginners" and "to have sports habits " are only a small piece of cake, it doesn't matter, this week we'll help you select the advanced version of Tabata and the devil edition, so that you can move quickly and quickly !(Didn't even try the starter edition? Four-minute sweat, Tabata!And at home, with sculptures and abs and neckles )

What is Tabata Training?

Tabata Training is a new style of exercise proposed by Professor Izuki Tabata of the University of Tokyo University of Tokyo, Japan, and his team.With high strength, short time movements, you can effectively burn fat, improve cardiopulmonary function (aerobic exercise), exercise physical strength, increase muscle mass (no oxygen movement).

The essence of this exercise is that it is high in action intensity, short in the middle rest time, and the body rapidly consumes hepatoglycans, and changes to the body fat in order to provide energy.And again, because of the high intensity, even after you finish Tabata, you're still going to do it for you, and it's burning calories.It is a kind of new choice that suits the busy pace of modern people and is more effective than the pure aerobic exercise.


All movements must be self-based on the individual's condition and level of exercise!Never because of the high level of remuneration of the movement was to ignore the physical condition of the sport.In particular, those who have no movement habit and who have just reduced their weight will remember the "gradual progress"!

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Advanced 40 minute Tabata


See the host solid muscle line?The 40-minute version of the campaign will allow you to move completely to the muscles of your entire body, so that you have no place to use force, no place to stretch!So at first, I must remember to warm up first.When the body is in a little heat, it's not easy to get hurt!

Initially, it moved to a large number of muscles in the belly and thigh.The squat will also help you exercise your usual insides of the thighs and your hips.Because there are many actions that have to be supported by hand support, both the biceps and the triceps can be used. (It can also help you solve the problem of breaking the sleeve's sleeve. Isn't it great?Again, this is the core muscle training in the abdomen. This is usually a relaxed state, so the stomach is so hot and so hot!The last mitigation action helped you to shatto, and let the justless muscles be slightly relaxed!

Evil version 60 mins Tabata


All movements must remember to warm up from the warm body!The campaign will focus on abdominal and abdominal muscles (that is, the commonly called "11 abs").No matter whether it is a big jump, or the foot of the foot lying after lying on the back, it will train the core muscle of the stomach, so that you feel that the muscles of your belly are all tight, and it's very difficult!The improved stick uses arm, abdomen and thigh muscles in one time.The middle step, the open and close jump, and the jumping are all challenging your cardiopulmonary endurance!Isn't it exciting!Of course, don't forget the last exercise can help you get a bed tomorrow, and you won't be able to iron your feet, your whole body aches, so you have to remember it was done!(Recommended for you: Girls on motion!3 Mikey to avoid muscle pain after exercise )

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Congratulations on the sweat drip, you're going to test this hard!Remember to add a lot of water, or come up with a soya-soybean paste body to supplement the protein that needs to be created!