Have you ever thought of why many overseas business leaders like to write open letters so much?As a successful leader , in addition to good leadership skills, it is also important to communicate with your subordinates.Let's take a look at the emerging cyber power BuzzFeed CEO, Jonah Perretti, how to communicate with his team!How far are you? "There's no shortage of smart people, no smart people"!Three Untypical Untypical Successful genes )

A while ago, a letter from BuzzFeed 's CEO, Jonah Peretti , was shared and reprinted on the Web.What did the letter have written to the attention of so many people?

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BuzzFeed, founded in 2006, was originally a lab that specialesed in the popular topics of the network, and was dedicated to the release of "viral content" that was able to attract a large number of click-through rates in a short time.In recent years, it has extended its reach in many areas, increasing in-depth reports, films, social business and other types, and has developed into a global media and technology company in just a few years.(Other technology companies you don't know: Companies founded by girls are more profitable!)to see 5 women entrepreneurs in technology circles )

For the first time, only soft content, even BuzzFeed, called "Low", "junk" news, or "junk" news, can rise in a short period of time, and the issue of the "New York Times" and "old" media is a topic of heated debate.

The result of everyone's analysis on the Internet is that, apart from BuzzFeed's grasp of the digital technology industry, having a group of people who can capture the audience's attention, creativity, and work teams seem to be even more critical to their success.In 2011, after sharp contrast, the soft content was combined with hard issues, allowing BuzzFeed to successfully counter the media market and become a new generation of indicators.(The old brand is also pushing out new tricks: The old brand is also playing new social methods!)The New York Times is using Instagram to warm up news )

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A team with people, more importantly, creativity isn't hard, and it's hard to see how leaders can rally the team's centripetal force, and let everyone be willing to move forward on the same goal.Generally, the personnel movements of supervisors may all be related to the issue of personnel mobilization announcements, and they tend to neglect the anxiety and panic that the sheep may encounter when the sheep fade away.

In the United States, it is rare to see the leaders of an enterprise write to their own team, and the reason why "internal redeployment" is explained in detail to the radicals, and Jonah Perretti has done so.The main thrust of the letter was that the next year Peretti moved from New York headquarters to the Los Angeles Division.

While the move is mainly due to the CEO's personal family considerations, Peretti has openly shared with everyone the current high level of the company-that is, the nature of his work-in the letter.At the same time, it is not forgotten that the foundations of New York's headquarters for nine years have been built, and that the maintenance of the tradition has been repeatedly assured, such as regularly returning to New York to participate in the conference.

Key One: Guarantee Traditional Maintenance, Stable Military Heart

I will keep my apartment in New York and schedule a separate journey for New York every month.I would also take them to New York to meet old friends, go to Brooklyn, and eat the best pizza when they were on vacation.At the same time, the fixed meeting in New York will not change, either personally or through video.I built a new office on 18th Street to make it easier to get to New York for longer hours.

Moving to Los Angeles will help me spend more time in BuzzFeed LA and BFMP, making Future Buzzfeed more dollars and new direction.Moving to Los Angeles will not allow me to stay here, I will participate in meetings of the global divisions, including DC, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Berlin, Mumbai, Toronto, Sydney, Japan, and continue to grow.

Key points 2: affirm the team's previous efforts

At its inception, I never thought that BuzzFeed would become a large-scale and internationalized company like today.In the process, I have repeatedly faced the same choice as this.It is not easy to find a balance between the family and the work, but it will be more difficult to balance when "frequent flights" become an important part of your work.I'm honored and excited to be able to work with more talented people in the future, but it also means that I have to make a choice, sacrifice something to weigh the current situation.(Recommended to you: What I've learned from the new generation: Not afraid of challenge authority, just the job is not meaningful

Letter focus 3: Blueprint for a better future

In the course of work, in order to create a more valuable profession and a balance of personal life, we must all make a little bit of concession.I hope that BuzzFeed can help you minimize the sacrifices of your team by building a system.But trust me, everything we do, this is not a simple matter, and it's a test for all of us.

I hope that you will understand that I will be as serious as any previous commitments I have made to BuzzFeed.We look forward to seeing a year of joint development by the global ministries.

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In recent years, the management of the high pressure leadership has gradually been replaced by the leadership of a close leader, with a focus on the team.Facebook co-founder Snow = " color: rgb (102, 102, 102); font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, 'Noto Sans', 'Source Sans', 'Heiti TC', 'STHeiti Light', 'Microsoft Yahei', 'Microsoft Jhengi', Microsoft Jam-serif; line-height: 30.6px; height background-color: rgb (255, 255, 255); ">. The open question and answer session on the Zuckerberg line, which shortens the distance between the leader and the subordinate that originally seemed to be high.

The Leadership of Communication is perhaps the key to BuzzFeed's success, and perhaps the way that the leaders or executive heads of Taiwan can refer to it in the future.(You would like to know: Have the intelligence community tell you, the trusting communication law )