We are thrall about the insistence of the Hsiao Presenter on the onsite, more appreciating her courage for baby learning to step down.She said, "There is a kind of beauty that has been a calm and stable after passing through the wind and waves, and the courage to step back after great battles."" Now, after the birth of her, she is still on the road to progress.Let's take a look at her philosophy of life before taking a step back.( My twelve lessons taught me lesson six: build courage )

There is a popular vote in Taiwan for a period of time, and the media circles have a large number of photo-rings, and there is a lot of waves on the back of the front.But there is an anchor, and her impressions of the public are not only beautiful, but also a beautiful image. In our minds, she has left her unseen in the news, and she has been bold in the media spirit of all kinds of natural disasters and man-made disasters.

She is Hsiao Tong-wen. No matter what happens in the media, she is not at all affected by the coronation of the "Beauty Master". She still has a media literacy of reporters from her home, and she is running the scene of the news from the main studio herself.

Real Women: Running on the main play on the high heels

" I'm not an artist, and I want to maintain a certain journalprofession."

Hsiao Hsin-chao doesn't have to run the news scene anymore, but why is it that he still insists on being in person at the scene?She firmly returned to me: "I have been a journalist and I have brought the first message to us as my professional ethics."I just believe that without real news, there will be less strength."

At this time when the media are bemosiest, there are still people who stand firm, and that is the behind-the-scenes that we rarely see."I hope that people will love me not because of my appearance, but because they believe in the news I have broadcast," he said." The media is talking about trust, not just saying a good story, but also building trust with action. This is the continuous practice of Hsiao-wen.

She says that she often pedals high heels to the scene of danger, and that the Sun Flower Movement, Kaohsiung's air burst, and any time for manpower at the Taiwan island, Hsiao has not been absent from the air.

I think it's like the heroine in the "Jurassic World", which is the heroine of the "Jurassic World," and she pedals high heels in the jungle, with a determination and perseverance.

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Learning to be taken care of the caregiver

Tsao's professional image is too demanding, and she has never taken a long vacation in his career. Every time she runs out of the job, she is not only a hostess, but also her own request and practice.

" I've always played the role of the caregiver in my life, and the host of one TV is my training, and I'm slowly accompanying them to find out what the news is and what is the state of honor.They are also very accustomed to taking care of their family members.Hsiao's eldest sister has a personality that she likes to be a dominator. She first experienced the role of "being looked after" last year when she was pregnant. Because of her pregnancy, she had a more complicated procedure, and the process was much more difficult than the first pregnancy.

" At the beginning, it was hard to debug, and I would shed tears when I was still in the dark. I felt that I was incapable of doing a lot of things. Even the toilet had to be helped by people.Slowly adjust the mindset, and tell yourself that the process that I'm going through is because I'm going to protect another life, because it's a more important mission that I start to learn to accept.(Extended reading: Three little love letters for a child: you're a lucky lucky girl in your mother's life

Work Life: "Decompacing" is a need for courage

She used to practice herself to accept her weakness." My personality was very strong, and the second time I learned about my mother was a compromise, and I learned to go back and forth."

Learn to step back and back. Sui is a smart one, whether in life, in the workplace, in the family, when we have performed the most exciting part of the bridge, and that's how to learn how to step back.

first pregnant Xiao anchor was originally unwilling to be a child and was busy with the election news at the time.Later I realized that physical stamper was obviously falling, and she listened to the doctor's instructions.

With regard to the courage to step back, Hsiao has also been able to share her pregnancy experience." This pregnancy is too old, so it's a lot more to think about.I see a lot of the process of Andie's mother, feeling that every life has its own story. Every life is not as easy as it can imagine. See what they look like for their lives, and look at things that are even more open to the eye."

Mummy is just an identity, you're still yourself.

I am curious to see how Hsiao was able to get along with her body after conception. She said she was pregnant with a drop in her physical strength. She was actually very thin. She was physically exhausted, and she had to keep on adjusting the state through diet.

She restores her body with her body and even becomes even more realistic after childbirth."The most important thing for me is not to lose weight, but to hope that my body will be very symmetrical when I put on my clothes."In particular, I have no strength in rehabilitation. It is very easy for me to get back to the waist, and I have to hold a baby and wear a suit. Although I can't be compared to the actual medical treatment and plastic web, the whole body still feels a lot easier."

For skins, the anchor is more important than most people." My job has always been in good shape, so I urge myself to urge myself, although I am a journalism, I often tell you that the best thing to do is professional ethics. I can't say that even if you have a child, your mother is just a part, but you are still yourself."

It's not that you see a child grow up and grow up and grow up with a child is the most important thing, "she says." If you want to give yourself a goal, you will not be confident in the long term.""

Skinny, comfortable and comfortable

Hsiao was talking about her children's relationship with her child. She said that the children gradually became big, and began to have classmates."When my classmates and my kids say," Your mother is so beautiful, " I would also think that I had made my daughter face and proud of it."

"Never turn fat on the child and be a source of self-confidence.""

Hsiao says she can't give the moms the best weight to lose weight, but she believes that "70 % is in physical condition, 30 % is hard work.""

And share her 30 % effort with us:

1. Diet control
2. Don't eat snacks, eat high-protein food with high nutrition
3. Develop good habits in daily life

In addition to this, Marilyn's clothes also give her a lot of help, and Hsiao says that the most important thing in shaping the body is elegant and comfortable." I'm going to wear it, so I have to compare it, I'm very sensitive, so the ventilation must be enough, and I'll care about comfort and practicality in the compact structure."It takes a long time to work, and we also need to be in the field," he says. "It's not just a secret weapon for sculpting, but also a fashion-matching, even if you can be confident and comfortable even before the show is in the front."

When she shared her first dress, the commissioner reminded Shaw to not wear more than six hours on the first day." I have been wearing more than 10 hours, and they remind me not to wear it for so long, which means I am not feeling well on my body."

In addition to comfort, the Hsiao anchor feels that natural line design is easier to wear, and can often wear plastic clothes. "I often wear shorts, and I don't need to wear shorts. Marilyn will adjust to the appropriate length of the customer's needs."" Shaping BBODY", which is the main cast, is able to keep track of the shape, or to have a modified waist, a small belly, a sculpture beauty, and a beautiful body.

Not youthful, but beautiful

The request for the body is not only "skinny", but also on the way to the pursuit of progress.

I asked her how she looked at the beauty of beauty. She said, "Beautiful as age growth, 20, 30, 40 are different. I am not going to compare with others now, and I don't want to look dressed as a young girl in the age of 20.""

Xiao anchor says there is a beauty that is different from the young beauty that we saw in the Eastern 216 alley.The beauty of that kind of beauty was to learn to be a calm and stable after the wind and wave, and to walk away from the courage to withdraw from the field.In Hsiao's anchor, we see a mother's devotion, a media ethic of the anchor, and a proud posture of a woman's life.

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