The skin on your face is our door. If you have a skin problem, you can't make a good makeup.So it's important to figure out what happens to the skin problems, and they're very important, for example, acne and inflammation.

There are many reasons for creating skin problems, including unhealthy eating habits or incorrect maintenance procedures.Now let's find out what the problem is, and think about how to destroy it!

Habits : Sleep with cosmetics on your

If you want to change beauty and have a healthy skin, you absolutely have to remove the makeup before you go to sleep.One day, in your face, besides the original makeup and the oil and dust, they can block your pores, and then you can cause skin problems.

Habits : Overdue

We may not have thought that the lifespan of the original mascara is very short, and of course other cosmetics are the same.When using cosmetics, care should be taken of the retention period and not to use cosmetics that have been closed for more than 12 months (normally marked under the packaging of cosmetics).

habit : Repeat

It is not possible to paint a layer of skin on the skin that has already been made up, and you cannot imagine how much harm it can cause to the skin.After the makeup is finished, the second layer of pink or blush will block the pores and make skin inflammation or acne.The best way is to use the makeup cotton to clean up and then make up the make-up.

Customary : Over-Angkor

While removing keratry is an integral part of daily maintenance, excesses are not good.

Remember, the middle way is the best, and the excessive horniness increases the grease secretion, and you take the pox.Only mild horniness products can be used every day.

habit : unclean brush

The brush requires good maintenance and regular cleaning.The use of unclean brushes can lead to a lot of skin problems, because it is a good clinical bed for bacteria because it is easy to accumulate residues from cosmetics and dead skin cells.

envy others to blow the skin?

There are no ugly women in the world and only lazy women.Every day, as long as it takes a little more time to shout and wash a brush, you are the envious object of others!

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