When we are constantly looking for ways to love ourselves, have we ever stopped and asked ourselves what kind of love I need? Perhaps, before stepping out of the " Search for Love " process, we should have a clearer understanding of what we are. 2015 of autumn and winter is not lonely, by women fascinated by the popular psychology writer- Sea Moss bear , with different professional art therapists, through the most warm hand for the art workshop, one day a month, leading you closer to the heart step.

About loving yourself, maybe it's not a slogan to talk about. Usually, we only have two times a day to think of ourselves: before going to bed at night, ask yourself how unhappy you are recently? And then, thinking about it, I fell asleep. Wake up in the morning, always spend five minutes sitting by the bedside thinking about life, and then think of not going out will be late, had to shake his head, as nothing happened.

"Why would you want to do such an event?" What is your original intention? "Ask yourself." What is the purpose of your life, interacting with others, building relationships, trying to read or work?

What is your original intention?

Perhaps we have all been saying, "Find a better self" or "Love Yourself a little more", but speaking, you will find that the reason why you have not found a good way to love yourself, is not because you do not like these methods, but you do not like yourself, or even, you simply do not know yourself.

Know oneself is a lifetime project, through this winter four lessons of the Touch heart practice, women fans Paradise provides a space, let you learn more gentle listening. Also reserved for a period of time, meet you originally very beautiful existence, see oneself more possible.

Hey, it's not a luxury, you deserve to be treated so well.

In each class, we invite women fans to the popular psychology writer-Sea Moss Bear, with different professional art therapists, to open this journey with the mind a step closer.

Series Soul lecturer: Woman fan standing writer Hai Tai Bear

10/18 face yourself: When was the last time you looked at yourself? (closed)

Imagine the past standing in front of you. Imagine him in front of you, maybe pat him on the shoulder and say it's okay, maybe sit next to him and give him a deep hug. ----- --------------------------

Yes, you look in the mirror every day. But how long did it take you to look in the mirror? Whether a long time did not look carefully at their appearance, did not see the mirror inside those tired, tenacious and deep? Not to work, not polite, not to please, just for themselves, a good look in the mirror?

In this class, I hope you can sit down and find a seat that you like, and draw the true self in your heart. We will use some sketch techniques, as well as a deep touch discussion, to sketch out the beauty and sadness about you, the only thing about you, and all about you.

Many people often "underestimate" their own image, such as Dove advertising. But is this what you really are? By looking at other people's eyes, you may be able to see more clearly and objectively the "who I Am" and the precious qualities that you have long ignored and are unique to yourself. (Recommended reading: fall in love with yourself in the mirror )

Lecturer: Dino

Due to the curiosity of the origin of life, he selected the Department of Zoology, the Institute of Zoology and the Ivy Dartmouth College to obtain a master's degree in bioengineering management. As a result of the personal financial tsunami, and accidental in the liver of the day + part-time days, learn brand marketing, project management, translation, patent engineering, English teaching and other assorted skills, so that I can now become an immortal free workers. There are many popular science and humanities books and film subtitles, love from the biological and psychological thinking of the artistic creation.

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11/22 with a poetic walk: write a poem for yourself (closed)

One day you will understand that this path of gentleness is not urgent. When you finally want to let yourself slowly, slowly accept their good, and not so good. --Seaweed bear to develop the gentle face of life: From now on, you deserve more beautiful days.

You once wanted to be a poet, or a poet in each of us, and you once wrote a poem for the loved one, or each of the objects that we once fell into, in the end of memory, into a form of poetry. But have you ever, written a poem for yourself? To commemorate the 10,000-odd days since the beginning of the world?

You say, as a poor character, a word can not complete you, you said that you have neither the epic past, nor the glorious dream and experience, what is worth recording? And what is worth counting? But we believe that everyone is unique, because in this way, we hope that through this exercise, we will take you to see their most special part, precipitate their own integrity, and unfinished. (You will also like:"read Poems for You" to stray )

Lecturer: Mexican Ink Studio Xu Haoning

Now lives in Banqiao, the Chinese Medicine clinic, looks like the TCM practitioner. The true identity is the Director-General of the young People's writing conference, the head of the film Culture Business Co., Ltd., a full-time lecturer in the literature camp, the blue-rich art space investor, jointly prepares the general transactional company's "provisional motion". The novel prose of new poetry All has the creation and the prize, looks forward to the work and own relations, like the Broad Prairie runs two happy dog. Works have been ZTE Lake Literature Award, the National Student Literature Award, xi Mohan Literature Award novel, the National Medical students Joint Literature award.

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12/20 in the pursuit of clip graffiti: Piecing out oneself (had ended)

Each picture starts with a small circle, a straight line, or an S. This is like the road to the dream, all from the foot, step by step out, and, before reaching the end, no one knows the true shape of the dream. --Sea Moss bear ? Seeing the real self in a Zen painting

You must have played with crayons and colored paper, it may be a childhood art lesson memories, may be accompanied by your growing weapons. You must have used a variety of different art mediums, clay, watercolor, acrylic pigments, you may not like every one, but you may not know that, when you use any kind of media, the creation of the time, the creation of each pen reflects the present you, reflect your true self.

Perhaps there was an art teacher to teach you the "right" way of writing, but here, we can put down all the right standards, simple to enjoy every graffiti, each color to bring you the touch, at the same time taste from the works, encounter their own surprises and tenderness. (Extended reading: use doodle games to help children practice focus )

Lecturer: Zhang Xiujuan

He is currently the director of the art psychology Counselor of Caterpillar. Graduated from the Department of Education, Taipei Municipal University, Ph. D.

Angel Heart Family Social Welfare Foundation/concurrent Psychologist (2006.6 months ~ to date)
Taipei City Family violence and sexual assault prevention and control center/distinguished Psychologist (2010.6 months ~ to date)
Lai Xin Dandelion Counseling Center/Part-time Psychologist (2013.1 months ~ to date)
Taipei District Court Family Service Center/distinguished Psychologist (2014.7 months ~ to date)

Expertise in speech training topics: stress management and mood adjustment courses, stepping out of stress, leaving disease, look for the stress of the elastic ball, interpersonal skills and skills, career exploration and planning curriculum, conflict resolution and stress in the relationship, family aspects, big hand holding small hands, love and discipline symphony, love and obstruction in marriage, advantage of the development of the pro-vocational education, The class management of the expressive art therapy, the teacher increases the ability with self-care, the campus system cooperation counseling work.

1/17 see the interface between you and the world: Self decomposition

Most of the time you are not unwilling to go to sad, but reluctant to have been sad. --The sea-moss bear can be very warm: healing the daily practice of lovelorn

You already know that you will appear differently in front of different people. You also know that each pattern represents a point of view and direction you face the world. Through this year, through a lot of strong and brave, too weak and not brave, self-awareness and self exile, many once thought can not support the past, the end is still a curtain, some thought will eventually put down, or occasionally will recall that these dark and bright, have and lost, will be at the beginning of this year to reset.

The last lesson, we will take you back to the past, through the role set up the way to draw their own different aspects, and to help these inner self, naming settings, so that those who are farthest from you and the nearest person, one identity can be complete.

Lecturer: Mexican Ink Studio Huang

Once a science and technology engineer, later found himself more like writing and career change. Roaming in pure literature and the boundaries of popular literature, always write bad works. Like to work with engineering thinking to dismantle the construction principle of works, and in different media comparison reading more determined only words can do. Pure literary works have been Taichung, new Bei, bamboo cutting and other literary prizes, the popular literature works "nocturnal: The Sound of the Winds" is scheduled to be published in November. He was the deputy Director-General of the young people's writing society, the "popular novel Creation Workshop", "Modern Poetry Creation workshop" lecturer, the electric Person Board of directors, such as the literature camp lecturer. Current FB fan Page " read a poem for you every day " editorial board.

The contact agreement of the Month

We hope that with these four workshops, we will be able to touch ourselves a little more, be gentle with ourselves and accept ourselves a little deeper. The sadness that you used to be afraid of, the loss that you don't want to mention and forget, the promises that are embarrassing and no result, the ones that care and no longer care, and in this winter they turn into images and phrases, and find themselves in the way of the world through creation and dialogue.

This autumn and winter, women obsessed with X- ink x Sea Moss Bear, the most warm touch of the present, a most beautiful encounter.