Say goodbye , and Zhang Yijia as screenwriter and producer. DuQifeng's director, Zhou Runfa, Chen Yixun, and Tang Wei 's new film, "Pishonban, will be released in Taiwan in October!"The women's fans interviewed Chang A-jia for you, and listened to her chatting about the cold-warm nature of the workplace and the human nature. All your cold eyes were part of the human nature.Next wave, please look forward to our interview with Chen Yixun!(End-of-end gift coupon)

You don't forget the name Zhang Ayai, like you don't forget the way she sings. She doesn't forget her guide to the world. She's a box of "The Last Act," the Golden City, "Your life."

After directing the and discussing the road to reconciliation with her, Chang Chia-chia stopped coming, and she was able to tell the story, and the good script called her.This time, she was a screenwriter and director, and Chou Yun-fat worked as a male lead actor. Chang Shu-ping made a fine art, and Luo Ta-you wrote her own words, and Tang Wei-ping and Tang were all together again after 25 years of the Iron Triangle.

More than a modern fable, the office politics of the head is beautiful and sharp, and the straight cut is a straight cut of the coat of Chinese beauty, and the lice under the robe is overturned.Everyone is an animal of the urban jungle, a way of whispering, a gesture, a gesture, and a chess game in the left and right.(Recommended reading: cruel!But young people aren't aware of the five small things in the workplace )

How easy it is to destroy a person or an enterprise. Are you a pawn or a chess player?

Gorgeous is a desire, and everyone will learn to pretend

A poster of the Pashan Man Nation, "People who clap before the people, the poisants behind us."" The job market seems to be another triads, are you familiar with the rules of survival in the top?It is a dance drama, which is produced jointly by Chang Ejia and Lin Hu-hua, "The survival and life of the class."

A scene in a dance drama, a stairway that dry clean, clearly implies the lower class in the workplace, and everyone wants to climb up, while the staircase is only one, and everyone looks up to the top.Is there a place where this loneliness is so crowded?

After watching the stage of the stage, Director Du Qifeng put forward the idea of adapting the film to Chang Ejia.Chang Chia-chia wants to start writing screenplays. " This show is not just about class, but also a human being. People's values have changed dramatically.I feel that I can give this play to the Duki peak. I think he understands human nature.Chang Gay-jia trusts the peak of Du Qifeng, and is able to do a good job of the first time the script is written.

The film was made by Chang Shu-ping's art of art, creating a void space. What is the magic city or the big cage? How many people are in the city and how many people have fallen from the stairs to climb on others' feet.The city in the movie is an aerial imagination. It is our present or future. Anyway, the desire is the same.You were once a stupid and adorable Li thought, but you are not willing to be a small employee of your entire life. You don't want to always look at other people's scenery. You have to see a more magnificent workplace landscape.

Chang Egai talks about the flashy class, "What's the Gorgeous?"Gorgeous is a desire.Modern people have more sensory requirements. We need stimulation, information is so many, and the external things become too important.It's like these gorgeous words, how beautiful it is, when comparing to work, it's a different kind of thing, and it's different."

A new person in the show, Li wants to safely lift the tall buildings, turn around, lift the briefcase, and lift the head up, and he wants to be the same person.Cities are marked with modern American dreams with skyscrapers, so long as you are willing to give up anything, forget what you want, and there's a chance you can climb up.

Since then, we have learned to pack ourselves, put on a suit and suit, and have hair comb in the hair, practicing the language that is relevant to power." After a long time, you will find that there is no difference between life and survival.Chang Egai says that there is no need to separate life and life without paying the price.

Zhang uses the script to say that Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo ... too many cities are taking place in too many cities, but they are not just stories.

Old place to bury youth: Do you still remember yourself when you were young?

" My hometown has a good wind, my dreams, my dreams, the way I want to escape from the old place, my hometown, and I'm not so broad, the road people haven't rammed so much, there's an escape from the lust of heaven, the time, the time, and the slow flow ..."

Tang Wei and Chen Yixun are standing on top of the tall building. Do you still remember the good singing?You are not so philistine from the very beginning. You are not an option at the outset. You are not just climbing up for yourself, but the desire is tempting, you have limited time, and you want to be seen, your youth is left in a direction.

Chang Ejia says that she wrote this play, a financial storm, and that everything was chaotic, and that everything you believed in was fusca. " I want you to remember, what was the ideal that you were doing when you came out?As to whether you can persist in and hold hands, that's your work in your whole life, and it takes a lot of time."

1976, she took the Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress, and then won the Golden Horse in 1976. Later she started directing films. Later, she cut off the female perspective. In 1999, the "Heart >," 2002 "<20-30-40>" was already a common memory of our generation.From the first part of Zhang Aiger's first starring King Kong King Kong, to the present, he has been wandering for 42 years.

" I've been doing this for a long time, and I often remind myself, what is the film for?" We ask ourselves the same question at different locations. Do you remember your once shiny eyes?

" We have a very simple heart to do what we like.In particular, when you grow up, you really want to make a career for your own future, and you want to realize certain dreams, and then go on to be influenced by the environment, and you may also go bad.This show just wants to give you a hint. You look back and look at it.Chang Eijia says that the tone is very gentle. Everyone may forget, but you have to ask yourself, from time to time, what did I look like then? Where did I go?What dark corner he was buried in in the city, can I bring him back?(Sibling: Why do you love work or be unhappy?Find the passion for self-fulfillment in your work )

So you can remind yourself, and then you can remember kindness.

A woman's face: "You don't have to feel wrong."

addition to the screenplay and screenplay, Chang plays a role in the role of Zhang Wei.Chang Wei is the CEO of the group. He has the ability to have a wrist. He is a good partner in the job market. He is a lover of Jung-ping's lover. Chang Wei-chia says, " This is a very strange role for Zhang Wei. She's been changing."

Chang Eijia's head of thought, "Zhang Wei is actually a wish of many young women, and one day I want to be lifted up and looked up."Modern women are not at the expense of the price they have to pay for being so senior. There is no so-called right or wrong. You sacrificed who you changed, but the hardship, ah, is actually a price."

The building is getting more and more dull, and the building is getting more and more head-up.Chang Eicchia's shaking his head and analyzing both Zhang Wei and He Zhongping have become "requirements" and "utilization" of each other, and we often need another person to use another to bake and remind ourselves of the meaning of existence.

She doesn't forget to propose new ideas, but it's hard to understand how to use it for a long time. But when you think about it, work, friendship, friends, lovers, relationships all have some kind of demand and demand. In relation to the relationship, we need each other, and we're using it.

Chang says, "Women's role in society is like Zhang Wei, always changing."Modern women really understand the price she has to pay for doing anything.She doesn't really feel wrong.When you look at Zhang Wei's final step, the matter is so cruel, she is also elegant, and she knows what she should do." (Recommended reading: Is there a need for directors of both sexes?Zhang Erjia: "We are all trying to tell the story of good people"

I suddenly felt like Zhang Aigar sings 23 years ago, " Let's go, let's go. People have to learn to grow up.Let's go, let's go. Life is hard to go through.Let's go, let's go, find a home for your own heart, and have tears in my heart. It's a price of love, too.Even as she leaves, the appearance of women in the workforce is no longer a mischief, but an understanding of the greater extent of the loss.Because you know what you're looking at, it's all human.

Chang Ah-jia on film and acting: "I still feel that I must be accountable to the public ..."

From the audience to the actors and the directors to work more behind the scenes, Chang continued to play the role of the film industry, and he was in the mood to join the film industry.The role of screenwriter, director, producer, actor, and so on, is probably no longer tenacious.

What is the role of the movie?"When I was writing the script, I thought, how am I going to end a story?"Sometimes I tend to put it in an unknown, and it's up to the public to think about it.But occasionally I think it's brutal, many viewers, and he wants to borrow a little bit of the answer from the head of the movie, and he wants some sort of hope there."

The film is a kind of comparison of real life. The character is more successful or failed than we are first to die. After tears or laughter, you still have to come back to reality and face up to your own problems.It is Chang Eijia's thinking that he could not bring the viewer out of the movie theater.

When it comes to acting, Chang feels that everyone is competent."I often feel that acting doesn't really guide me. It's not just a homework assignment. They are them, and I am I, and everyone has the best in their inner potential, and that's the work of the actors themselves."Chang is willing to give young people a new stage of dance, and she is willing to play with different opponents, and to play a role that has never been played.(Recommended to you: First Taiwanese Actress a Performance Workshop )

The Iron Triangle is a 25-year effort, still like the child.

After this time of time, they still touch each other, and they are as good as they are.People have said that Duchie, Zhang Ayga, and Zhou Runfa were the "Iron Triangle", which was not only the box office, but also the tacit understanding of cooperation.The story of the Agroom's story is more than one year in which they were young, and 25 years later, no one left.

When talking about this collaboration with DuQiong, Chang describes him as a child and sees the script as having to stop clapping and enjoying the whole process of shooting.

"The route is getting clearer and clearer," Chang says, "When he stopped filming the ' 70s, I felt that he was still exploring his own path, and to survive, he was going to pick up something that might not be really loved."In recent years, he has been honing his own personality and style of thinking. He is a child who grew up in Hong Kong. He knows how to express his business and make a film of his own, and then move forward on his own journey."

And after 25 years of Zhou Runfa, Chang I-chia laughs and says that it is very boring at the set and always is the quarrels. " He liked the filming scene very much, because it was a very big part of his life.When he arrived, he was not allowed to leave.The director asked him if he had finished, and he said, "I don't want to go. How about it?"" "

For the celebration of the Iron Triangle, Chow Yun-fa specifically bought a very good camera, a model that starts with R, for himself, Zhang Aijia, and on each other, and R, which is not a white Reunion.Film is the best way to regather.

so-called triangle of iron, in fact, is a person who has been working for 25 years, still like a child. He is a bit of a stubborn and stubborn in the film. He has always been gentle and kindacious in the face of the film, and has always been afraid of acting in the face of the performance.

I think we love Zhang's reason, because she has always been a little bit servable, and she looks at herself in an honest and honest way, and she's changing her mind at the heart of the change, like her black hair.She is an ideal in our hearts, and we want to try to use soft and elastic to fight against the world's uncommon.For example, the scene is cold, and the person in the head is alive, and the heart is still warm.

As a result, despite the tragedy of life, there is one person or a show that will warm you up in the heart of your mind, like Chang Eijia.