Do you feel like you're always anxious? Will you be afraid to face the stage? Do you occasionally feel compelled? Organize five celebrities to talk about their mental illness, Jennifer Runross , Beckham, Emasdon, Adelle, Lena Dunham in fact, have been suffering from their mental illness , listen to their negative emotions and how to talk, and find your way to happiness !

When you're nervous, you bite your nails, pick up your fingers, wrinkle your brow, keep standing still, when facing the masses, you are palpitations and dizziness, just hope no one sees you standing there; before the fast-changing times, sometimes you want to be invisible, you feel anxious, you want everything to be perfect. When stress and attention are overwhelming, you feel like you're on the verge of breaking down and you're going to fall a step further.

Mental illness has been inferior to fear from the former, all kinds of pressure of modern social life, let mental illness become a famous. Before the discussion of the Korean drama "Never Mind, is Love" and "Hedzekir and I" are the core theme of mental illness, anxiety, panic disease, hyperactivity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, such as psychosis, has long been a part of our lives. (Recommended reading: Mental artists, inter-grass, Nathan )

Learning how to coexist with anxiety and unhappiness, and learn how to handle and treat your emotions is already a modern lesson. Organize five celebrities to share their own face anxiety disorders such as mental illness, from Jennifer Rollens to Beckham, their bright behind, are the process of long-term resistance.

Listen to their stories, find the way you face the world, your emotions, not alone.

People with panic disorder Jennifer lawrence:"face anxiety, I imagine an avatar avatar"

We probably never suspected Jennifer Lawrence all over the confidence, you think no one than she is more like Hunger Game katness Everdeen, can always hack, stand up, fearless forward. (Recommended reading: hero movies are no longer just men world!) )

When he was interviewed by Figaro, Jennifer Lawrence thought of her childhood but said: "When I went to school, I suddenly felt a dim sight." I didn't know, it was called "crowd panic". "jennifer Lawrence admits he has been diagnosed with a psychiatrist for a long time.

For Jennifer Lawrence, treatment and medication do help her a lot, and she shares how she handles the pressures of being a public figure "When I imagine myself having an avatar avatar, that makes me feel at ease." I would imagine standing before the masses, there is a avatar like me, and a part of me, is not seen by the masses and peep. "She's honest with the New York times," I must admit, it's stressful to stand in front of the masses, and anyone standing here will feel that way. (same field Gayon:"I love my flesh and my body" we love the Jennifer Rollens .)

Imagine a stronger and larger avatar than yourself, and you can stop being afraid before your body.

Emma stone:", with panic disorder, let the action melt your anxiety.

"The first panic Attack (panic attacks), I sat in my friend's room and thought the whole room was going to collapse. I called my mom and she took me home, and for the next three years, it never got better. "emma Stone was suffering from a panic disorder when he was a child.

The Jie Fang of Emma Stone's peaceful coexistence with panic disease is a simple word: action. When "action", she no longer think of the east, into the boundless anxiety inside. "You can have 10,000 of ideas at once, but the fact is that you can only focus on one or two actions." "Action" has made my heart sink faster, and let me think: what is happening at this moment? What am I supposed to do? 」

With 6 million of people suffering from panic disorder in the United States, Emma Stone's approach is similar to the practice of therapeutic Advice (mindfulness), breathing in a deep breath and perceiving that she is present. Physicians also suggest that regular meditation habits can help people feel more empathetic and have more power to fight stress. (Recommended action: Tea Meditation!) Five steps to purify your mind of impurities )

Note: Panic disorder is a kind of anxiety disorder, characterized by panic attack (panic attacks), that is, sudden and repeated attacks of extreme fear. Fear, accompanied by chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness or abdominal discomfort and other symptoms.

David backham:", who has OCD, is talking to someone about your illness. 」

"When I found out I wanted things to line up, or to be in pairs, I knew I had obsessive-compulsive disorder (obsessive-compulsive disorder, OCD). "For me, I want everything to be perfect," Beckham said in a visit. Let's say I can't stand to see three cans of cola in the fridge (singular), I'll throw a can of coke. "(Recommended to you: give up your" perfect sickness ": Practice the life philosophy of bad)

Although research data have shown that women are more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders than men with a 60% higher risk, they are not completely immune to men. Beckham was one of those cases where he forced everything to be in his order, and he frantically sorted or cleaned the environment. The World Health Organization has listed obsessive-compulsive disorder as the top ten causes of physical and mental disability, but most patients still tend to conceal their mental state. By openly speaking to the media about his illness, Beckham let the disease finally see the light being discussed and treated.

David Backham, for example, proves that obsessive-compulsive disorder is never shameful, that OCD patients don't need to be labeled as freaks, and that obsessive-compulsive disorder is no longer just a joke in people's mouths, but a real panic.

There's another adele:"in the stage panic disorder, and I'm Sasha carter".

Adele standing in front of the spotlight, iron lung to sing someone like you, she seems to be born to belong to the stage, few people know she is for stage panic disease suffering. "I found that my anxiety disorder was mostly related to my performance schedule," he said. 」

"One time we were on a tour in Amsterdam and I was really nervous, so I snuck out of the fire escape." Another time in Brussels, I even threw up on someone. I don't like to travel and tour my anxiety disorder every day. 」

To help Adele face their anxiety is Beyoncé. Beyoncé 's third album is named I Am ... Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé summon the birth of Sasha fierce, the strong and resolute of their own, to protect the weak have the fear of their own. The process of some degree of treatment is also like playing a game, Adele also said because of Beyoncé 's example, she also has another "own", named Sasha Carter, when she needs self-confidence, give her help.

Beyoncé in 2010 announced his farewell to Sasha fierce, the former play and simulation, has let her regain their strength, Sasha fierce in her body, became a part of her, deep-rooted. Perhaps the birth of another, is to one day we no longer need to distinguish between different roles, and know that power has been on their own.

The Lena dunham:"movement with obsessive-compulsive disorder made me face my own problems. 」

"I feel anxious has been hidden in my veins." "The girl I Biggest" the writer Lena Dunham said, "Where do you come from the compulsion and paranoia?" It seems that no one has ever wanted to talk about this problem. Anxiety patients do not know how to talk about their own stories, and not be regarded as monsters. Lena Dunham know that in addition to the doctor, she would like to do more people have the same disease, the society attaches importance to.

Therefore, Lena Dunham never denied his OCD illness, and through the role of "Girl i Max" Hannah Horvah put the issue of obsessive-compulsive disorder on the table, become the topic of natural discussion in life.

"I want to talk to people who have symptoms of anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder, and even though every time you hear a therapist ask you to do more exercise, you're tired of it, and I've been there, and it took me 16 years to listen." Exercise is not just about your body, it's about your mind. "(Recommended to you: good move women, 100 kinds of sweating way )

More perhaps, everyone has his way of confronting anxiety, dealing with unrest, confronting emotions, and confronting the world. Just want you to know that you are not the only person in the city who feels uneasy and nervous, and that every emotion you have should be treated with kindness, because it is a place of body and treasure.