The term " special relationship " is spread in politics, politicians avoid it, and news are disruptive. Look at how the media to see how the ecological opposition to different ethnic groups, each word is like a superior elite in criticizing this incomplete world, as the media how coldly. (Extended reading: Are you also the Kovinge of Wrath?) A "special relationship" joke )

National security before the Secretary-General Kim dissatisfaction writer Peng that he and President Ma Ying-jeou "special relationship" to court, Kim in the "Flying Saucer Breakfast," clarified: "I respect everyone's sexual choice, but I am not, not using the special relationship to exchange for posts."

He thinks that Peng "male prostitute", "particularity relation" implies oneself in exchange for the position means improper, the loss of personality; But Peng in court said this is not implied that between men and women, is a "special relationship". Not only Peng play word games, the media also manipulated the gender war, grasping the word "special relationship" to catch up, the media is no longer just to report the facts, a step closer to create sensational news.

Discuss a prostitute, a dirty word also?

I think a lot of people have a deep fear of the word "prostitute", we think that prostitutes are vulgar and should not be openly mentioned. The era of the original symbol of the "song and dance Prostitute Elegance", the media long-term rendering, we claim that prostitutes is a curse of the dirty word, with "prostitution of men and women to live" satire political figures, do the most indifferent class contrast.

Extend how politicians talk about sex worker issues. is classified as a first-class monuments in the Japanese era of public prostitution hall, Wen Meng building access to all more procedures, for sex workers to speak of the day and Spring Association proposed "sex workers should be equal, do not be discriminated against." The prostitutes culture was openly discussed in broad daylight, and the politicians dodged the subject, but the male prostitutes stood out. They have been ignored, those who were released into the mainstream value of exile "prostitutes", in this era was ignored by the spotlight, one side by the media title using rendering. (Recommended reading: prostitutes and prostitutes are not punished!) Are pimps the best interests of sexual work, apart from crime? )

Talking about homosexuality as a stunt?

no , but politicians take prostitutes as an attack, the media manipulate "gender issues", clutching the "different", a glimpse of the smile. It is like saying that many newspaper media have under the so-called Homicide title: "Kim: I am not gay", "Kim: I am not gay do not care about the family", "homosexual rumors plagued the child Kim heartache."

To Bo Eyeball as the aim of the title has lost the content of the parties to express the position, the first impression of the reader Lenovo Kim "exclusion" of homosexuality. The news intention is to divide between the same sex and the opposite sex, normal and abnormal. The people are directed to the "emotional" side, causing anger and compassion. Are not passionate reports going to be the concern of Taiwanese readers?

The above figure, for example, "defending reputation in a particular relationship" compares homosexuality to an alien, as if such a person falls outside the social structure. The title discusses that the particularity relationship is immoral and indecent, and it is undoubtedly the promotion of the gender issue as news, and the consolidation of the mainstream value of the heterosexual. At the same time, once again, to suppress the lust, push the sexual relationship into the mire. (Extended reading:av actress leapt to Taipei leisurely card: Hatano knot to expose the ubiquitous dislike of the female complex )

Whether or not homosexuality is a moral in one's own mind, it should not be entertainment. Sexual orientation becomes a marketing capital in the media and is easily trafficked by politicians. The news ransacked the "most sensational and pitiful" fragments, and we watched the same filtered worldview on a daily day.

Third, the age of the stigma of homosexuality past?

"The knife, secretly told you, the age of homosexual stigma has passed." Another, pull out the family when the wall, Kim, you really low. "," I am the film "Wedding Banquet" screenwriter, attaches great importance to 2 sexual equality. 」

Peng to " life notes: Yesterday There are ten golden sentences, today there are ten head notes " laugh to respond to Kim speech. The age of the stigma of homosexuality has not been seen in the past, as the media and politicians play "other people". LGBTQ to them forever , Peng if the true understanding of equality, will not use sexual inclination to attack the opponent to delight the spotlight, "homosexuality" as a political game of blackmail; if the Taiwanese media has a little concept of human rights, it will not cause the confrontation between class and ethnic groups by male prostitutes and homosexuals.

(Photo source: Apple Daily )

As a writer of the Double Happiness feast, he may know the worldly, but he still doesn't understand people. "Double Happiness Feast" So far 22 years, with the screenwriter of Ang Lee from "Brokeback Mountain" to "Hus drag storm" to closer "people" to the eyes of the world to live together. and sex in Peng mouth, but always like a dirty word. Read a little book, wrote a number of reports, do not mean to keep the capitalist wall of criticism and exclusion of different mainstream existence, how we believe that the absorption of such media information, can still be a person to distinguish between right and wrong. (Extended reading: Everyone is the media age, what is your media principles?) )

Three questions, to the mainstream media today, even if no one catches the ball, understand that in the future media and politicians will still play the game of words and the wall grass, while using flash capture actress underwear side scold av actress nudity, side of applause Kangyong in the program out of the touching side of the show artists sexual tendencies.

Rather than news, I feel that I am using a fantastic novel to pave the way for the mainstream of the token, the choreography of heretical life imagination. The media self-directed play stands under the spotlight light, just a few keyboards a few times the strength of the shutter. But the force behind the spotlight is still countless people are afraid of their own as a "heterogeneous" homosexual, transgender, not writing and the title of the person.