The message is so chaotic, the world is so fast, sometimes, we want to close our mouths, after all, Chine, choose to let the picture speak. Select five photos of this week's trajectory, greed to update international events , and the sweet little things in life to share with you. (Of course, wish you happy Mid-Autumn Festival ~ ~ ~)

Budapest Keleti station, kissing the modern love of the Qingcheng

If the little boy Allen's dead picture evokes our only conscience and knows that he is not the only dead boy or girl, then this photo taken by Hungarian photographer Istvan Zsiros at Keleti station in Budapest can summon hope and goodness in your heart.

Keleti station, has now become a temporary camp for nearly 3,000 refugees, the people who were mercilessly rejected by the Hungarian government, to the streets for the bed, the only clothing for being, waiting to Austria to try there is no left of luck, can warm their things are few. At this time a couple choose to turn to each other, a kiss and a hug, thank us and each other, if we together, can we open a flower in chaos?

The refugees deserve a dignified life! Mexican little girl and Pope dialogue

Photo by Alex Brandon

"I am an American citizen with Mexican blood." I believe I still have the right to be happy. "A five-year-old Mexican girl close to Pope Francis, her name is Sofia Cruz. The pope's bodyguard immediately blocked the little girl, and the pope said, "I want to hear what she says and let her speak." 」

The little girl wrote to the pope, "Dear Pope Fancis, my heart is very sad, I know you are about to meet with the president and Congress, I would like to ask you to make the United States through immigration legalization, because every day I worry about parents will be away from the side." I believe that I have the right to live with my parents, I believe I have the right to be happy, my father worked hard every day in the factory, and more immigrants like my father is feeding the country. "(Recommended reading:" God is not afraid of new things, "the Pope of thevarious forces very gay love )

"They deserve a dignified life, they deserve a respectable life." 」

"I speak Chinese to Xi Jinping!" FB CEO shakes up meeting with Xi Jinping

"This is the first time I have spoken to a head of state in a language other than my mother tongue." This is a small milestone for me personally. "FB's chief executive Mark Zuckerberg wrote about his meeting with Xi Jinping on his FB.

When Mr. Xi, who is a big Zuckerberg, has taken the opportunity to say hello to him with his long, 1.3 billion of Facebook users, perhaps shaking hands with 1.3 billion of Chinese people,Mark Zuckerberg also secretly said to him, "Hey, Is it time to let us in? (Recommended reading: Endless Face book dynamic for who is happy for who busy?) )

You're the way I am when I'm lost

"Hi, I'm jan".

"Hey, if I get lost, please give me to the other." 」

Old one of the happy appearance, is to know that you are lost, there is a place to go back, there is a person will catch you, do not want to let you alone discrete. (Recommended to you: hold hands for 61 years!) Real world Miracle Old couple )

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We looked up at the moon together

"On the day I was closest to the moon, the moon told me a secret, he said it was the sun." Yes, I should have thought of that. "---The Moon has forgotten

Finally, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival with the moon Lights in Wonderland. As long as you raise your head, we are here, hope that the world, there can warm you, that wipe the moon. (same field Gayon: eat salty first and then eat sweet!) Seven diet key to make you not afraid of fat mid-Autumn Festival