September is a woman who can only teach you "how to move?" "And tell you," how to eat before exercise? ". Some people exercise in order to be healthy, some people exercise in order to have a body , what can we eat to be healthy and effective? Women obsessed with health small series for you to guide the maze, but also provides you with three simple and easy to start three kinds of menu! (It's easy to do at home!) belly, buttocks, arms, thighs! 10 minutes of working mother's meat-throwing operation )

"Do you want to eat first and then exercise?" 」

"No!" said the man. I'm on a diet, it's effective to exercise on an empty stomach. 』

Can you eat anything before exercising?

Do you have a "don't eat before exercise" myth? If not, do you know what to eat before exercising?

Hey! Small knitting tells you, before exercising of course must eat thing! Without eating the body will not have the energy source of movement. You should eat 30 minutes before exercise, in addition to allowing the body to effectively decompose food into energy, the 30-minute digestion time can also avoid the heavy vibrations caused by exercise to the burden of the stomach, think of the stomach filled with food before it is too late to rest will be violently shaken how uncomfortable ah!

The aim of the exercise is to burn fat, increase muscle mass and improve cardiopulmonary endurance. How to achieve burning fat and increase muscle mass, in addition to sports types, it is necessary to rely on diet to help us achieve success! (You will want to know: muscle not fat!) Five life habits that make you say goodbye to stubborn fats

Without a sense of satiety, there is no energy source for exercise, but too much blood sugar makes the body secrete insulin, converts blood sugar to glycogen, and too much glycogen stores it in fat form. This time, "low GI food" is our best choice!

What is low GI food?

The Ascending sugar index (GI, glycemic index) refers to the use of glucose (pure glucose) 100 g in vivo for two hours of the increase in blood sugar in the value of GI100 as a benchmark, compared to other foods in vivo in the role of blood sugar added value.

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Generally speaking, the higher the GI value of food representatives after eating, the body's blood sugar will rise rapidly, the common food is chocolate, refined starch and so on. Many things in the body must maintain a constant, when the body's blood sugar rapidly rising, the brain will be ordered to secrete a large amount of insulin to convert blood sugar into glycogen, so that blood sugar tends to be constant. In general, when the GI value is greater than 60 is a high GI food!

Why eat high GI food easily lead to obesity, because blood sugar is rising rapidly, the body in order to achieve balance will secrete a lot of insulin to convert blood sugar into glycogen. Besides being able to lower blood sugar, insulin has another function of being involved in the synthesis of lipids, that is, insulin will store the amount of high GI food you eat into Arabic fats, causing obesity. This is why people who lose weight advocate eating low GI foods. (Recommended to you in weight loss: why not lean down!) You're reducing muscle, not fat.

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Low GI food can provide calories, but it will increase blood sugar in a stable, relaxed way, it will not stimulate the brain to secrete too much insulin, to convert blood sugar into fat! So low GI food in addition to can be used to control blood sugar, to avoid obesity, but also we eat a good choice of sports! (Would you like to know: eat the right food?) Master the 100 rules to make you eat more beautiful .

Which low GI food can be used before exercise?

All grain foods, legumes, green vegetables, fruits (except pineapple, watermelon), yams, yogurt and seafood meats are very good low GI foods.

A convenient menu for you before you move to the food family

  1. Fruit Series: Busy you to the convenience store to buy a banana or apple are both convenient and simple choice Oh! Or you can add yogurt in accordance with your personal preferences to add flavor!
  2. Tofu Salad: The two ingredients that convenience stores can easily buy together can complement both cellulose and protein, and can increase satiety before exercise.
  3. Full-foot series: If today is to do more intense exercise, it is recommended that you can buy a sweet potato, with soy milk or bananas, increase the feeling of satiety and can provide the necessary heat!

What should you have learned before exercising? If you have a better food mix, you are welcome to share your sports front dishes with us! This September let us eat healthily, happy move!