How long has it been since you've had a serious date ? I'm talking about--you don't have to go on a mobile phone, walk through several streets, like that date. Five inspiration from the old school date, let the gentleman in senior intern Raubertinillo US, women miss such a man, men should know such old-school dates . (now Hot:"experience and strength is your resume" from "senior intern" to see an three of Anne Hathaway's attitude to life )

In the senior intern, Anne Hathaway has a bright eye, as well as an Ninze Raubertinillo (Robert De Niro). In the film he plays a mature, well-informed and listening man, in his retirement life, he through the internship program into the rapid changes in the era of innovation and change at the same time, the foundation of the old school feelings so that he in such a new and lively company more profound. (You will also like: through the peak also through the bottom!) Anne Hathaway 7: Live not only to please others

The reality of the Raubertinillo also faded from the "Godfather", "Taxi Driver" in the evil, arrogant, young , more than a time of elegance. His class in the film is always full of a charming style, he knows to please the new generation, also do not forget his principles, he knows new technology, also deeply embraced the classics. Such a man can be described as the most scarce gentleman of our age--they are courteous, humble, and confident. Follow Raubertinillo to a more elaborate old-school date.

Old school Dating Rule 1: Carry a handkerchief with you

"Men with handkerchiefs are generally more moderate, more humble, and more sedate," he said. Handkerchief washed, used to wash, so value such a sake man, perhaps not so leading the trend of the first, but also slow and steady, and gradually forward. 」

The class carried a handkerchief with her, so that when the lady needed it, she handed it gently. A handkerchief is a dating classic, and a handkerchief opens up several generations of love history. This contemporary, whether ladies or gentlements, it is best to retain the handkerchief feelings. The handkerchief can be remembered after all, not like the paper towel is discarded, the handkerchief is nostalgia, pay attention to detail, cherish. the good design with the emotion Forever Classics does not expire! (Extended reading: 10 sentences Super good and not tacky classic love lines )

Old Fashioned Dating code 2: put on your most formal suit.

"You can dress up and come to work, we are very casual here!" 」
"I feel most comfortable wearing a suit if I can." Besides, it's more conspicuous, isn't it? 』

The suit is his most comfortable dress for the class. Julia (Anne Hathaway) also later said "Why the last generation of Harrison Ford, Jackney Cosson such a real man, this generation but ..." the description of the classic gentleman style is always nostalgia.

have you ever had the experience of putting on a formal set date? Many people's suits dress, always stay until the day of marriage. In this contemporary, to have a "date" throbbing is particularly difficult, the times change quickly, can not meet Skype, want to have a memorable date, try to wear on a certain anniversary of your most treasure that suit, full of treasure, look forward to the appointment. (Recommended reading: a man's heart: a 30-year-old date is better than a 20-year-old )

Old-School Dating Code 3: No more communication on the phone.

Before a date, remember Levi: "Take Me Out, ask me in the old-fashioned way, and I will nod the third time after I refuse you two times." Do not MSN knock me, do not face book messages, prohibit the use of What ' s App temporarily asked me if I am free. Remember to turn your mourning Phoenix off, don't text in front of me, or check my face book before I come out of the dressing room. You can only, intently, look at me and talk to me and think of me. 」

in the movie, Ben used the oldest dolphin machine, but He is in a thing to use e-mail communication generation, even quarrel, will only use text message to apologize, with stickers icon meaning emotion. But for the class, a lot of words, to speak out in person, only temperature; slow, more intriguing.

The old days become slow, cars, horses, mails are slow, life only enough to love a person.


Let us have a solemn date, Love will not follow the transmission, sometimes hundreds of voice messages, all good but see you side. In such a real-time years, the love of light and slow, more careful thinking, only sweet.

Old-School Dating code 4: Go on a date in his life view

Film Shift and massage therapist Feona's love of the Year is a smile, their first date with an old friend's funeral. Live to such an age, together to see the ebb and flow of the original is romantic. Do you always date in cinemas, restaurants, or bed boards? Try to walk into each other's life and go a little deeper!

With the other half of the family have a afternoon tea time, into his primary school to grow the playground, with her for dessert, prepare a dinner. The best thing about old-school dating is to cherish the marks of the moment and not be stingy with the past. (same field Gayon: love for the rest of your life!) From the psychology to see the relationship six secrets of the long

Old School Dating Code 5: I'm willing to give up all the distractions and listen to you

In the movie, when Julia started complaining, she wanted to fire a machine gun, so the class listened silently, and even so often, he didn't respond, just listened to the other party and lent him his shoulder. This experience many years of men seem to have a special understanding of peace, but also remember his date with the object of the Fiona walk home back, do not drive, do not hurry, in this rumbling fleeting time to be a quiet person.

Raubertinillo the old school mood teaches us to calm down, compared to rush to declare, show off highly, more important is how to be a good listener . Sometimes it is better not to speak, but to understand him with his eyes. In love we are too accustomed to chatter, worry oneself can't keep up with each other's footsteps. Try not to talk about the next trip, not to argue about what to eat, to waste your time on the next date, not to be bothered, to communicate, to be in love and to understand his thoughts. As long as you grasp the moment you want to focus on his desires.

The world is too dangerous, time should be wasted on good things.

Lu Siho

I think old-school dating is just a matter of getting us more focused on each other and more willing to waste a luxurious time. Love is the oldest language, the simplest way to persevere, five of old-school inspiration, to keep the romantic feelings of you. Let's slow down, take a walk, design a classic date, and be more cunning in love. (Recommended reading: four exercises to design true love )