"Senior Intern" starring Anne Hathaway is now hot, and many people have grown up with Anne Hathaway from the American sweetheart, and come to the age of 30 , you are not lost? Family, workplace, why do women have to choose? Listen to Ann Hathaway's philosophy of life. (Recommended reading: sing the 30-year-old grand gentleness: to all the women who are not hesitate )

And we're not forgetting that Anne Hathaway Hathaway, think of "The Devil in Prada" tread high heels stumbling on the small Ann, the beginning of the Big Society of the workplace shrimp always smile, nine years later, she in the "Senior intern" roll up the sleeves, face a little bit of years of folding, Step on top of a five-inch shoe and shake a career-high entrepreneur. It's like we're old with Anne Hathaway, standing a little more at the same time, occasionally confused, such a life is not what I want? (Recommended reading:20 years old, confused very well: don't give up for any lost to find the answer )

Happiness is the eternal course of life

About the life of the practice class, "senior intern" with age generation of transposition thinking to lead us to have the momentum of youth, but also maintain a steadfast old-fashioned feelings.

Anne Hathaway plays a somewhat eccentric, crazy-obsessed woman in the senior intern who has a lovely daughter, a full-time husband, a thriving company, everything looks almost perfect, but it seems like something is going wrong.

"Always believe that doing the right thing is never wrong." (You ' re never wrong to doing the right thing.) "Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), who came to the company, used his life's work experience to tell the man who was in front of his domineering, lonely boss, no matter what others criticized, Be yourself and be a better person.

Anne Hathaway and the film together for women left a career autonomy, she accepted the "InStyle" interview, said that she had a period of time, as if to become the target of all people hunting, words and deeds are magnified view. These years efforts to change their own "victim thinking", learning not to care about other people's vision, can finally more frankly stand in front of the spotlight. (Extended reading: do not like their own non-standard beauty )

"always believe that doing the right thing will never be wrong" is also particularly suited to the portrayal of Anne Hathaway's entertainment life. 2013, Hollywood Showbiz broke out "hate Anne Hathaway #hathahaters" phenomenon, some people said she false, said she too excessive 0 dead ends, said her perfect like a lie, once, Anne Hathaway was the chip merchant refused, the audience does not have to pay for an Anne Hathaway movie. "

Experience and strength is your resume.

It was Ann Hathaway who bought back the box office with her strength.

Once upon a time she was a naïve princess in "the Sparrow Princess" and a small white rabbit in "The Devil in Prada", and then Anne Hathaway came out of the dream and stepped out of the perfect image of being packaged. The intrepid wife in Brokeback Mountain "miserable World" in the voice of the women of the passionate woman won the Oscar best supporting actress, "Star Effect" on the lonely Journey of the Doctor, until today's "senior intern", no one can not see her want to get rid of the strong intentions of the attractive look. (Recommended reading: Thepsychology behind Interstellar Effects: Cosmic Trek, Love is the final Act )

The image of Ann Hathaway's sweet face follows the changing and growing part of the film, and she is not just the perfect actress. No one will ever be able to attack her perfectly. Anne Hathaway minus long hair a messy, a face of mud in the "miserable World" hangs two lines of snot; "Senior intern" she heartily snoring, drunken mess, ambition to talk about life attitude and career outlook, in the film, Anne Hathaway is no longer just a spokesperson for Love, is no longer just a foil role for the complete male lead love.

Anne Hathaway's performance is not only to discuss the plight of women, closer to the modern female life group, see a leader in the wolf skin on the daily career war, take off the skin of the wolf and fragile as naïve girl. "Learning to change your position" is not only a film project, but also an attitude of life that Anne Hathaway has been defying to let us see.

Admitting frailty is not shameful: I don't want to be alone.

In addition to the performance of women in the career of tenacity, but also mercilessly brushed off the fragile side of Anne Hathaway. In front of the staff she always Bayang, last night to cry a lot of wearing sunglasses to work, every day hungry belly to catch a field meeting. At night, she and Raubertinillo sitting in a foreign hotel, talk about a philosophy of life, and then the break of the Times. Then she wept and cried like a helpless girl, and she said, "I am afraid that I shall be buried alone." "That solitude sounds very loud in the cinema," he said.

Not only is Julia in the movie Afraid of a man, but Anne Hathaway also said in front of the media: "Loneliness is my least favorite way of life." I always worry about being alone, afraid that one day when I am weak, I don't know where someone cares about me or takes care of me. 」

In this era of independence, Anne Hathaway words like to wake up countless "woman". To be strong does not mean to be weak, but to be soft is not to be incompetent. Life, after all, when a person, when walking a person, we are not the map of the way, there is a friend and cherish someone to do with. With us to do sweet dreams, see big good times. (same field Gayon: you don't need to always be strong: Five ways to face vulnerability )

Whether it's a movie, or an Hathaway, they start a discussion with their story, without the right answer, the direction of life, and the need to find their own. Finally, the words in the movie Salute Life: "Musicians will not retire until there is no music in mind to stop." "May our path, the music of our hearts, eventually take us to where we want to go."