, where have you left yourself lately? Time to Work, Friend, Family Lovers Lovers Lovers , when you forget to charge your own charge. Habits deserve better. treatment is to be developed for itself.

11/1 &11/8 Women's fan invited to the most telling Director the Garden the playground, use the techniques of performing arts, theatre therapy, and physical and mental learning to meet the best of yourself.

Hey! , you always you want to keep your smile, keep alive, and get tired of your burden? Do you need to take responsibility for the burden of the moment?

you work, you remind yourself to keep your smile, keep alive, and get tired of your burden, complete the burden of responsibility, and never let up. any time, both physical and mental clockwork is tight, when you are tired, do you have good care for yourself? more tasks, more stress comes in, your mind is overwhelming. Would you prioritize what needs to be addressed? bite your teeth and tell yourself that you're supporting a little bit more?

work, you are always searching for yourself, and you have to spread yourself to lovers, family, friends, and do the best balance in a number of roles. Let's make everyone happy.

your day is always around the job and the people around them, as if life is so meaningful that you can get the love you need. , don't get upset! understand that you are not necessarily your favorite. needs practice, starting with yourself! (You will also like: to be a better version of yourself, you don't have time to be )

11/1 &11/8, Women's fan x Zhang Jiarong Director will take you to the best of yourself in the play therapy.

, psychotherapist Yin :

the surface of the water and under the water, under the guidance of a Jay-jung director, let yourself first learn to take care of yourself and learn to associate yourself with others around the world. body is just activated, and in this theater, I think, no matter what kind of role you and I walked into here. the surface of the water and under the water, you and I are waiting for each other to perform well.


Mr. Zhang use the performing arts, theater therapy, and physical and psychological approach to show you a life scene and conversation in a graceful, comfortable Lounge scene, relax your body and expand your body, experience your body and space, explore your self, express and tolerate your self-image, reviewer your life stories, find new possibilities and opportunities for your life!

11/1 Theater Workshop 1

Themes theme: How do you always let your play work

Chia-jung will lead a busy man with a busy man and mind at two levels to learn how to master the work and rest, so that he can quickly recover and continue to work efficiently. learn how to interact with your voice, body and sound, and to eliminate headaches, shoulder sore, sore and swelling, and to connect the cosmos and the universe harmoniously to create an endless circle of energy.

addition, we will let your Mind Theater add emotional energy to your most passionate and energetic body state and emotional state, and learn to summon yourself at any time. a result of the so-called mobile confidence, you will become a person in the “ action ” and become a better person for the people around you (the lover, family, friends, colleagues) as a person in motion.


, learn to tell yourself:

don't want to take responsibility for just free and breathing

how to switch “ ” ” and “ “ ” patterns in a high pressure environment in the morning, and go crazy in the afternoon session! up with a teacher, go from outside to, open everything, accept happy, sad, angry, happy, and each of the different self-facing. Meet the freest, unconstrained, and most truthful (extended reading: Embrace your inner )

-discovery, learning and expression of body and emotion, release, tolerance, and acceptance of your emotions, release the original restraints, make amuse smile, daring to daring, and embrace true self in a secure and trusted environment. and talk about how to get someone else's support through a situation show that discusses how to achieve what you really want to be yourself.

11/8 Theatre 2nd day: Enjoy yourself, develop your

topic: It's not boring to get along with

, you know? fact, you are very interesting and don't have people around you, give yourself a chance: enjoy the fun of getting along with yourself! (Recommended reading: )

The most courageous is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
bravest action is to think of yourself. out loud. -- Coco Chanel

Zhang Jiarong takes you to the role catalog, naming different kinds of characters, exploring different behaviors and reactions, increasing self-flexibility, and facing a wide range of different situations in life, with a variety of ways to handle, finding new and innovative responses. the theater's games and body practice to find its own rhythm of life, and to practice in theatre and dance to find the most elegant and efficient itself. in a life of fun, a lone dictionary without boring two words!

Themes: Meet with Creative

Creativity is the ability to spontaneously, playable, present and in touch with your child's heart. the power of creation, the ability to inspire empathy, find resources, and achieve self-realization. lesson lets you find the unbounded creativity inherent in your own life, and begins with sensory and physical development to learn to subvert your habits so that you can see yourself and the interesting side of your life, enjoy the interaction with the environment and other people, and develop your own creativity in the body! destabilize your imagination, laugh, cry, and let people participate in your life! , embrace your own different orientation, modify and open your own image, and rewrite your life script.

You wear a mask for so long, you forget who's underneath it
who wear masks over time will gradually
British author, Alan Mulan

[About Instructors]

Zhang Jiarong : drama director, performing art teacher, author, and also a Chinese national counselor, driving theater therapy. the surface and below the surface of the surface theatre, has long been spared no effort in humanities and art education, and has been nominated for a number of new art awards, and has been chosen as an overseas artist to create in France, China and other places. present, it is on the surface of the water surface and under the surface of the surface theatre art director, National Taiwan Opera Academy, Theatre Arts teacher, and autistic foundation consultant.

water : company has produced a total of nine productions (including co-production), held 67 performances in Beijing, and won three new Academy Awards nominations. collaboration with more than 50 social welfare agencies, more than 2,000 hours of workshops have been planned since 2009. surface and the surface of the theater are dedicated to exploring the future theater that “ cannot define ”, pursuing cross-cultural, cross-realm, cross-art and social participation, and engaging in creative and cultural development. group explores original screenplays and body aesthetics, traditional drama, modern drama, and various possible interactions.

the surface of the water is a matter of heart, and on the water is a story, and I try to excavate my mind into a story, so that the story can communicate with one another. I have gained a lot of sensory and soul searching from the art of art, starting with the art of performing art, finding the identity of the body, and starting to pursue “ you want to do " ”.