When the new media meets the paper, we can have a more fresh and lively dialogue. This day, the Acropolis publishing house editor-in-chief and the woman fan editor had a profound afternoon, talk about the lightness of poetry , the weight of words, for writing the road of the stubborn walk. (Recommended reading: not writing will become stupid?) 5 keys to writing to make life better

"In such an era, I want to keep a little wayward to myself." 」

This day I invited Woman fan editor Audrey and the Acropolis published editor-in-chief Zhang Ruilin meet to chat, motive is the above Zhang Ruilin teacher said. They are in my eyes are a bit wayward people, in this increasingly convenient media environment, but they hold to do something not easy, the times fast, they have gone quiet far.

The spirit of independence in the mass system

We came to the Acropolis publishing office, which was like a white, clean place in the old mansion in the city Lane. Much like the chief editor of the Acropolis, Zhang Ruilin, who stood there, with certainty and serenity, guarded literature and history. The Acropolis publishing House's books are divided into three colors, green is literature, blue is the knowledge of eternal exploration, red is a hot topic in the contemporary. "Blue is a link between people, no matter which field people can talk about," says Lynn. Red is to survive in contemporary people should be concerned about, such as Su Jian and case, Green is my selfish for their own preservation of the literature, because I am a foreign language department, the character of the literary sensibility also has a non-literary rationality. 」

That said, Audrey excited to raise his hand is also a foreign language department, the two people in the academic and life attitude have inherited the study sister relationship. Audrey has always cared about the book published by the Acropolis, the quality and issues of published books such as "21st Century capital" and "breasts: a natural and unnatural history". "I've published one of the worst-selling books," said Catherine, who shared what they did with the most marginal: "It is a discussion of how sexual abuse can exist in society, that sexual assault groups are ambiguous, that there is a phenomenon in Taiwan society that we tend to look at the victim's story and not the perpetrator's 」

Audrey that minority issues, even if not everyone's concern, but there is a need for absolute existence: "The voice of Taiwan's minority is easily marginalized, masked by mainstream voices, and women fans sometimes discuss non-mainstream discourse, for us, multiple individuals have value, all voices can be accepted." "(Recommended reading: The mind and practice are diverse!") Woman obsessed content guidelines guideline)

The cultivator of the Times: we are willing to pioneer and wait

"Would you like to spend some time waiting for a topic?" By pulling down the sales expectations of the book, you can pull more issues in. --Editor-in-Chief of the Acropolis, Zhang Ruilin

What is multivariate value? Audrey that a woman's obsession with multiple values also gets a lot of criticism: "If there's only one color in a world of sound, that's dangerous." We are afraid that there will be only one path, one way of existence, one kind of value in the face of life. We want to combine the public with the small and the existing resources to allow two things to coexist. The times will push the masses of the position of the constant interchange, there will be no permanent small audience, there will be no permanent public, to the editor anyway the most important thing is not easy to say that the export of things to be seen. 」

Catherine responds to Audrey that there is no absolute minority, and she thinks the deep roots of Taiwanese history and culture remain the same thing: "I think there are two types of culture, one is the harvest of cultural products, it may be a book a film, a star, such as the recent coloring, Taiwan is not very popular, but because of a sudden big sale of Korean dramas. This product will be able to harvest demand. Another kind of product is the pioneer, as I published "21st Century Capital" last year, in fact, three years ago I wanted to pay attention to the issue of taxes, published the "about tax, you know how much," although not sell well, but it is necessary to be understood things, can be circulated, because the entry threshold high, so few publishers are willing to do it, and this is the difference between the Acropolis and other publishers. "(Extended reading: The stubborn necessity of life: willful courage, achievement like yourself )

Audrey felt that the spirit of Lynn was very respectable, there are too many people competing in the mainstream of the book, too many chain bookstores competing for the same piece of cake, and the Acropolis chose to continue the pioneering land: "The market we set up the goal of limiting our vision, we told ourselves that the goal is only one-my book to sell more than 5,000, This is the sacrifice of the sustainability of the content. I think it is very good in your present position, in addition to selling books you want to do the times of the cultivator. 」

Not in a hurry to harvest, but to relax the horizons step-by-step solid hoe field, is the meaning of these writing workers in the load of the times.

The most difficult history, creating the extraordinary in the Times

Words like a rotation, work sometimes, fallow sometimes, the future also miss history, whether it is the Acropolis published books to mend The fault of Taiwan's history, or women fans wish as the successor of the Times, history for these characters at heart. Audrey said that the real understanding of the history of this land, or from the writing test paper after the pen: "The History of life, is to put down the textbook, in the textbook on the history of the past we do not have empathy, put down the book, only to find that history is alive traces." For example, last year's solar flower event, what we are doing, will later become a kind of history, but the fact exists only in the present moment, when it becomes history, the interpretation is let go, can only expect to have a sufficiently high opinion of the work record it. (Recommended reading: those of us who have stayed, do you dare to listen to our songs?) )

"To be human is to live in every part of history." You can decide where you stand and what you believe in all your history. --Audrey, a woman obsessed editor.

For Pauline, History is a living thread: "I think history is a generational dialogue, a change, and a change that will follow generations." What we are doing now is like mending the broken history of Taiwan. For the last two years I have often wondered why young people protest, because the way we have discussed history before has not answered their questions. There are two kinds of work in history, one is that we still have to find a way to talk with the past, another is to teach the future, and fill up the blanks, so that the history has room for discussion. History is not only a country, it is a city, a town, a family, an individual. 」

In particular, she was a poet in Taipei's poetry festival this year, and shared with us the forgotten solitary poets of the historical torrent. She has a pen and a stick, can be the Acropolis editor-in-chief, can also live as a poet in the literature: "Poetry is the product of suffering, poetry is not entirely beautiful." A poem must feel a lot of squeeze, the poets I talked to at the Taipei Poetry Festival they were in prison before they wrote poetry. The white Terror accomplished Taiwan's first modernist poets, like Cao Kai, who wrote poems with mathematics, and the White Terror still brought us inheritance. "The Lin language is joking to say this painful, the fundus is full of deep shen." (Extended reading:"read the poet" The courage to continue fighting tomorrow!) Interview Hong: You have a pen, you need to write for people who can't speak.

She talked about the Cao Kai and Cowey Two poets are very respected, these people's words let her piece of history, so plan to make two poets as the upcoming book "Transformation Justice" Volume: "They sublimate themselves, also sublimate descendants." I often think that time is very heavy, do such a topic book, I feel that those who write the Ghost, their poems, help us to do the sublimation of suffering. 」

In the history of the small people defy, the confinement of the times to achieve them, they achieved the era of the most intangible dawn.

Poetry is the floating wood of the soul

"Poetry is misery and sublimation. He deals with our very small sufferings, which is why poetry is difficult to solve, but is saved by him. --Editor-in-Chief of the Acropolis, Zhung Ruilin

Rachel talks about the solitary poet with a deep gratitude hanging in his eyes. When it comes to her, she thinks that poetry is a place where you can dock wherever you go: "I was 18 years old and came to Taipei to study, and later I felt rebellious to the world and back to Kaohsiung as a journalist." Do 2.5 reporters back to Taipei, in such a drifting, there is a time I do not need to have any material, only three books: Tagore "Drift bird Set", Haizi, Shen Congwen "river." I feel that no matter what the vast sea, there are three of driftwood. 」

"Poetry is a condensed language of the Times, a copy of Life's Metamorphosis." Poetry is a kind of condensed record of that time, and also a copy of the poet's vision distortion. --Audrey, a woman obsessed editor.

The poem triggers the Soft heart of Lynn, just as she says that she is rational and sensitive to her side. Audrey as a reader of poetry, full understanding of why poetry is dependent on: "I think poetry to read people have a very strong sovereignty, we often think that the creator is larger or read the reader is relatively large." The poem retains a very interesting space and field for the reader, no matter what kind of intention the poet depicts, you can build the world you want. 」

Audrey that poetry is the best way to touch people's literature: "No matter how great the poet is, you can be with him and see his worldview, sometimes it's fantastic, sometimes violent, sometimes it's the concentration of misery." But no matter what you are, you will not feel the same way, no one will be anxious to tell you the truth. 」

Rachel listen to Audrey talk about poetry, also said poetry is her most intimate lover: "Poetry and a person link can be concluded very deep, beyond time and space and years." Haizi, Tagore, Shen Congwen they have a most simple charm for me, I will find the oldest text, the oldest book cover. They have a lot of introspection of nature, write about the relationship between people and nature, these people are not the audience of dialogue, is the universe, is heaven and earth, so I can settle in the universe. 」

The poem is hopeless and hopeful.

When she talked about her poetry experience, she felt that, as Audrey said, poetry has more sovereignty than any other genre: "Poets are the least interested in the reader and the market, and the poem condenses a person's spirit." Poetry is not the rational of analysis, but vaguely contains a structure. More than ordinary writing needs talent, novelists can rely on hard work, poetry but not, poetry is desperate, also very promising. "(You will like:" read the poet "interview Lu Ying Fish: Poetry is a life-saving railing, no poetry can not be the world )

Audrey said that he had been in a hurry to understand poetry, and later she knew that poetry was not for reading: "I agree that poetry is very talented." I was reading a foreign language department, reading the text, reading the drama and reading poetry, very analytical. Every time I go to the poetry exam I will be very desperate. The gate of the poem is higher to the creator or reader, and cannot be guessed by the author's true meaning. Poetry is not to be read, our reading habits are very strongly want to cobwebs, must know what, must have a purpose. 」

Words, write not necessarily to be read, perhaps there is a line of poetry, at the moment we grasp the head of the broken heads, ten years later but read a good, is the meaning of poetry. Text is hidden, always in your growth to a certain stage, revealing the slip.

Read the word, I am very curious about the two of those who are deeply involved in writing how to look at this matter, Rachel said: "Words can be condensed down, thinking, words are my good companion." I need to rely on words and social links, I use words to explain to themselves. "audrey thought for a moment, I think the words to her is always not easy to conclude:" Words to me is a kind of weight, all kinds of dimensions are. " I often remind myself that, no matter how slight, it is one or two grams of weight, one or two grams of impact. "(Extended reading: Times Magazine teaches!) 10 key exercises to promote "text charm"

Mrs. Lynn's zeal for writing made her patiently adhere to the Non-mainstream publishing market; Audrey to the word of caution fear, so that she in the new media will not be idle a title, a word. I want to be such a person is particularly hard, but also more profound. The topics they are discussing are not just about the modern view, but the hot topics. But the skeleton and trace of human existence.

Media, need the power of rebellion

Looking at the media environment from the publishing industry, she said: "I think many of Taiwan's problems are heterogeneous, sometimes it is a matter of news, but it may be a publishing issue." News is the bearer of relatively short discourse, this space-time in the discussion of things. Taiwan's media is a pity that we do not see a very clear position, the media to pursue the value of the different I do not see the difference, forming a similar ideology. 」

Audrey said that indeed we are increasingly living in an era of convergence: "Before I was with the reporter co-founder Zhang Tiezhi talk about this matter." Taiwan's new media is easy to converge, and when new media comes out you will want to have a concept. Operation encountered frustration, when a report was constantly reproduced by the media, convergence of the coming. I know a lot of reporters are holding a passion into the industry, like entering a huge black hole. 」

She has a lot of questions about Taiwan's media industry: "The Taiwanese media is too quick to get into business logic: I want my news to be a lot of people." I would feel that our values are in fact not stable, they are all the same. So now I'm wondering about the new media and we don't see the spectrum of value. "(Recommended reading:" exclusive "Flip old politics!) Hong Xuoju: How do we see diversity in the mainstream media monopoly? )

Audrey that this is about how we orient ourselves to the world: "I care about the wrestling relationship between people and the world, how we choose to live with the world, and the world we know is what Taiwanese society is like now, so one-sided." People and the world is not intermittent wrestling relationship, news is decided by people, you want to see what kind of news, you will care about what kind of things. 」

In the face of this media situation, she looks forward to more discussion space: "Taiwan as a modern society, we have not succeeded in transformation." We are in a hybrid system, modern is a multi value field, should be more liberated than in the past, citizens need to learn more rational discussion. "audrey agreed with single, the teacher, that she also believes that modern people lack the ability to dialectical and propose the counter case.

audrey:"reporter and editor of the time spent where? Deciding what you're focusing on is value or price, which is like the publishing industry, deciding where the brand will go. I am looking forward to Taiwan has more and more readers to resist the content, in fact, this is the rise of personal consciousness, when a group of people began to despair, will begin to want to solve. How weak, all began, and therefore more to do their own good with the original to do, the environment should allow everyone to do so. We can fill in the blanks. 」

Rebel and stage workers

Fill in the vacancy, need the reader's independent speculation, content provider's discretion, in order to complete a more friendly information supply circle. Finally, I asked the two of them what role they should play in the individual publishing industry and the media industry. Audrey said: "I hope that I play a rebel in the media industry, not to bloody revolution, but to remember the spirit of rebellion, a skeptical and curious attitude." Many people will become the only value because they have been in the same circle for a long time, I hope I always have fresh curiosity. 」

That's what she said: "I didn't really think about it yet, but I seemed to know it when I heard Audrey." I prefer to be a public arena worker. These two years I am actually very tired, the publishing industry actually wants to internal revolution. Our industry does not discuss a lot of things, such as pricing, access, are the spy on the disc. My friends with the Taiwan press freedom Front have been doing lectures to let readers know what the backstage of the publishing industry is. I hope these things can be discussed in public before progress can be made. I am a stage of people, so that more people should be seen on the smooth appearance of things, I now have published books must also run the entire Taiwan, for the book to do the greatest effort. The book is not published, it is finished, and the follow-up it exists in the world how to talk to people. 」

Not to mention the media industry, transition justice, publishing predicament, is a long but necessary road, internal revolution and filtration, is the guardian of the value of the time the text workers must have the defensive force. Be a rebel of the times, don't let yourself easily in the world comfortable position, do the stage workers to build the era, let the existence of the price, be seen by the world. The Acropolis editor-in-chief and the woman fan editor-in-chief, and all believe the words of the people to share.