The recent Taiwan musical "Lonely Madge" assembled Zhang Xipei, Cheng, Quandong, Lu Xue and other music sound, singing the first cry of life after the lonely story. This time we invited the musical soprano Zhang Xipei to receive an interview with a woman, listen to her role in the theater , listen to her in the noisy city to find loneliness valuable . "Lonely Madge" Lonely Mailbox Activity , invite you to share that said not to export lonely

She sang like a wave of waves of courage, sometimes sweet as honey, sometimes like a sharp knife, cut off the old wounds. Sitting in the theater, Zhang Xipei's song opened a new life field for the audience and found a way in the play. There is a saying that when the good things come to a temporary, you will unconsciously close your eyes, such a sound, people want to fall into the deep.

Zhang Xipei Such a song, is 11 years, stumbled into the theater, music, when everyone said she had the capital to sing opera, but she is not a little interest. Until a sister because temporarily can't play "Paradise Edge", find the World Pedes dozen do sound Angel, then her next play is the heroine. Taiwan Theatre Soprano, if Zhang Xipei humility says two, no one will say that they are one.

The theater is her game, and life is her stage.

Good voice is difficult to bury, Xipe never feel that he is acting material, just stood on stage, she spent many limbs uncoordinated days: "I went to see the previous film, feel very funny, stiff like a penguin." I have been fortunate all the way, although I did not attend the interview, Zhang Tianhao has said that I am a no attempt to heart soprano. I always feel that it does not matter, back to the value of people, you will think of me acting, on behalf of you see me, when you think I have value, we are destined to be together. 」

The value was created by her bare hands. you may think that her singing is unique, but behind the song is more hard work, do not know how to act in front of the mirror, a smile, a review, are hundreds of times of practice. the road of such a variety of music, why Xipe chose the music play? In addition to the mistake, more is her essence like continuous progress: "I think it enriched my life, began to play the musical is a great transformation of life, in which to find a big confidence and progress in space." That's a lifetime. You know there's at least one thing in life that you can do well. (Recommended reading: Theater Female Force Yau Kunjun: Gentle Love yourself, is spared the can't "perfect" you person )

Xipe share Li Teacher said: "You do a good job in life is perfect." 」

"Singing and acting for me, if life is going to do something meaningful, that's it." If my song makes your heart warm, it is a piece of merit. As long as there is a person in the world who feel happy to hear me sing, I will continue to sing. 」

The purpose of singing is not to make money, but to make more warmth. For 11 years, Xipe never felt that he was a "principal theater soprano", the theater is her game, life is her stage. I watched the big girl live with enthusiasm, she is not only standing high on the stage of Taiwan's top music female, but also the joy of transmission to the world's music elves.

Money is no more, happiness is not turn back

You may think that such a carefree music elves Why are not upset? Life with happiness for the purpose of her once also for work food and clothing dilemma: "I recently prepared to end a job, choose another to make me happy work." There is no way to feed the actors at the Taiwan Theatre, so I have to take a lot of classes to balance my life. I have been thinking: the work of this matter, I would like to choose food and clothing, or make me happy? 」

The idea has been hesitant for half a year, an opportunity she remembered seven years ago Shunsun cooperation, Shun elder brother said to her: "Money is not earned, money is how much value you have, people sent to you." "This sentence has been affecting the life style of Xipe, she smiled and said that even when the students temporarily something she was very happy, feel that they earn one day:" Money is no more to earn, happiness is not earned back. (same field Gayon: If one day the world is poor can not afford a little happiness )

Children give me a sense of achievement, more than the glory of the stage

Happiness does not come back, but also Xipe learned from the child. In the past few years, Xipe between work and children, until the child also went to study, she began to feel that they can not miss their growth: "I teach a lot of students, I think I am taking other people's children, but miss their own children, they wait for my time is too long, school week I and schools have taken a holiday, concentrate on the children through school." I found that I enjoy, make breakfast, carry them to school, 10 to help children with lunch, she will tell me that mom is delicious, this is more than I put a lot of children on stage achievement sense. 」

Xipe said, must think of the child's face, because at the moment her face revealed the sweetest smile since the door. Instead of putting many children on stage, she cherished the mundane relationship with her two daughters, a joy that was not sacrificed to the world Pelay, but a real-life grasp.

Loneliness is so beautiful.

In addition to living with the children, she did not less homework alone, Xipe this year in the musical "Lonely Madge" as a career woman, for the modern loneliness group is particularly profound. She thinks we don't have to fight loneliness, talk about "lonely Madge" there is a paragraph singing: "The Beginning of life is a loud cry," Xipe that Our life is lonely: "Before a person at home will be very panic, now to an age I enjoy loneliness, because the loneliness is so precious." 」

Lonely good precious, Xipe slowly, she chatted about the former "abandon son" to go to a person's trip, everyone is worried about the "confused" personality, Mr. Even help her map all good: "A lot of people when the mother, to be tied together with the family, without their own time and space, I encourage all mothers do not take responsibility on the body." You want to go out to breathe, feel a person's loneliness. It's not bitter at all, it's really nice. Loneliness can make you feel scared when you are young, and after many changes in relationships, you will find a person's time to cherish. (Extended reading: step forward, a person travel to find the courage to face life )

It's more important to accept yourself than to seek temperature.

"Lonely Madge" in the world to explain a face divorced modern women: "My role is very strong, the heart is very fragile." I think a lot of people are like that. This is a modern text, wife and husband are successful in business, the relationship between husband and wife relatively no time to operate. "Lonely Madge" is a whole apartment, each floor has people to solve the loneliness of the feelings. 」

La Yuan to the city we live in, every night has not lights out the room owner, you are also so lonely?

The lonely subject of life, Xipe also from the Face book generation chat, she thought that Facebook put people together, but lost the heart: "Now face book, you will be very concerned about what everyone is doing, but very little aware of themselves." We are over 30 years into the 40, life began to have a lot of homework, you slowly found that the most important is no longer you see. It's not so hard to start spending more time focusing on your family, facing a person and facing yourself. (Recommended reading: The first step in Awakening life!) Focus on the most valuable things )

"Our acting class often has many students who are dissatisfied with their lives, and they want an exit that doesn't require a person to be lonely," he said. I think it's amazing why you can't face yourself. You can try to accept yourself first. Now I feel too much of the pursuit of external, ignoring the inner is more important than the outside. 」

I want to be a woman in my next life

A soprano who always shines on the stage, return to the family is also daily necessities, Xipe said that they want to do a very happy mother, enjoy the lonely time, enjoy their own true colors: "We think that there is a family and marriage after life to" buried here, I will think never forget when a woman very happy, Love yourself all the time, I didn't feel it was important to love myself before. Three years ago, my good friend left us, I was shocked, I feel sure to take the time to live to do what you want to do. 」

"Women must love themselves, reincarnation in the next life I also do women." --Zhang Xipei

Xipe said this sentence, my heart as if there is a small earthquake, for her such a certainty of the position was shocked. We often think that women are born to be more bitter, physiological conditions everywhere not popular, menstrual pain or the workplace ceiling, there are always some time, we want to not be a woman in the next life. But Xipe so enjoy doing women's happiness, she said: "Do not live for any one person, life after all for their own lives." "(Recommended reading:" Women in the private to talk about "隋棠 with life proof, do their own woman best Life )

Xipe always say to yourself in times of impermanence or regret: "Every day in the future, I will be happy for myself, this is a woman's value." 」

After mom, don't wait for your husband and kids to come home.

What is love oneself? Xipe then shared that her husband had rebuked her for wearing too sloppy to go out, and Xipe replied: "What's the matter, I'm the mother of two children." Her husband said: "When mom, you're still yourself." 」

"I am their mother in front of the children, but I can't be a mother forever." "Xipe said that he always brought her to grow up and not let her lose her favorite dream." Just as she often turned upside down because of the theater, Sir, who never blamed her for her "Mother role". I want to have a life partner who is willing to shoulder family responsibilities together is happy, it is no wonder that Xipe can always change between the mother and her own identity. (You would like to: Die "Mother" the last straw: economic independence is a good mother? )

"It's my own time," said the boy, after the baby's husband went out. The first thing is to eat a big breakfast, go to a market, the mother will tell you a lot of things happen in the community. Back home I will open the piano practice singing, it is my very important emotional expression, is my way of healing. I feel that there are many ways to enrich myself, mind or brain capacity, and sometimes I get home tired, I will change my sneakers to the park, and I feel great sweating. 」

Hey, Xipe this mother is not waiting for her husband to come home, free time, completely belong to her own.

"Be a woman so happy!" "From Xipe smiling face I feel very rare as a woman, she not only want to do a good theater actor, but also to do the best actress in life, do not hold a strong attempt to heart, Xipe instead live out of the wonderful rare life."

She also does not refuse to face themselves, encourage each kind of living loneliness, sincerely to face their own defects and not satisfied. I think as she said: "Loneliness is so precious ." Because we are lonely, because we understand, because we understand more closely. In the face of loneliness, to be closer to the desired temperature, if you think of loneliness is very pessimistic, I think you must go to the theater to listen to the Zhang Xipei song clear and gentle, like the comb of the years, crawling every inch of life anxiety, uneasiness.