Women fans always believe that the knowledge of a person can be a practical evaluation of a person. 10/14 evening, after Cai English , the second activity of female force Times , the Hong Xuoju of small chili Peppers in women fans paradise, we talk about Hong Xuoju face the pressure of the party and insist on uncompromising female force practice.

10/14 Hong Xuoju's female force does not compromise, sincerely reappears!

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10/14 site We choose three of the online questions, invite the column sister to answer the scene.

Post-reorganization of women's political forum

"This is the best of times, and the worst of times; it is the age of faith, the age of doubt, the season of Light, the season of Darkness, the spring of hope and the winter of despair; we have everything, and we all go to heaven. And they all go to hell. A Tale of "─

Women fans of the second female political lecture hall, host Zhang Wei Xuan quoted the opening introduction of the tale of two cities opened today's prologue.

After the woman's first female fan time forum invited Tsai to talk about "Taiwan in my Eyes", we look forward to more yuan views and dialogues, inviting the same Hong Xuoju as the presidential candidate to talk about "female force uncompromising, hung Sau pillar and your private words". This time, we want to create a private space where we can sit and build an equal, free-flowing dialogue in a relaxed, close manner. (Recommended to you:"exclusive" Flip old politics!) Hong Xuoju: How do we see diversity in the mainstream media monopoly? )

"Personal is politics", politics is not just an armchair vote; politics is not just fighting in Congress, talking on television, politics is changing power through every tiny and important change. Here we do not divide the blue-green, not to talk about right and wrong, through the sharing of Hong Xuoju, 100 people's Questions and answers, let us hit the flow of democracy.

Starting point: Responsibility must be borne when it comes.

"As the media reported before, I did not want to be president, will participate in the party primaries is entirely a hope, results bowfinger." There's no one to come out of the primaries, I'm so anxious! 」

Last year the mayoral election was lost, the Kuomintang morale was low, even the right to speak was gone, and the Kuomintang seemed to be missing. As a member of the Kuomintang, Hong Xiu pillar could not turn a blind eye and decided to stand up. The feeling of the primaries passing through the party is beyond pleasure or sadness, because it is a very meaningful thing.

"Although I didn't want to be president, I had to take responsibility for it," he said. 」

Prayer votes, shaking hands, the voters in the eyes of the sincere and expectations, let Hong Xuoju feel the responsibility of the heavy. Whether it is the village old uncle's sentence: "The party to You", garbage collection friends donations, or also with the breast cancer resistance of the volunteer friends help, every little story to promote her strong power and backing. (Recommended to you: college students suspended for Hung Sau post?) The most hardy young generation behind the "poorest presidential candidate"

Woman: You must recognize yourself and treat yourself well

Female force is a new word, Hong Xuoju for this word is: the power of women, women's courage.

With the popularization of the right of male and female education, "female force" will naturally show the director and learn in various fields. Despite the fact that the glass ceiling in the workplace is hindering women's progress, the times are changing, and this is her biggest experience in the campaign: society is not going to be different because of your gender.

Before, on television heard Hong Xuoju said: "Check someone is to settle," but in today's more close Hong Xuoju night, she explained: "Whether to go into the workplace or stay in the family, can be a choice." (Recommended reading: The last straw that kills "mom": economic independence is a good mother?) )

Women are not bound by traditional beliefs, and think that taking a child at home is inferior to a career woman. Women's strength is not only shown in the workplace, the home to cultivate the future pillars of the country is also a female force performance.

The point is, do you recognize your personality, your needs, and be kind to yourself and learn to get a little pleasure from your life,

Tolerance: respect for gender mobility, Taiwan does not have a racial divide

In addition to the rise of female power, gender and ethnic issues are equally concerned. Today, at the beginning of the event, Wei Xuan Please column Sister said three of their own keywords: adhere to, frank, inclusive. With regard to gender and ethnicity, she was also interpreted in an inclusive manner, just as the key words she had for herself.

A woman is not necessarily weak, but a man is not necessarily strong.

Who said soft, fragile must be a synonym for women, strong, resolute is a synonym for men. If a man is a stone, a woman is as soft as water, but don't forget that water will wear stone! Just as women fans have always believed in promoting gender mobility and dialogue, we give tolerance and respect to all the different genders. (Recommended to you: marriage can meet social expectations?) The oriental puzzle of the plural family

On the ethnic groups, Hong Xuoju said: "If we are still talking about ethnic groups, actually very ashamed." 」

"Do not speak Taiwanese, it is tantamount to not love Taiwan?" I wouldn't say that. Now there is no arrival problem, whether it is the land and the outside, as long as they come to Taiwan, they are a part of Taiwan, we are a family. Why is there no racial integration in the family, in society there are groups do not fuse it? 」

We do not discriminate against any kind of sex, we do not deliberately provoke ethnic strife, in Taiwan we are a family, a group of people who love this land.

Persistence: The sincerity of political figures is important

In addition to the hot chili pepper, you must also have to Hong Xuoju on the TV Frank shook his head. Even scholars from the University of Suzhou, China, are more direct: "Do you have a personality, or are you not familiar with the skills of the election, you can even now remain frank?" 」。 Others will give Hong Xuoju advice: "You Don't be stupid!" You need to know that Taiwanese are so gullible. When you're all taught, the election is over.

Whether it's the wrong message, or the usual "con" of political figures, Hong Xuoju can only shake his head and say it should be changed. Is it wrong for politicians to be straightforward? The truth should be spoken, and sincerity should be revealed, is her insistence. (Recommended to you:"Live direct strike" women fans first political salon: and you a beer a mouthful Taiwan )

"The directness in front of the camera is my personality, not because I'm not familiar with electoral skills, but can I use this opportunity to flip our electoral culture?" I would rather lose an election than win a sincere one. 」

Whether it's a previous black box issue, or a hat in the same table, you can't make a rational communication if you have a preconceived idea in your mind. If there is a problem, let's get together and make it better.

Hope: No blue green, we want to let the next generation think tomorrow will be better

The "Change column" turmoil continues, but will be hung Sau pillar, this does not seem to be the first urgent.

True and false decision, Rong and withered decision. The people ahead have brought the economic miracle to Taiwan, but what our generation has done to bring the future to the next generation is what she really worries about.

The election of the president is to find a correct way for the country, to set a direction for the country, the most important thing is to bring young people a hope. You may not be able to imagine the bitterness of our youth, but we toiled, we really believe: "Tomorrow will be better." "So what are we going to do?" We need to let the younger generation know where their tomorrows are and let them believe that tomorrow will be better.

A night full of temperature, we see in addition to discipline director, small pepper outside the Flood show column, a no imagination of the hot, in fact, a little gentle and graceful aunt next door. We saw the Hong Xiu pillar outside the news station, a "Soldier on the battlefield, thinking only of moving forward," a son of Taiwan who has a heart in Taiwan and sincerely looks forward to "better tomorrow".

As the introduction: "This is the best of times, but also the worst of times", in the trend of the times we have their own "uncompromising." Hope with all the questions, covered with perseverance, we can write down their own keywords, the answer belongs to Taiwan.