8/26 we held the first female-era auditorium and invited the DPP presidential candidate, Cai , to participate in the theme " Taiwan in My eyes ". We have always believed that politics and elections must be a better life and future for Taiwan. Continuation of the Wednesday political atmosphere, 10/14 next Wednesday night, we invited to the recent Kuomintang focus, small pepper column elder sister Hong Xuoju attended, faced with the political turmoil, her eyes do not compromise the belief that the limited votes have been exhausted, no ticket to the friends, remember the night locked Woman fan website Live !

"What I really look forward to is a chance for Taiwan to start talking," he said. Do not hesitate to be ridiculed, ridiculed and hit, but also to take the courage to adhere to a change in the fate of the country's opportunities. "---hung sau pillar

In this presidential election, you see too many people say this is a two-woman war, but women fans believe that this is the starting point for women's strength. It was they who came forward and wanted to do something for Taiwan.

10/14, let the discussion of political dialogue continue, convinced that everyone is the power of change, we invite to Hong Xuoju , she is called a column sister or small chili, she does not want to only through the distant media to know you, she wants to talk to you personally, she wants to share her want to change the silly. This evening, the woman fan Times salon, you and Hong Xuoju of private talk time, invite you to listen to another woman's voice, the continuation of the female force of the full force of the time classroom !

"Maybe we didn't do well enough, we didn't get fast enough, but as long as we were willing to do it, we could do it," he said. Please join hands with us and start all over again. Change, you will see! "It was written on Hong Xuoju's face book page. Acknowledge the status quo and make positive changes.

Hong Xuoju as a woman, into the election campaign posture is fearless, there is not much resources to ride on horseback, facing the recent party's various voices, you are not curious why she insisted? Hong Xuoju as a presidential candidate nominated by the party, the speech always outspoken, this road stumbled, do you want to know her introspection and growth? Hong Xuoju was labeled as a political victim's daughter, but never doubted her political stance, do you want to hear her talk about politics? The political situation is surging and we want a night to make people talk and listen. (same field Gayon: The campaign is also a gender war: After the post change, gender can cause how much attention?) )

We have many reasons to know her, and there is only one action. To meet you 10/14 Wednesday night in the woman fan Wonderland, this all the miracle may happen place, the flood show pillar is coming, the Hong Xiu Pillar wants to say her true story, the real setback, the real growth, and how she hopes to build the more real Taiwan.

To understand a person well, you can evaluate a person realistically.