When everyone is afraid of death, the film "Hundred Days Farewell" slowly embark on the pain of the road. We listen to the movie actor Stone talk about losing this lesson , this time invited the screen five years of Karena Lam, accompany us through this ordinary and profound life mileage. (Recommended reading: The widow's love letter!) Lin Shuyu: Learn to say goodbye, have the courage to go down

"Sweet, graceful, goddess" which is your understanding of Karena Lam? None of the above is Karena Lam's answer to himself. The big screen five years, Karena Lam again to "Hundred Days Farewell" finalists Golden Horse Award actress, she never rest on the road of life, the screen does not stop hard life, deep taste, sharpen the life thickness.

Karena Lam from "Hundred Days Farewell", with as the past women's profound and exquisite walk, but also with a kind of see themselves, see heaven and earth, see the solemn and stirring of the vast expanse of sentient beings. "Hundred-day Farewell" is such a drama, Karena Lam led the role of the body and the understanding of people far more than the role of women in the film attention. This day I saw Karena Lam, she a caper "hello", stretched out hand exceptionally warm, remind me to let "die" the topic has the temperature of the role heart-sensitive.

(Photo source: Hundred Days Farewell )

Not only play the script, but also live in life.

Linda talk about shortlisted, accept blessing but also exceptionally ordinary heart, and seven years ago with "intimate" to win the best Actress's caper is very different. She thanked the judges for their affirmation of the whole film and was not crowned by one. Golden Horse Award appears Karena Lam name Seven years apart, seven years of experience, Linda married, gave birth to children, screen outside her basket on the market, slowly steadfast through the ordinary and profound life mileage.

"Hundred Days Farewell" is such an ordinary drama, born and alive in the end will experience the life and death, is needed so not only in the spotlight lamp light, more attentively brewing their life taste of the actor.

In the film's heart-sensitive in a car accident lost fiance, looking for his fiance left the handwriting to go he too late to walk the road, Linda said the film characters seem to have been moving forward, but more like escape: "In fact, she is gradually broken." I'm very different from heart-sensitive. Heart-sensitive is the people who put their worries, I like to speak out. She has no friends and does not want to burden others. The fiance's family did not take her as a member of the deceased's mood, she is no one can vent. "(Extended reading: kai-fu Lee: I repaired the death credits, taught me to reflect on the meaning of Living )

In contrast, Linda is a person who has a lot of friends and likes to express. I asked how this gap reached the role of the heart-sensitive? She smiled like she was going to melt the whole space and said, "This is where I think acting is fun." 」

Find a way to live in a life and death field.

Linda said that the actress was the best job for her, and that she was so curious about the world that she went through many different lives. The role of Jean Jiachin to rethink the issue of life and death. Return to life in the past few years she welcomed the arrival of the children, filming before the father died, a moment of life and death in her field of rapid flow, suddenly Ming suddenly extinguished.

"Think of death will think of life, many times we want someone to come, he will not come, do not want him to go but can't stay." The more I go through the death of many relatives and friends, they will be old and I will grow up. At the same time we are getting closer to death, can only cherish, each encounter more care, more considerate. 」

Linda thinks the film is a way for her to respect everyone's sadness: "The film has a lot of open endings, and it tells you that no matter how you face the person who leaves, there is no absolute right or wrong." You have to have your own healing process, no one can fully understand the other person's pain, in situ or escape, you have to find their own way. (You'll like it: let love lead the pain!) Snow soft honest Confession: David after the death of sadness no end, but Love is also

Can't keep the widow, keep the memory.

Talk about the deepest loss of life, she always remember Grandma left: "I grew up with my grandmother's feelings very well, I often think of our hand sitting in the sofa chatting, then I was a child, my grandmother is like a child, the more live the more back." When I was a teenager, she left, and it was the first time I faced death. Once our whole family is going to tidy up Grandma's room things, I was in that room, very want to find her taste as a souvenir. 」

What's the taste of Grandma for Linda, you know?

She said: "It is the taste of white oil, I now often smell white oil, I will feel her side." This time the heart is very warm, I know she is in my heart. 」

Standing in the presence of the mother's taste of the space, she found the way to gather time and space memory, the taste of white flower oil is honest and reassuring, is wiped on the restless heart of a touch of cool. That is Jia Hin miss the way of the widow, memory of her taste, whenever floated, in the heart also overflowing loved ones left warm.

Every time you lose, think again about where you are in life.

"At your pace, to face the loss of this matter." "Linda with the story of heart-sensitive, but also with their own life experience and women fascinated readers to share."

"Death has many histories, sadness, anger, and sadness, and it makes you feel confused." Confusion is a good thing, because you can rethink your position in life. 」

Every stage of life will face loss, Linda feel that these subjects at different ages have learning. Talking about the loss of 20 years old, she said that sitting like a needle felt, a little longer after the loss is accepted: "20-year-old lost a very painful, but soon forgotten, then the loss may be good for me." Gradually more and more big, to lose the strength of resistance, not to accept is not, in such a situation I will cherish more. "(Now it is hot: The parting teaches me: We cannot choose fate, but we can choose how to face it." )

"I can have nothing today, or to continue to live, tomorrow can still face." 」

Linda's 20-Year-old likes to hug all his desires tightly, occasionally also miss that wayward, now she has more roles, not only responsible for their own lives, more to take the child's breath, the shape of the family, some self-willed is bound to abandon: "In the film I will keep that wayward." Still can be crazy, but in short, there must be a scope, because there is a sense of responsibility. 」

(Photo source: Hundred Days Farewell )

Childlike innocence: Experience does not erase my essence.

Film for Linda has been willful, often asked a play to listen to the director or the actor, Linda said Lin Shuyu director often said: "You are in the play you want." "Out of a kind of trust, the director and the actor put their own Enron into the script, is the best balance:" The director trusts me, I am preparing myself, do not have a lot of time to chat with you. I am very grateful to him so trust me, to the scene he felt that I must know more than his heart-sensitive, I particularly cherish such trust. 」

Visit to this point, I thought Linda really like a child, she sometimes turn the eyes to think, sometimes more than hand-painted feet gestures life, she does not cliché to grow calm, more said back to the most pure and the world coexistence way, happy laugh, the wayward wayward. I asked her if she has been in the film business for so many years. She said frankly: "I have not changed, work will only let me see more life hundred states, it let me learn, but also enrich my life, but my essence unchanged." 」

Not Parselmouth experience, Karena Lam like a child forever childlike, let oneself live as. Perhaps such Karena Lam you have not seen, everyone with "sweet" frame Karena Lam, she cheerful laugh said: "Fake, fake." "(You will like: practice to zero life: Love yourself first, have the ability to love )

Linda said: "I love to care for people." I think I am a very thoughtful elder sister bar, go out with anything I love to help you arrange. I think I'm a neat, right from wrong. 」

It seems that she is more willing to be a neighbor to her neighbor than a sweet and lovely image.

It's important for an actor to know how to live.

I always feel that this Karena lam, and I remember "intimate" Pearl, "love about" in the Nie Bing is very different. It seems that everyone likes Karena Lam charming and sweet. This day I see Karena lam body More "life Let Me Go," the domineering, not the script is always waiting to save the typical woman.

Linda said that these years the big screen, but richer life scenery: "The biggest change is the experience of life deeper." I was pregnant eldest brother, less than 12 weeks baby and I was in danger, then Mr. in the field to shoot things, I am really afraid, after all, is a life, as I said before, come you can not block, go you can not stay. To life more relieved also cherish more. 」

Early into showbiz, finally can find a sense of life Linda chat about the present himself: "I am also a mother, will go to the traditional market to buy fish to buy vegetables, the children carry on the body to do housework, this matter is accumulating me as an actor, this is I do miss when I can not have feelings." You know the Karena Lam or mother, each is my own. "(Extended reading:Yahoo Executive Long maternity leave controversy: No model, we create a for ourselves )

Learning in a solid life: loneliness is a virtue

An actor knows life is very important, if there is no daily necessities, washing and cooking, how to know how to experience life. I wonder what it's like to go into a family Karena lam? Is she worried about the imbalance between home and work? Linda said: "My every role is dedicated." 」

"You want to be a good listener, no matter who talks to you, you have to listen, even if the child is five years old, I listen carefully." The job is also, whether the interview or the filming Gap chat, I was absolutely attentive to the moment. 」

Linda that the balance of work is most important to return to their own, in the difficult to calm down when the environment, how to maintain loneliness and thoughts: "Not afraid of quiet, I am now less alone." But I enjoy the time alone, loneliness is good, and loneliness is not the same. Loneliness is a virtue. "(Recommended you look: sing the sum of the lonely!" Interview Wu Bungfang: "After loneliness, is to grow up")

Satisfaction as a woman: I took the time to slip the phone to my lover

As a woman, keep her own solitude; as a mother and wife, also not hesitate to share their time, Linda talk about their relationship with the family: "I have known for a long time, or have a lot of topics, a lot of things want to share, say no end!" The values of upbringing are also very consistent, along the way we build together to learn. 」

Linda said true love is not inevitable, it takes a lot of effort to maintain a relationship: "Now the environment everyone is very busy, there is no link between the mobile phone, has taken away the relationship between people, intimacy, I deliberately in my life refused technology, I will not have their own face book, back home I put the phone with silent. Our family does not turn on the TV, are chatting. I took the time to slip the phone to my lover. 」

About entering the family this matter, Jia Hin contentment of the envy, but also full for her blessing, because she is so beyond serious, cautious look at the relationship.

"I am satisfied with being a woman." Having a family is really great, and it's a blessing as a woman. --Karena Lam

20-year-olds try to lose, more easygoing after 30

Through a few watershed in the life, is already a woman's woman, she still retains contentment and innocence. This kind of Linda is especially suitable for women 20 years old and 30 after the blessing of women.

She wrote to each of the 20-Year-old confused: "Try to do what you want to do yourself, love or travel, or do some people think impossible to complete things, at the age of 20 to do it!" Crazy once, unrestrained, don't be afraid of what others think of you. You can afford to lose at the age of 20. "(same field Gayon: a few metres of painting teaches us the growth lesson: the scab wound, hereafter is your strongest place )

After a decade of growth, Linda said: "The sense of humor is important, the older the more important, you have received a lot of unfair things, the more you need a sense of humour, giggle, cry and laugh, not so much, a lot of things you have to wear the whole life to eat how many are set down, the other is easy-going. 」

And Linda Chat To this words, I some do not leave, always feel that she has a lot of treasure can simmer, worth 焠 lian. That we are not familiar with the Karena Lam section, cheerful, like to care for people, Lilisoso.

I can not forget the film heart-sensitive vision of the gloomy universe, but also not forgetting sitting in front of me Karena lam eyes in the bright spring.

The last word, Karena Lam to all the readers of the woman's obsession, but also she encouraged herself wherever she lived: "Don t stop dreaming! "May we always have dreams."

"Don't forget to dream, sometimes many people around you love you, will stop your dreams, because they fear you hurt." But the road is your own walk, only your heart knows the direction, you have your own way do not stop forward. 」