Do you know how to face death and loss ? the film "Hundred Days Farewell" is lightweight to fill the Chinese world for the unknown and fear of death, let the death of Shen Pain is discussed topic, open the momentum to go down. "Hundred-day Farewell" in the Golden Horse 52 won three nominations, May days of the stone for the first day of the hero, to listen to his honest talk about loss, happiness said family, sincere analysis of music and their own.

A quick walk into the café where the stone has not finished the last Media video interview. With a shallow smile and curved eyes, he explained the role of the actor in the "Hundred-day Farewell", saying, "as a person needs to practice farewell, but this class is difficult to learn ..." sincere. At the end of the shoot, he came up to me and apologized and said, "I'm sorry to have a meal, 10 minutes. "Then the nest down, a day down the dense circular, he finally had dinner with himself for a short period of time.

Some part of my heart was moved, and we wanted to know about the stone, not just because he was the May day we knew.

The music of the May days is crumbling, a psalm of youthful fury and uneasiness; sadness and anger in "Hundred Days Farewell" Sometimes, gentleness is the last thing to learn; in real life, the stone is calm, the earnest listens to you to speak, the thoughtful word spits out, uses the extremely cautious mood to see the visit.

"The road of life is very rugged, but as long as the attention can smell the fragrance." "Hundred Days Farewell" To me, is that fragrance. 」

The stone slowly said, "The stone in my eyes is more like a philosopher." Music, pen and paper, drama is his carrier, carrying his love for life and the details of life.

In the face of parting this lesson: learn to live hard

"Hundred Days Farewell" is a rare film dealing with life and death in Taiwan, about the separation and loss of this class, we are afraid of always learn enough, we feel in front of the death of how small, Xiangyuan from think not to think will not encounter. The movie is a good one. "After you've gone, my journey is about to begin." "A person's road, how to go, we are the same as the director Lin Shuyu, met before we know." (Recommended reading: Lin Shuyu: The purpose of my trip is to say goodbye to you )

The Stone of Wei in the film of the loss of love wife, I asked the stone how to face the "lost" and "death", Stone talking about their own death experience. "I remember one time riding a bicycle up the hill, when the tiger Head bee bites, I fell out of the car." About 5-10 minutes, I don't have any memory. Do not remember the home phone, can not think of their own where, or even remember the name of the wife, then there are a lot of blank, I found the death from how close I was. "The Stone paused," the death was only an instant, after which I wrote the Book of the Doomsday Memo. The first thing the Stone wrote down in the Doomsday memo was to live hard.

The Stone said, "I have been facing death from a very early time, whether it be fantasy or real contact." "Death is not the opposite of survival, death is not far away, but with the waiter on the side, reminding him of the importance of living hard."

"I was talking about 40 deaths in the speech at the Righteous University, probably the most fatal speech in the world except the doctor," he said. The stone smiled and said, "To me, death is so close, so it is more to live hard." 」

In the doomsday memo, those seemingly easy things to do, a family photo, take the family to the zoo, bake a pot of bread, swimming in Sun Moon Lake, talk about a whole afternoon guitar ... The path of a stone's hard life, death is too close, but it allows us to cherish the weight of lives, not to be afraid of the challenges. (Recommended reading: The living are also experiencing a kind of death!) Listen to Lin Shuyu X-stone talk about "Hundred Days Farewell")

Because the pain begins fate: The trust relationship between Stone and Lin Shuyu

"Hundred Days Farewell" is the book Yu director widowed, with more than 1000 days to practice farewell to 焠 Lian story, face death, found life because experienced death, Frank fear and more strong. Book Yu Director to find a stone in a similar situation of Wei a corner, stone pleasantly surprised.

"There is some kind of trust between me and director Lin Shuyu. "The stone between the lines of Lin Shuyu is full of appreciation," I know why he wrote this script, I was in fact disturbed. On the one hand I like to challenge not to regret, so I will accept, but on the other hand I am grateful that he gave me a script so important to his life, a person without too much drama experience, I think it is a great affirmation. 」

The director of the book Lost in exchange for the "hundred-Day Farewell" script, at that time the stone "Doomsday Memo" just published, to death and lose a delicate feeling of the two people, after the stars again, like a certain fate, the pain of life has become a tight system of emotion, two people walk all the time must face death.

"The first chat, we did not talk about the plot, no chat role, we instead talked about a lot of life and family relationship." I said that I am very important to love, as long as the imagination of the day all the feelings will disappear, I am particularly sad. "Later, the director told the Stone, after that chat, he decided to look for him to play the role, he saw in stone, Wei's obsession with love."

"Later I listened to the director to share his personal experience and feelings, and the process was actually very painful." He had to let go of his past to protect him, and once more he clawed himself naked, and told me. And I can not be the general listener, than hug, comfort, cry together, I could do is to listen quietly, quietly feel, I have to completely accept his pain, let them into my part. 」

Two equally sad people added to the relationship between the director and the actor, so the director's pain buried in the blood of the stone, when he faced the camera crying with another person's nameless weight, pain and tenacity to form a stone and Lin Shuyu director of the trust relationship between. The Valley of Death opens a flower called the relationship, it carries you and the pain, to the farther place. (same field Gayon: Learn to separate a person journey!) Test your courage and attitude to loss

Unknown death How do you know the life? Stone: "When you know life is short, you don't want to be lazy."

As expected from the hundred-day farewell, we naturally chatted about death during the visit. My confession is always afraid of death, stone gentle smile: "Afraid of no relationship ah, I am also afraid ah." It is feared that some people are not afraid to die, to see death too light. If you are afraid of death, then I know you must cherish life. 」

The stone talks about the Confucian thought total taboo talks about ghosts and spirits death, the season road asks the Thing ghosts. Son Yue: "Do not matter person, how do the ghost?" "Dare to die?" "Yue:" Unknown life, how do you know death? "In the imagination of death and loss, we are always in front of a large gap and taboo."

"But because I've faced death, I know better than to discuss it seriously," he said. When you know life is so short, you don't want to waste every day; When you know life can be wonderful, you don't want to be lazy. Confucius said that the unknown to know how to die, the logic of the stone but the road, the unknown death How to know the life, if you have never felt the grief of death, how can you know how valuable alive?

Because honesty faces death, Stone has a deeper insight into happiness and life. "I want to choose happiness, not just material happiness, happiness is not bought a house today, or the stock has risen, but the process of enjoying life." I feel very happy when I really communicate with a person's heart. "For stone, Happiness has more time, it is the process of linking with people and challenging themselves."

Stone share he went to the Mr Children concert when Cherry wells and longevity told the story on the stage to me. A woman prayed to the Buddha to bring the dead child back to the resurrection. Buddha asked the woman to find a home in the village no one died, take an object, Buddha once cast, can let the child from the dead. The woman was glad to find it, but she could not find it, so she knew that the pain of death was never borne by her alone.

"Buddha did not tell you, do not sad not sad must be positive, but let you understand that everyone in their own way to face death." I think "Hundred Days Farewell" is like such a story, he did not want to tell you a sermon, but to give you a company, very warm strength. 」

Flowers bloom and end sometimes, death needs to be honest to see, the feeling of pain needs to be discussed, I think, stone in a very gentle way to comfort the fear of death, the film said the story of pain, behind is full of goodwill. (Recommended thinking:before I Die: What I want to do before I Die )

Talk about family, marriage, love: Learn to be selfless in the face of Love

"For me, the family is the center of our lives now. If my family told me that I didn't want to go on a tour in May and didn't want me to go on making a movie, I would say "no problem." 』」

When it comes to family, the stones are selfless and soft, and their eyes are full of earnest, "but I know they won't, because they know what I like and pursue." When I give all the love, they also give their love. 」

The words of the stone sweet, we imagine that there is a kind of happiness, is a selfless exchange, you put yourself as a "unit" narrowed, no longer angry or passionate only to say that they do not take their own trajectory as the entire universe, when you learn to pay, but get the freedom to want. Security and freedom are twins. "You all see each other happy appearance, also follow happy, reluctant to each other unhappy." 」

Speaking of marriage, many people often with a wry smile, or talk about marriage like a siege metaphor, stone but describe the wife is the only bosom friend, all words can tell her. "The happiest, saddest, darkest, saddest memories of my heart, I want to share with him." Life can find such intimate person, really good luck. If she is still willing to accompany me for the rest of my life, it is incredibly lucky. 」

Stone empty Confession, the love of family is not a bit of a pinch, if there is a person in life you can share life with him, there is no reservation, do not need to hide, you feel that your brightest and darkest side is also loved, can make you become more courageous love. (Recommended reading: A letter to future boyfriends: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

She won't stop me from being so music, or torturing myself in the drama, she can see my happiness in the process. 」

Selfless love, so do not feel the so-called sacrifice. I think that the reason stone is so full of energy to love and so dear to emotion is because he has found the world, no longer need to be lonely.

"Use the body to perform, good and bad I do not Dodge" as an actor Magic moment

May days playing music for more than 15 years, notes write down the era of common memory; Acting is fresh new arrivals, "hundred-Day Farewell" is the first time stone hero, music and acting on him, one is the export of one is the entrance, to achieve an unexpected balance. (Recommended to you: May days: Embrace, to the more beautiful future )

"To make music, I know how to express my soul with sound or musical instruments, and when an actor, I do what another soul wants to convey." I have no musical instrument, I am a musical instrument, with my body and my soul. 」

As an actor, your body is your performance field, you are very direct and naked in the face of the audience, all today's criticism and praise, because you are the person, you can not escape, no excuses, can not dodge. "Instrument as a tool, you can criticize my technical is not good, you can criticize my voice, I can continue to practice, that is after all, is honed skill." But as an actor, I am all the tools I can rely on. "Stone wry smile, but also not afraid."

Stone further describes the process of acting, "the performance of the process, like the doctor in the surgery room, with a scalpel to contact the patient's body, but the scalpel is yourself, is your body, your performance." I want to truly touch the ailments that are hard to heal, put all the dangers on myself and infect myself. "The stone stopped," So, if I suddenly let the audience have a little play, my treatment failed. "The stone is stern and humble to himself as an actor, and when he mentions acting, his eyes look like a new continent.

"In the Hundred-day farewell," there was a play I left with Linda from the temple, two of people walking on the road, the sun sprinkled down, that moment I am happy, pure happiness. I do not want to line, did not take a position, the camera and director in the side, like flowers and trees, everything is so natural, that Magic moment I feel the air is right. "(same field Gayon: Golden Horse actress Chen Lichi dialogue record: The life of the export, with pain to exchange )

The role of the actor let the stone enlarge the feeling category of the facial features, try to live another life, have a richer view of the environment and daily, and expand the dimension of music creation. Stone said to expect their own improper experts, but to do a Shang, continuous development of different ways to communicate with the world and people, that is his path of happiness.

May Day is Marriage! Stone: "I wish I were a teenager sitting in the city." 」

Stone finally said May days, describing the relationship with the May days, such as marriage, like the May days of people, are a part of the family. "And as parents, we know how to listen to our children's demands." The stone smiled and announced that he was trying to record a new album, not to disappoint the fans.

The stone lowered its head and wrote down the words for the woman who was fascinated by the reader

At last I asked the stone to describe myself, and he thought for a moment and said that he wished he were a young man sitting in the city. "I want to be in the city and make a lot of noise, but I have to be quiet to hear more." Time past, I hope that I am still a teenager, remember the youthful enthusiasm for things fresh. "The surroundings are noisy, but in your heart you have to have a net, so that you can always remember to live with others, rather than walk alone ."

Such a visit, we grope for the pleasures of life from the clues of death, from the loss of pain to feed the flower called the relationship, I feel like a stone in the philosophy of life, understand the relationship between death and living, the power of pain and love is twins, loss is heavy, because you have loved and loved people, it is also valuable.