About writing on the collar, usually we think of a gentleman's polite bow, a satin skinny tie, or a tie clip with jewelry, but do you want to go straight to the "collar"?From France's avoir l' air bijoux design brand comes up with a new approach that adds a sense of fashion to the small detail of the simple clothes!

V Collar COLLAR TIPS “ V ”

The V-collar adds another possibility, and adds another possibility. As long as it is easy to wear, it can become a focus of attention, and it is like a jewellery accessory, exquisite elegant and trendy fashion.

The use method is very simple, the collar uses a spiral type bolt, so long as the pin is turned to the bottom, it can be fixed on the shirt simply and firmly, and the collar is controlled in perfect weight, and the cloth will not be placed without burden on the belt, so long as your shirt collar is a pointed collar!(The round collar may be a bit strange ...)

In addition to the classic, the avoir l' air bijoux simultaneously launches the fromage starter V to the V-neck starter, and likes to make people wear more and more different points of change. This is a unique, interesting design!

In fact, the avoir l' air bijoux brand was co-founded by a Korean hotel designer and a Taiwanese boarding method designer in 2008.

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