Everyone has a stereotyped image of "mommy", who always thinks that after marriage is a different matter from the woman before the marriage.In fact, mummy is not just going in and out of the kitchen and the vegetable market.Mummy's life can be very elegant and can be a fashion attitude and a grace.

Want to surprise mommy by not waiting for one year's Mother's Day, and buy a graceful fashion and a practical gift for Mommy, starting from Christmas of this year!

Hsing-sum tea NT$ 900

Through the elements of the boutique bag and the traditional blend of tea and teapots, it is hoped that tea will be combined with fashion, so that the mommy can enjoy a fashionable atmosphere and enjoy a grace period after taking a cup of tea after the hard work.

WOODS fruit NT$ 2, 280

The tree nurtures fruits and blooms, and the fruits of the trees are blossoming, and the trees grow and grow. This is the great thing that is the mother.And with this fruit basket, tell the mommy: " We're all here."

SUNFLOWER thermal pad (co-hex) NT$ 680

The flowers blossom in a rich garden, and we are in a wonderful place, and the beauty of nature is overflowing with the flavor!In particular, the mommy who just finished dinner out of the kitchen also needed a moisturizing flavor.

ring NT$ 430 ~ NT$950

In the West in the 19th century, the mother would present this hook to her daughter to eat, and to make sure that her posture is elegant.In the 21st century, the girls were coming back!

Warm-warm wheat silk scarf NT$ 2820


Mummy's woman's taste cannot be limited to kitchen and housework management. The dress in everyday life is just like the spice of the meal, and the most suitable flavor is blended with the most special mommy flavour meal!

Camille Classic Version Recovery Coats-Powers NT$ 3280

Women's wardrobe is always missing one piece of clothing, and the mommy's wardrobe certainly is.The comet's pink coat adds a sweet breath to her, bringing her back to the young girl's time and beauty.

SHOPPING LIST shopping list green package NT$ 380

A couple of things are close, but sometimes there are some unexpected incidents. Sometimes the size of a lingerie can be bought into a toilet paper. The SHOPPING LIST shopping list is just like a note paper.

BALANCE salt peppers NT$ 650

Mummy is the weary of life, just like a pepper pot that's lined up in a transparent cabinet.You, with your mommy and mummy on the river to take a walk, talk about your heart, and bring her up like a pebble salt peppers from the river!

Trigonometric pocket (Japanese) NT$ 780

Sometimes you see that mommy lost a change in cash when he checked out at the supermarket and had to bend over to pick up the pain.This change of pocket can be opened to use, so that the mommy can no longer get rid of the change in order to get rid of the change, while Japan's natural dyed leather will also have a unique hand feeling after it is used.

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