As the saying goes, " At home, we rely on our parents and friends.But it's hard for friends to feel embarrassed, so we usually send a gift, and friends who receive gifts sometimes want to get back quickly and worry about growing interest rates, so now the young people will choose to exchange gifts.

Of course, what does an exchange of ordinary things do?Like everyone else, we didn't want to send a blue pen for a red pen, so we picked up a series of gifts for our two-to-use "Exchange Gifts" . If you wanted to pick it up faster, we would provide the following 9 + 1 strange gifts for your reference:

Happy Dragon NT$ 450 + Pay Meat Meat Two NT$ 160

The Little Dragons of the New Era and the Little Dragons of the New Era are full of pig males, and when they have to fill in the small pig with the little dragons, they can increase the number of meat slices and achieve even greater wealth!If you send a friend a piece of it, it's not that you want him to be a friend of wine, but to make him save money well!

reclaiming magnet Remark NT$ 350

Is your friend a person who does not like to be a resource recovery?Send him this magnet, constantly remind him of the importance of resource recycling!

Bon 2.3 Lego Building Earphone NT$ 1099

of four colors

It's a good time to send a skeletal headphone to your Rker friend!What's more, the Skeleton earpiece has a light-clearing metal tone and a full-and medium-to-low sound, and the whole metal is made of both punk fashion and heavy metal rock, so that he knows that you will always support Rock ‘ n Roll!

Kid.NoteChildhood notebook NT $250

If you and your friends are in the same window of the Green Mime Bamboo Horse or the primary school, this notebook must be a strange one.Send him a memory of the good times you have spent together.

gun comb NT$ 350

Sometimes you see a friend's bird's nest, and it's so good and funny, even though you don't want to blow your head off, your friend should be able to understand your mind when you get this gift.

Urinary Child Cup V.S. Poo-poo cup NT$ 600

I believe that when I was a kid, I had the experience of a prank, whether it was a prank or a prank.This poo-poo is yours. It looks like a prank of your friend. In fact, it's just a matter of trying to make a joke ~

Coffee Notebook NT$ 560

At home with breakfast, offices, meeting rooms, meeting rooms, coffee shops, and coffee shops, there will always be some strange, sky, sour and bitter pictures and matters. If you have a paper that lets you record or think, then you can let happiness continue and be implemented!

FORTUNE TELLER Divination Cup NT$ 300

Sitting in a bar with a friend to see a good-looking guy next door, would you like to have a phone call?When reading in the room in the afternoon, do you want to know if the test tomorrow will be PASS?Come on, let's go!

BRICK tile tile NT$ 150

Rome is not built on a day, it comes from an accumulation of seemingly trivial things, with a blueprint, which you, I am not a bricklayer, but an enduring architect.

It turns out that our friendship has been built for so long!

Sibling: Knife magnet NT$ 250

Friends always pick up on your soul hunting?Do you always imagine yourself as a "chivalry" in real life?Use the flying knife magnet to voice the battle post under the voice of your voice!

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