How much effort are you willing to pay for the life you want ? Are you afraid of pain and fear of suffering? The sixth year in New York, an interview with the actress and author of New York, is that she gritted her teeth and endured tougher than anyone else. Listening to her talk about living in New York as an actress, the success of trying to win is more weight. (Recommended reading: Stop it!) Dream meet is to earn! In this life I only do Huang Junrong )

"Seriously, every day I'm in New York, I've been thinking about giving up." 」

Sitting in front of me to drink a sip of water, said the bitter eye but there is laughter. After two years in Taiwan Theatre, she decided to go abroad to study at Columbia University. This year has been her sixth years in New York, the American Tony Award-winning playwright has praised her acting, she was invited to participate in the Japanese dance film workshop of Taiwan's first person, Chinese writer Zhao Binghao said: "I will only micro-Yi for the heroine to write my script." 」

At least 150,000 actors in the New York City competition, life, external pressure, the subject of abandonment every day, "but give up no use, I was gambling, the actor is my best good thing, in addition, I do not." 」

Micro-Yi, is my mind the closest to the color of the red person. Side of the face, wide forehead, God and stubborn eyebrow, do not share the laughter, her story and the manner of speaking are strong, people close to her, will fall in love with her turbulent freedom of the soul.

Actors are jobless: find freedom in restrictions, find norms in freedom

In the sixth year of New York, when he was 09, he went to Columbia University to perform art, family no one strong, no one in English, no one solid background, she has nothing else, only more early than people, spend more time to practice English back lines want to go to lose the resume, than others redouble their efforts, but also worried that next month will not pay the rent, No more odd jobs are needed.

When I met her, she already had her own IMDB, who had just finished her day-dance movie workshop and waited for her latest solo in Lady Gaga. At that time I was naturally envious of her luck, and later learned that there are all the things that she used to hard to change. (Recommended to you:"Hold your thoughts forward!") "The first Taiwanese actress to break into the day-dancing movie workshop"

New York So noisy, I imagine a person, head down through the crowd, the hands of the picture of meditation lines. She had no time to stop and had to run along with the time. I asked her what it was like to be an actress in New York.

The answer to the micro-Yi is straightforward, "as an actor, I find freedom in restrictions and find norms in freedom." "She stopped," I said, because the Asian actors in the New York environment, the opportunity that I can do is really that. No one knows how to help you or how many plays are waiting for you. The direction is limited, the reality is brutal, but how to walk on these roads, it is my freedom. 」

Do you think being an actress is always acting and trying to be an actor? The fact is, most of the time, before you get a chance to play, you keep on auditioning and failing, and the audition rate is only 2%, and most of the time, you try to survive.

"Being an actress, I'm just a bum." I can lie in bed and finish two seasons of American albums, finish the ice cream, and finish the day. But there is no standard of life, will not bring me success. There are norms in freedom, I can still be very loose, but I know my way forward. 」

Like listening to micro-Yi talk, facing the survival status quo, she is never completely optimistic, she is suffering all tasted, scarred, reign and then born, 焠 refining more and more powerful himself. You have a lot of reasons to pursue dreams, but in the face of reality, you have to survive.

"The plan for you to bring strength, I told myself, eight o'clock up after I want to exercise, I have to cast at least more than 10 resumes, this month I will learn two new monologue, I want to get four audition, I want to live." Short-term goals make my long-term goals better, and I'm ready to be "ready" at all times. (same field Gayon: Seven photos See the other side of the New Yorker )

I never thought I'd be "comfortable" when I was an actress.

"In Taiwan, I decided to go abroad because I felt that I was not enough, because the foundation is not humble enough, I began to blame, I knew I should leave." Coming to New York, every day is in a state of discomfort. I know my English is not good enough to know that their training is not solid, but when the actor, I do not think I want to live "comfortable." 」

Uncomfortable 1th, is the language.

"As an actor, without mastering the essence of language, I don't think I stepped on the floor." "The huge language barrier before the micro-yi, there is no way to express themselves, how to perform?" Now the micro-Yi heard no accent in English, is several times the director asked her to "Speed 10 times times faster", "pronunciation with accent" practice.

The first year to the Big Brother, Micro-Yi worried about the mistake of the nervous, the second year micro-Yi relaxed, make mistakes as the normal life, "uncomfortable" day-to-day state instead let her on the stage. "If you're not feeling well for a long time, you'll find a way to be uncomfortable." Like a root sickness, long you will know how to appease it. This is where I have an advantage over American students, "(Recommended reading: Uncomfortable , is the beginning of growth )

Micro-Yi said before in Taiwan, to do a wrong thing, remorse for a long time, feel that they have no future, carefully afraid of wrong. Come to New York, life is everywhere is limited, every day with uncomfortable emotional dialogue, every day to admit that they do not know not to understand, with their own dialogue repeatedly thinking, but let her live more freedom.

"When the actors are on stage, they are not comfortable. Even if you want to be relaxed, you have to play a relaxing performance. "The uncomfortable state of the Yi Yi, let many people read her play, deeply feel her in the stage and the scene before the vivid."

Uncomfortable and melancholy is really a frequent thing, sharp cut off all the sweet imagination of life, Micro-Yi not Dodge, "every two months I will have a state of extreme melancholy, but I will be very serious to feel emotions, I do not evade, I seriously with their dialogue." "As an actor, when reading text, think of this piece you want to take your own emotions to fill, your understanding of yourself is an actor's fundamental, but also the ultimate goal." (Recommended to you: Zhang Yujia Director: The Blues into strength, to the world a better experience )

So you on the stage, see that is a person, try to live, full of living posture concentrated in the performance, the emotional stage is all her personal experience of flesh and blood.

Everyday in New York! It's a long time to find a play.

After class, the students ' life is divided into two kinds, one is busy watching play and socializing, one is busy earning a living, both are very busy. Micro-Yi is the latter, take the artist visa, even in the restaurant work can not. "I've done almost anything since I started being an actress," he said. Take the child, have done cater, put on the roadside stalls, when the bar little sister, help your wife walk the dog after the cat, I do not think there is anything, I just have to survive. 」

Especially hard is most of the time, you are out of the play, you find the day of the show more than the day of acting. After three days in 100 days, the other 97 days were Jianfengchazhen, "not that I didn't want to practise, but I couldn't." I spend all my time on practice and I have no time to make money for myself. 」

"When you think about the next month's rent, you just can't help but worry about whether it's going to be a bad play." "Most of the time, the subway is a little dress up scene, makeup, clothes, change shoes, from the last second babysitter conversion mood into the next second audition career woman, New York hustle is micro-Yi as an actor's daily, time is always forward, you have no way back, fell a pat you will rear.

Micro-Yi to share their love night and night to do actor research, analysis of text, thinking of actor personality, explosive stuffed with information, but not urgent, to stay on the point of elasticity, the script aside, one or two weeks later, found the role has become a part of their own. "As an actress, I enlarged and amplified the existing qualities, and when I was a lesbian, I thought I wanted to protect people, and when I was considered a different person, I wasn't" brought into "the role, but the character was on me. 」

I often wonder why the play is so moving. Why have so many years of acting this knowledge will not be discrete? Why we are silly to watch the play may cry perhaps laugh silly? Probably because of the people who watch the play and acting, they put their feelings into it. Drama is the common language of people, we are helpless but also delighted to witness the birth of a scene paraded, touch the most delicate and fragile core. (Recommended reading: Theater Female Force Yau Kunjun: Actor This thing, I don't do will die )

You didn't make the most of it.

New York is such a place that no one waits for you. No one warm shout wait for you to stand up again, no one patiently waiting for you to adjust the mood, you are taking good care of yourself, you do not have time to get through with yourself.

Photo Credit:daniel Lozano

"I look at my former self and feel that I have nothing to do with pressure." From small to large, I was protected too good, others poke me good pain. "Micro-yi think of going abroad before, had prepared for three days to audition did not go on, crying out of mind, can't help laughing" the world but a group of people, practice boxing for a long time, they have been down to stand up. "Micro-Yi said, words have compatible, what is the reason, let us choose to avoid failure, review their own before the world to hate?" (same field Gayon: you're going to go through McKinsey for a week, and in the United States they have 10,000-hour cumulative strength )

Slightly Yi Yi Eyebrow, "I most can't understand, many people want to succeed and want relaxed mentality." You have not tried, what is your success? "The straight line of thinking, we are misled into a good school, you can find a good job, good students must be successful." But that's not how the world works.

Audition hit the wall, micro-Yi and himself said "This world no one owes me, no one must give me the role of the play." The only thing I should do is to get the characters ready and prove to you, "You don't let me play, but I'm really good, but I know no one owes me." "The tone of the micro-Yi, was knocked down, you clap your butt stand up, no one should cherish your tears."

When I share my thoughts with Columbia University, I will perform Eugene Ionesco's absurd "chair" at the end of the semester and play a pair of old people with his partner. At that time, his partner has begun to row out of the play, before rehearsals always make time for rehearsal, the Block said to him: "I do not row, outside the play for me is too important." "Micro-Yi can not help but back:" This is my education, I also paid the tuition. "The rehearsal said to him:" To Platoon, your own platoon, is you need to, I do not need. 」

"I cried later, because I knew he had said nothing wrong." I just need to spend more time rehearsing than others to remember those difficult English lines, he reminded me, I dragged him, I told myself, I don't want to be such a person. "Finally, the micro-yi people walk on the lines, a person repeated rehearsal, strong setbacks, pregnant with a condensed stage power, as a person's struggle, pain, trauma on the stage was magnified, foil Eugene Ionesco drama of the barren despair.

"I'm pulling myself out, only the characters and the story, until now, I still think it's my best play." "In that moment, Micro-Yi became the best actor and achieved his Ultimate version."

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