Is there a friend or lover with the "Fashion People" who always let you exercise your mind when you're giving gifts?Don't worry. W is a small part of the design of nine fashion designs. The different styles of design also have the opportunity to make people agree with the fashion sense, limit, and unique design that makes it bigger and lower than the present.

This year, Christmas is a fashion designed to hold him and her heart!

COLLAR TIPS V collars (of two colors) NT$ 990

The exquisitely crafted and stylish V-collar clip adds another possibility to the fun-fashionable fashion, making it easy to wear. It becomes a focus of attention. After wearing it, it's like a jewellery accessory, elegant and elegant, leading fashion trends!

Rotation Tropin NT$ 1, 700

Don't tell me that you don't know how fashionable attire and accessories, except for the essential serpentine, leopard, zebra, and crocodile lines, are the main trends in recent years. The reason why these few people wear these are so few people wearing them because: " The fashionable animal shape ornaments are really too little!

K gold ring you don't NT$ 1, 088

The subtle, seemingly unseemly appearance of a ring made by artisanal artisanal in the past is a strange combination of nostaly and contemporary, which brings you to the world that you don't know about.

SOMEBODY? celebrity laptops NT$ 350

Fashion is not only stylish, fashionable and stylish, but also stylish, even if it is a note, and a celebrity style!What's more, this is a super-utility notebook that this Council tells you that many famous and foreign famous people today have come up with a philosophicy line. People will be even more amazed by the words of a philosophers.


Handmade jewellery of French descent is best suited for both elegant and stable fashion men and women.It looks like it's made of one by one eye, and it can penetrate the sight of the eye, more like a refined sculpture.

Piece Series Rope cow NT$ 7, 800

The new color of the exquisite fashion, the new product of history, is made from a tanning cow pie.

Multilayer pearlace NT$ 5, 250

All elements come from a British antique necklace, with a string of exquisite pearls and a personality, and a unique, globally unique manual necklace.

iPhone 4/4S Fashion shinning NT$ 4, 980 ~ $6, 880

From the French design brand: Lucien, adoption The SWAROVSKI (Shih Wah Seck) perfection is built on the exquisite craftsmanship of jewelry, and unlike the typical "drill" cell phone shell, Lucien has a certain degree of firmness and quality in the shell. It is the first time that the SWAROVSKI water drill is guaranteed, and the fashion light will never go away!

Prestige English Antique Flag Dress NT$ 23,500

Always worry about going to a party when it's a party?The design of this dress in the world will be a focus of attention, not only in the eyes of the world, but also in the collection of clothing made by the British national flag in the 1960's.

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