Do you remember always looking forward to co-arranging a Christmas tree with your family and fellow students every December when you were a kid?At that time, we were attracted by the green and green of Christmas, and now we miss the joy of interacting with my dear people. This year, we pick a series of designs that bring joy and warmth to people.

Don't take part in a Christmas-specific party, you and your friends and friends can have a Christmas Eve warm heart.

Christmas qualifications!Kluer insulated follower cup

Drinking hot drinks in the winter always has a problem that the drinks are too fast. No problem!This is a Hong Kong style moose jacket designed in Hong Kong. It uses durable cloth, white hair, and heat preservation tinfoil in the inside. It guarantees that your glasses will warm up for every winter in the next cup.

Christmas qualifications!Santa Claus, also known as Santa Claus, is a blink cup out of three)

Just now we introduced the moose cup, and how can Santa Claus be able to be absent from the three essential elements of Christmas.Every year, the show is only once a Christmas old man's father, who uses an actual picture to tell us his gift of gifts!

Christmas limit!High-heel handmade

Is it very Christmas that the red and green high-heeled shoes made by hand crafted by Japan are very good Christmas?Add a natural non-toxic fragrant essential oil. The candles are not only dazzling, but they are adorable and sweet after lighting up!

Christmas limit!Anniversary Cake Manual Candles

White, gold, and red, definitely a pre-requisite for Christmas!A Christmas-limited candle in the room, even without complex Christmas decorations, can make room for a festive atmosphere!

Childhood.balloon lamp

I remember getting the excitement and joy of flying balloons when I was little, but unfortunately, it always gave us only a brief moment of happiness. The next morning I saw the balloon leaking, and there was a kind of loneliness and regret.In order to restore a little beauty in childhood, the balloon lamp can be permanently hung up and waiting for you to light up.

SUNFLOWER thermal pad (of six colors)

the heat-insulating pad on the table too monotonous?The Sun FLOWER flower heat shield allows the dining table to be a garden where we can enjoy the delicious food and pleasure of nature, and the pleasant mood is overflowing with the flavor.

COLLAR TIPS starter V collar

In the event of a greedy youth, the little mouse is a little mouse chasing the pits, always looking forward to the game and surprise gift without being disturbed by worldly matters.In addition to striving for success, when we grow up, we also struggle to maintain a child's heart. While the starter's collar is dressed up as an appearance, it even evokes its own untenable child's heart.

round-round-round land

Paradise is a design theme that combines a coffee cup with a platinum mirror effect and a rotatable coffee disc that allows the enjoyment of the coffee time, and the dynamic view of the coffee cup by hand over the coffee tray.

Merry go round rotation wooden

Happiness is the feeling of the moment, but the memory of happiness will be extended indefinitely, and spinning the Trojan horse is the most gorgeous and classic game in the amusement park.The Trojan Horse seems to be changing in place, but the happy memories that have been gained from it are constantly moving forward.

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