In the workplace let you always stop before a few reasons, time management is not good, inefficient , poor sleep , another point is the "inertia delay." Do you have any procrastination? Ask your psychiatrist today to decipher the key reasons for your procrastination and to tell you the solution that you can practice immediately!

Do you have any procrastination?

Do you often subconsciously put "wait to say/do","now lazy let me take a break", "just do not want to do", "Tomorrow come to think about it" hanging on the tip of the tongue? Even though it is clearer than anyone that "don't put off till tomorrow" what you've done today, you can't help but succumb to procrastination syndrome?

Perhaps you should do is not repeatedly blame yourself and chagrin of the past, but for their own delay to find the main cause, the right remedy, so that the future of their own no longer in situ but more confident courage to move forward. Psychologist Sebastian Bailey The five key reasons why people develop procrastination, and provides a psychological withdrawal recipe for delaying syndrome. Start today, practice and procrastinate! (Recommended reading: tomorrow will not be better, unless it becomes better today )

The five main reasons for procrastination: People subconsciously choose the more comfortable way

Imagine the excuses you want to procrastinate, and from the five common excuses and reasons listed below, you will be able to see the shadow of your past.

1. The difficulty of the Error assessment task: "In fact, this task is very simple, I will do it tomorrow." 」

Admit it, the big reason for procrastination is that people tend to interpret complex tasks too simply until the last minute to find out that the task takes more time than previously thought.

2. To avoid the uncomfortable feeling: "This task is too difficult, not my ability to do." 」

Human beings have inertia, compared to new challenges and the face of the unknown, most of the time people will tend to go to the old road, do a good job, choose ease, the illusion of satisfaction with their own, so that they have become the biggest enemy to complete the task, the matter has not started on the first defeat. (Recommended to you:"uncomfortable, the beginning of formal growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

3. Fear of failure: "I must not do well, or do not do it!" 」

That's a paradox, but the reason most people procrastinate is because of fear of failure. Fear of failure is rooted in your heart and makes you unable to move forward. (Recommended reading: habit Falls, enjoy failure )

4. Emotional instability: "I do not have the mood to do this thing!" 」

When you feel too tired, too hungry, too tired, too stressed, you have an excuse to persuade yourself to procrastinate. To a certain extent you have spared yourself, but it has caused an indefinite lag in progress.

5. There is no practice in the plan: "My plan is not perfect, let me think about it." 」

There is a person who is a planner who likes to plan but can't put it into practice. The inventory plan makes him happy, but the actual review of progress will find that the progress is virtually endless.

Five psychological solutions for procrastination patients

If you want to have a better day than yesterday, instead of making up for yesterday's lag, if you want to be a forward person who is not afraid to challenge or reject the ordeal, try these five kinds of psychological exercises!

1. Strive for five five-minute action plan

"Take the first step in five minutes, 300 seconds, and develop good habits of action." 」

The next time you realize that you are "planning" to procrastinate, force yourself to take the first step in five minutes. Through every five minutes of action you are also implying that your brain and body, in fact, is not difficult to move, you have crossed the hardest start, and then there is nothing to fear. (same field Gayon: get rid of the delaying tactics that make you more and more tired, act now!) )

2. Home Run has planned and rewarding practice progress

"When you're on a mission, don't forget to give yourself a little bonus in the process, in addition to setting goals." 」

Refusing to procrastinate, you should develop a good habit of "setting clear goals" and "regularly reviewing progress", and don't forget to give yourself a little bit of the time to finish your project. Imagine you're running a marathon, you know where you're going (set a clear goal), you know where you are (see progress), and you know you're tired and thirsty you can stop for a cup of water and catch your breath (sweetness).

3. Be good to yourself compare today's self with tomorrow's self

"To oneself is not equal to let go of oneself." To oneself good, that lets tomorrow's oneself is better than today's oneself. 」

Imagine a person, one is tomorrow's self, one is today's self. If you procrastinate today, what do you think tomorrow's self will want to say about today's self? Through the contemplation of the practice, you will know more about today's efforts to make the road ahead more smoothly. (Recommended to you: make yourself a better three wishes: to give up perfection, but to meet the integrity )

4. Negative consequences set an interesting penalty

"There is a sweetness to be done, and there should be punishment for delaying it!" 」

This is an interesting reverse operation! If the sweetness of positive encouragement doesn't allow you to do your job consistently, set some interesting penalties so you have to do what you have to do. For example, if you procrastinate deliberately, you must abstain from a week's drink or pay to yourself, to escape the punishment of the mind, will also make you more motivated to do the work at hand! (Recommended to you: three hours of work start, are you cleaning up the mess or creating the future?) )

5. Accountability admits to be responsible

"Use the task to prove that you are a person who can be responsible for yourself!" 」

Tell yourself that you are the only one who can be responsible for yourself. Openly share your projects, share your progress, and provide the assistance you need. To be a more honest and responsible person by quitting procrastination syndrome. (Recommended reading: success is not an attempt to gain the affirmation of all, but to their own choice to be worthy of the heart)

Finally, dear, you are not the only one suffering from procrastination syndrome. But by understanding your reasons for procrastination and finding solutions, you will find yourself no longer afraid of action, and you will know that you are the only way to make your tomorrow better than yesterday.