At the age of 14, Colo · Grace Moretz had found herself a particularly safe place to live.In Matthew Vaughn's film "Kick-Ass" released last year, Moritz played a minor superhero named "Super Girl", which was named "Super Girl", as she was waving a gun in a C-C-C-and with "fronts" when she was approaching the enemy.In every film, a group of useless guys always have no place to use evil, especially a teenage child with a gun, and she always talks about other people in the forbidden language we just mentioned -- is it a gun or a dirty word that makes her a hero?The words spoken by the 13-year-old ·, Morrie, have given rise to some cultural introspections, and the response to the opposite is simply not to focus on the question of why the Los Angeles Times interrogates a young little girl to participate in such violent films; and The Guardian in the United Kingdom is tolerant, claiming that Moritz and director Matthew Venn triggered a semi-revolution: the heart of the C starts to become popular.But in addition to looking at the whole matter from an outrageous perspective, Moritz will one day make some kind of a thought-out style of acting, if the performance is really thought-out and thought-out.

According to an analysis from Twitter, Moritz owned everything that made the film company coveted: the talent of superage, the ability to express freely and freely between reality and fiction, amazing beauty, mature soul, confidence, and passion.Her most fundamental strength, however, is that she can satisfy any Hollywood producer's role: a girl who can show a mature face and spark a fire with other children and adult actors, and when she is an adult (before or after the screen), the film merchants can make the best use of her (usually in college days).Before leaving their own style, the actresses of Kristen Stewarts, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Kristen Dunst, Kristen Dunst, Winona Ryder, Jennifer Connelly, Diane Lane, etc., have tried to figure out how to transcend childhood stars, or even more generally, in their twentwenry, 30-and 40-year-olds, and more.

Therefore, it is not easy to be a girl star, especially nowadays, many international trophiens have been influenced by the media in the media, and have become more and more serious about the influence of young people or twenty-and-a-many young people.However, adults must be reminded that the truth is that no matter what happens, good or bad, it is only a phased incident.Through this theory, this year's is a symbol of Morriz's rise.Recently, she has also been directing Martin Scorsse to a 3D film, "The Investigation of Hugo Cabret", a good friend of an orphan who played an untold life in the walls of the Paris train station.She will work with Johnny Depp in next year's director Tim Burton's new film, "The dark Shadows", and also bravely try the film director, Herick Martini's new film, Hick, in which she was portrayed as a young girl fleeing alcoholism in Las Vegas, which was played by Blake Li-velly.

Julie Barrymore, an old bird who survived from a child's circle, was a music video director of “ Coast this year, working with Moritz to rewire the line by phone.

Here is Julie Barrymore's visit to Colo · Murray (Chlo ë Grace Moretz):

Drew Barrymore: CHLO Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë Ë!

Colo · Grace Moretz: My God!How is it?

Balimaro: How about that?What are the latest things that have been busy?

Mori: I'm living in Los Angeles now, but the front line is still moving, and it's really hectic.

Balimaro: Is it going to be a new home?

Morrie: Uh-huh.It's a cute little space, just right for my mom to live with me.

Bylie: Are we in the city for some time?

Mori: Yeah, actually I'm going to stay here until the end of the year, because I want to rest.

Balimaro: This is good, so I have to try to ask questions that don't bother us, if I do.

Morrie: (Laughter) Thank God.

Barjima: Are you ready?

Mori: My God. Okay, but I'm scared.

Bárymour: Don't be afraid, you don't need to be afraid of me, I promise I'll surround it with laughter and security.

Mori: That's great.

Bárymour: So let's get started. If we have an opportunity to have a meeting with anyone, who will we choose?

Morrie: Oh, no. It's too hard!In my age range, there is not much to date, so ......

Barrymore: Many women will say that!

Morris: (Laughter) I would probably want to go out with ... maybe Ryan Gosling.

\fnCronos Pro Subhead\fs10\bord0\shad0\1cH00FFFF {\fnCronos Pro Subhead\fs10\bord0\shad0\1cH00FFFF {\fnCronos ProDon't be ridiculous.

Morrie: Yeah, we can just hang around just around.

Bárymour: Smart choice.

Mori: Yeah!

Bárymour: If it is possible to move to anywhere in the world at a moment, where would the world want to go?

Mori: I really like the era of Elizabeth, so I might go to the Elizabeth period in England, in the countryside, or in France, or in Italy in the Renaissance.

Balemo: If we're going to be great in Italy's great ancient Italy?We should try it one day. ... maybe we'll be on the Italian boat with Rehn Gessling, two of us.
Mori: Yes!It's going to happen!

Balimaro: Will you choose freckles or teeth?

Mori: I already have a toothless, and I like it, actually because it's weird and funny!So I should have chosen a toothless.

Barjima: Okay, if you're standing in front of the mirror, and you're going to play an air guitar with a tennis racket, then what's the group doing?

Mori: I don't know. It's like playing an air guitar. It's time to listen to orchestras like this, Aerosmith.

BJMORE: Do you have any specific songs?No, no, no, no.

Mori: What is the music video for the Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler?

Barilimo: is it “ Crazy ”?Oh, my God!...... now I have to move to my thinking in the 1990s.So when we were listening to the Smiths and the big air guitars, there was a picture of Alicia and Liv dancing and driving.

Mori: Exactly.

Barrymore: What can we do if we can do other things that take up life?

Mori: Well, I don't know if I have any other career I would like to do, but it might be fun to fly a helicopter or a plane.

Baltimore: I'm not looking forward to this answer.

Mori: That sounds interesting.

Jummore: So you're going to drive a helicopter with Ryne Gessling?

Mori: Of course!Who doesn't?

Balimaro: So, what kind of woman would let me kneel or bow before you would like to bow down to the table?

Morrie: Er, ...... Judy Barrymore!

Laughter) (Laughter) Good. I'll be that woman.What about the other than me?

Morrie: What other women?

Bárymour: Other women who are fortunate enough to be part of this category, like me, if anyone else on this planet is as expensive as me ......

Mori: Well, it should be Aubrey Hepburn.She's the one I want to achieve.

Bárymour: On the other hand, what kind of men would let them kneel down or bow before they could bow to their respect?

Rehn Gosling

Morrie: Ryan Gosling.

Balimaro: We know, we call it a bribe, a bribe, a bribe, or a promotion.

Morrie: Rehn Gessling.

Bárymour: Five people who have dinner with us, and those who are before or in the world, will be those people?

Mori: Yea!It's going to be like this, Oldryburn, and Marilyn Monroe, just giggling. (Laughter) And it's fun.And then there's Natalie Portman, then ... How many people are there now?Three, four?

Bárymour: Currently four, Jul, Odeli, Marilyn, Natalie.

Morrie: and Grace Kelly.

Balemo: It's really a fantastic combination of women-even though it's me.But I was afraid to be invited, so I was lucky enough to be able to do it directly face to face: it was the first time that it had been wiped out, it looked beautiful, and then it kissed a boy on the roof!

Mori: Don't say it!

Balimaro: So there should be a lot of first time, but what I want to ask is: What are the key words, critical moments, or important recommendations that have been learned from the co-artists?Just start with Tim Burton.

Morrie: Oh, Tim Burton. It's a little bit difficult, because no one actually asked you to sit down and give you advice or something. Do you understand what I mean?But what I've learned from Tim is that he's going to focus on his cast, and if the actor says, " No, I don't think that's right.And then he would think very seriously -- there wasn't a lot of directors who would do it like he did.So cooperation with him is really a very special experience.

Baltimore: I'm glad to hear that he was so sincere about the actors.

Mori: Yeah, it's very sincere.

Bárymour: OK, next to directing the Matthew Venn for the

Agent League.

movie dramas

Morrie: Oh, I love horses.And I really thank him for letting me avoid a lot of crazy things in the OSS, because it's really crazy.Of course, I myself am a rather crazy person, but he did everything he could to avoid me from touching anything beyond my imagination, and I was trying to understand what I mean.If I had a bit too much performance, he would say, "Don't do that, and it's good to have what we need to do in a comfortable way."" I totally admire him for this. He's really at my age.

Barjima: OK, then ... next is the director Martin Scorsese.

Mori: Directing Martin Schicis, the director may never have heard of him.

Jumma: Yes, he is an unknown director, and I think that everyone shouldn't have heard of him, so it would be useful to help everyone to understand him, and to take a step to get along with Martin Schicus.

Morrie: Oh, my God.I mean, we really have too many memories, and I think Mr. Seses has taken me as his daughter, because he also has a daughter, like my age, about 12 years old, so he gives me the impression that he's like a father.

Barrymour: Okay, finally, Mr. Marc Webb, director

Morrie: Oh, Marc!I was probably working with him when I was 11 years old, and I was barely able to understand the relationship between men and women, but my role was entirely to help her brother deal with emotional problems -- that role was not me.

Baltimore: It sounds quite interesting, because there are actually four brothers.So, is Marc Webb helpful in understanding the psychology of boys?

Morrie: Kind of.He started from taking pictures of music videos, so he didn't have to talk to the cutors, so that he could understand that there was a very strong feeling among the characters.

Bylie: What are the most favorite movies?Any new or old.

Mori: My favorite new film is Black Swan [2010].The old film is roughly the Gone With the Wind [1939]) and the Breakfast at Tiffany ’ s [1961].

Bachi: (sighs) It's really romantic.

Mori: I think so, too. Oh, I also love the "Drive"!

Barrymore: What if it had to be tattooing?

Morrie: Oh, my God.That was really ..., okay.(Deep breath) In fact, I had a sister, but I never met her, because she died two days after she was born, and I thought, if she had tattooing, she would stab her in the pattern.In fact, when I grow up, I want a tattoo of her, so I think it's going to be like I said.

Bárymour: Beautiful answers.When will you say, "I have to, and I want to play.""What about?"

Mori: I've always had this passion, and my brother Trevor was studying at the Academy for Performing Arts in New York, and he was often at home to act alone or in a dress rehearsal, so I was exposed to him.When I was a little girl, I was interested in all the novelty things, and I would learn anything that anybody could do, so I also imitated a few dramatic dialogue, and then there was something that was going on.The first time I was standing in front of the camera, I was a big, professional camera, and I thought I was going to do a movie when I was about 6, 7, and I was filming the movie, but I didn't know that I was acting, but I was acting.

Film plays

Balimaro: Okay, time to use magic.The "dream clothes" tailored to the value of the system are now ready to wait. Let's go.

Morrie: Oh no!It's just a dinner dress, which is really incredible, and this brand is probably Valentino or Oscar de la Renta, and this is the kind of clothing that Audrey Hepburn would wear, perfect, beautiful, and, in particular, Givenchy or Chanel.And if it's crazy enough, it could be Vivienne Westwood.

Balimaro: What's the biggest benefit of four brothers?

Morrie: The greatest advantage of having four brothers is that you always have people working for you.(Laughter) I'm kidding.I think the elder brother is the one who will always protect me, and I will always talk to him, just like having four fathers, because they are really taking care of me.

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