What month is December for you?

For us, December is filled with an atmosphere of Celebration and Party , Halloween, Christmas, and the Year of the Party, with a variety of theme groups, a month full of joy and cozy celebrations!In addition to climate change, the weather is rather uncertain and the temperature is not as clear as the four seasons of the past. I believe that people have all along been feeling that the winter soldons have already passed, but are still hesitating that they should be put away in the last two quarters.Today we are going to share with you the three main points of the season and the atmosphere that let you simply pass through fashion and unique sense!

1. Forgot your heavy sweater and your uninteresting jacket!

We can choose a single item with thinner materials, a special pattern scarf, a thin long-sleeved blouse, or a type of necklace, and a necklace with a necklace. Apart from making it convenient for you to wear it multiple times and adapt to a changing climate, you can give ample modeling space!In addition, it's like a little vest with a shape, a special shape, or a scarf with a weaving method, all of which is a very different choice for your December.

A unique necklace can illuminates the overall shape of a necklace, and the flip-necklace is still the trend of the trend of the trend!

Alex and Chloe Transformed King's Necklace

2. December is a very ffortless style of effortresses!

Continuation of the previous point, if you want to do some dressing, hyperbole, with a little bit of personality and high profile legings in December, that is the secret weapon that you absolutely cannot lack.

We're wearing a sexy oversize jacket with an exaggerated necklace under the bracelet (or a simple long term chain with two different lengths), with a bold pair of legges and a pair of shoes that are bold and daring.

What is a sexy oversize coat?It can make you "natural" little shampoo and collarbone, and it doesn't make people feel deliberate.

Lamixx Lift Seven-Slept T-Shirt

Whose pants with unique patterns, unique patterns, and sparse legges are good choices

3. December is a lace lace!

For a number of consecutive quarters, you will never miss out on this important element of lesser-loving you.Every fashion editor remembers the beauty of Gwyneth Paltrow's ultra-integrated black lace dress, worn by the Iron Man London premiere in 2008.Since then, lace has become popular, with lace not only having a little classical tenderness, but also to reveal a sexy and charismatic charm.

But with lace is not a simple matter!

If you want to wear a lace element, remember, the lace, the texture, and the thickness determine how much it should be on the clothes.The more thin the lace you get, the more you can, the thicker the lace, the thicker the lace, the more cumbersome, the less visible, the more uncurved the curve.Race is a beautiful, sexy, but cunning thing, and it will definitely be the focus of your body's eyes, but it doesn't want to let you take away the other parts of you. So don't forget, put on a piece of clothing with a lace element, so instead of using too many ornaments, it will lose the elegance of the lace.

After we read our introduction, are you sure of the three major points that you have taken fashion for the current quarter? Leverage a sense of design and a unique character that suits itself, and want us to share with each other that lets you find yourself in your own way, making you indifferent to your charisma.

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