People in the Western world are curious about Asia.In their impressions, the East and the West are two opposite poles: our God's secrets are conservative, like bridal brides, and we look forward to opening her veil and worrying about the destruction of her purity.

The Orient of the Orient is a lion that is a thousand years of sleep; the first high Himalayas are sacred and inviolable; and the Taj Mahal in India is a testimony of everlasting love. We may have been accustomed to the oriental atmosphere, but we have been afraid of just as soon as we can taste the beauty of our surroundings?

These forty photos taken from all over Asia, though they capture only those between bullets, are the fruits of the millennia culture, and you can have a taste of the fragrant of the fruit.

Malaysia, Penang

Thailand, Bangkok

China, Great Wall

Bangladesh, Bay of Bengal

Hong Kong

Philippines, Polomok

Indonesia, Bali


Vietnam, Nha Trang

Tibet, Lhasa

China, Huashan

India, Udaipur

Laos, cassava farm near Lung Poe State

Indonesia, Bali



Thailand, Sumi Island

Japan, Tokyo

Taiwan, Taipei

Nepal, Kathmandu Valley

South Korea, Seoul

Azerbaijan, Abseron

South Korea, Busan

Cambodia, Kampong Thum

China, Shanghai

India, North Akandal, Himalayas

Vietnam, Binh Thuan

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Cambodia, Phnom Penh

China, Meizhou

Thailand, Shami Island

Mongolia, Dornogovi, Siberia Railway

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Thailand, Ratchaburi

Myanmar, Yangon

Philippines, Eastern Vasayas

Nepal, Macaroo Base Camp

Japan, Kyoto

India, Aggla, Taj Mahal

Sri Lanka, an elephant shelter located between Colombo and Candy

Cambodia, Angkor

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