"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Chiang Hsun once said so. Reading poetry is like a process of digestion of sadness, for life to leave some monologue, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, parting from the reality of the turmoil, the woman fans only read poems for you.

As a child, I felt
The generosity of the sun
is infinite.
Don't think
The number of broken toys
is limited.
Those very short summers.
A lifetime quota to lick kisses
It seems to have been exhausted.
It's all because someone
I've made you think that love
No limit.

--An excerpt from an old dog. Whales to the Sea

A thin needle,
Through the pores to find the birthplace of pain,

Reunion in the mysterious points.
Expulsion and evacuation subdued,
Taste the swelling of the acid and hemp,
The pain finally ceased to be arrogant.

The clock on the wall,
You have a little needle, too.
Ticking Non-stop walk.
What are you looking for, too?

In the Ocean of life,
You go through the complicated years,
Touch all the temperature,
To see the Taste of life,
Why can you still be so precise?

Straight into the heart of people's pain.

--healing pain. Zhang Yuyun

If you ' cause

Shed tears when you miss the Sun,

And you will miss the stars.

--Tagore's "Floating Bird Collection"

Your picture.
It's not printed anymore.
No downloads are available
No charge.

I sit in the office
Sitting in a computer chair
Sit on the toilet
You'll be there.

You can't say a word.
You don't have to close your eyes.
I just see the hair circle.
I miss my neck.

--Shen Jiayua may miss everything

Don't ask me about my past
Those old coral trees.
Under the water.
A city that floats with mud
The ship is docked.
The road has vanished in the bubble
I am back
That's the whole story.

Excerpt--Gucheng, return

Hey, welcome back.