Arctic and Antarctica , is the furthest distance in the world. Because of global warming, a polar bear who wants to drink the world's finest coffee meets a lone penguin who wants to learn to fly. So they became partners in each other's dreams and formally embarked on their Adventures . Every week, we follow their footsteps to know the world. (Classic review:"World Adventure Week" life near see is a tragedy, far from the comedy )

November 2 deep Tanako Happy Birthday

At the age of 14, Horipro, who took part in the "Discover Artists Grand Prix" organised by the brokerage firm, began a deep Tanako of the performing arts.

Until 1998 with Jincheng Wu cooperation of the "God!" Please give me a little more time, play in order to chase stars at any aid, with warm heart melt dream lover, but the heroine died of AIDS. Her acting began to show up and let the audience see her under the beautiful appearance.

After a lot of drama, but also challenges various roles, but has not outstanding performance. In the public opinion criticism acting, stature, but still insists on acting this way. Until 2004 starring in the film "The Next Wife", won the number of actress award, the acting only really get affirmation.

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar bear alpha: God! Please give me more time, so that I can enjoy the world's delicious coffee bar ~
Penguin Rice Pulp: ...

November 3 Brigitte, Happy Birthday

To Qiong Yao's love film, made countless films, TV dramas, lay Brigitte in the Chinese performing arts industry status, has won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress, the No. 38821 asteroid is named after her name.

Whether it is "out of the window" in the Jiang Yanjong, "rolling red dust" in the Shen, "laughing Proud River" inside the east invincible, each is called Classic. But she said she felt that she had left her masterpiece.

We may not remember Luo, Du Xiaodi, Ching Siu, Huang Shemei, but everyone has a "Brigitte" in their hearts.

"Penguin and Polar Bear Theater"
Polar Bear Alpha: You think we'll be gone tomorrow, will everyone remember us?
Penguin rice pulp: hmm ... black and white?

November 4 Matthew McConaughey Happy Birthday

Handsome appearance, let Matthew McConaughey on the big screen always with unruly prodigal image appearance, in recent years he actively try various play, breakthrough ego. Finally in the 2013 "Drug Life Club", with the expressive performance of the interpretation of AIDS patients "exhaustion method, just want to live", won the Oscar Best Actor award Affirmation.

He has received 100,000 U.S. dollars, but also took the 10 million-dollar script works, but for him, although the effect is poor, but it is a part of the drama. In the face of the ups and downs of performing Arts, Matthew McConaughey in fact very frankly: "To be able to get through all things, that is the most wonderful." (psychology behind the Interstellar Effect: Love is the last thing in Space trek )

November 5 Best of Asia, BoA Happy Birthday

1997, the record company hopes to be able to raise a representative Asia's superstar, that million selects is the treasure son. 11-Year-old selected, 13-year-old debut, in order to enter Asia, and constantly hone their English, Japanese skills, as well as in singing and dance practice.

The best way to learn a language is to throw yourself into that kind of language environment. In order to learn Japanese well, she forced herself to live in Japan and meet Japanese announcers to practise daily conversations so that she could become familiar with Japanese and Japanese culture faster.

She is the first in Japan to break the million sales of non-Japanese singers, she is the first to ascend the red and white confrontation of South Koreans, she is thinking of every corner of the world singing singer, she is Bao son BoA.

November 6 Emma Stone Happy Birthday

Blond Emma Stone, but the image of brown hair, red hair more widely known. At the age of 11, he first boarded a youth troupe, at the age of 15, he established a love of drama, honed his acting from the size of the show.

"The Queen of the Broken" won the Golden Globes nomination, opened her Hollywood road. Whether it's "sister", "Bird Man", "Magic Moonlight" or "Spider-Man: Surprise again," Emma's changing style makes us stunning. Her private "Super Dare Show" personality makes the audience love her more! The brilliant performance of the lip-sync, or the exaggerated act of will Butler the Anna MV, made her closer to us. (when "Bird Man" applause again: We are afraid of the stage of the discontent field )

Emma had a lovely bird-foot tattoo on the inside of her wrist, which was 2010 to celebrate her mother's triumph over breast cancer by stabbing the bird's foot pattern, painted by The Beatles ' four member Paul McCartney, as a symbol of her and mother's favorite song, Black Bird.

November 7 Happy Birthday to Mrs. Lilly

Since the opening of the 1901, Mrs. Propriety is the only woman in history who has won two Nobel Prizes. Pioneering the radioactive theory (radioactivity), the discovery of new elements: plutonium and radium, and the opening of the future "radiation therapy" first.

In a world where women's rights are less prevalent than men's, Mary's husband, Pierre, who appreciates her ability, has a courtesy. Pierre gave up Crystal research and invested in Mary's radiological experiments as the strongest backing for her search for resources and for Mary to fight for her entitlement.

The two men spared no effort in scientific research, and did not covet the desire to benefit more people with such technology, but they were also among the representatives of contemporary feminism, in addition to scientific contributions.

November 8, Jianhu, happy Birthday to the woman, Qiu Jin

Born in the late Qing Dynasty everywhere family, as a woman but not the slightest reduction of heroic spirit, is the representative of contemporary female revolutionaries.

After the divorce with the husband to study in Japan, active participation in Japanese student revolutionary activities, join the Yokohama Triad, and have "white fan (strategist)" laudatory name.

For the revolution is willing to "throw the head, sprinkle blood", also shouted at the memorial service "surrender full, traitors qiurong." Oppress the Han Chinese and eat me a knife. "Express the determination of the anti-Qing. After the arrest, only left "Autumn rain sorrow evil person" confession, become carved. (Recommended to you: running a revolution in thought and body )