Travel news and history overlap, with a history of civilization in which coffee is full of incense.Since then, each morning coffee cup can be a different kind of gently.

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Coffee Addiction History > , the March theme for women's fans is beauty.In the selection of a book, this month I would like to talk about the beauty of the matter, and the unintended little detail is actually a matter of knowledge.For instance, the cup of coffee we have in hand is how it was born, how it was demonized, and how it was worshipped today.The book's author, Stewart Lee · Steward Lee Allen, traveled from Ethiopia, via Arabia to Egypt, Iran, Turkey, and Europe, to visit an ancient coffee bean to transport three quarters of the world, and to answer the mystery of the coffee.The history of travel and history overlaps with the history of the history of the civilization of the country.Since then, every morning coffee cup can be used in a different and gentle way.

For you, the world's history in the coffee cup, the origins of coffee and beauty.

After the Ethiopian coffee can cause the illusion that coffee can cause hallucinations, the countries that are close to them are falling in love with these beloved beans.Egyptians who have documented the northern side of Ethiopia were first addicted to coffee.

Some of the radical scholars even consider the drug of — Egyptian mythology — Troy), Princess of Troy, to relieve the pain, which is considered early in the coffee. The main RTS is the Red Sea on the east side, and then transported by sea to the Yemeni port of Al-Makkha, also known as the Moka port.In the first century, there was a large deal of transactions between the Harkans and the Armaca, most of which were hunchbird feathers, rhino horns, and tortoise shells … some important and valuable "; of course, the slaves were one of them.

The Arabs are notorious slave traders who are often called "Zanj" by a large number of victims of slavery.But the Zanj people admire the Arabs, or, rather, the sweetmeat of Arabia.

According to an Arab author in the Middle Ages, the Zanj admired the Arabs and could be said to be worshipped to the others and shout "Welcome you, the people from the Zaozi country!"The Arabs would kidnuse Zanj's children with sweet and delicious dates and induced them to the Arab world with a sweet diet."

A thousand years ago, slaves here took 20 days to travel from Hara to the Red Sea coast.The boy who is selling to Turkey as a slave has been on the road, with nearly half of the slaves dying on their way to the Red Sea, and the coffee trees will grow up on the road they walk through. (Recommended reading: Still fighting for black interests today!Best Original Song of Dreams Avenue )

Now I've only spent three days in the Red Sea.

I hitchhiking a ride in Harrah to the only Dredawa city in Ethiopia where I have railway stations.The train I was going to take was a genius, but it was still worth it.The train has a light blue French carriage in the 20th century, and the first class seat is an old folding chair, and the chair is covered with a dirty piece of cloth.Due to the age of the machine, the original 12-hour journey was extended to two days.I've been in India before, and I don't blame myself for the delay.Usually at this point, I would close my eyes and die (or say, I wish I was really dead).

Finally, at the end of the day, the port of Djibouti (Djibouti).There is an Islamic pilgrimage in the 13th century."It is the dirtiest, most unfriendly, and most stinking city in the world," said Ibn Battuta, who described the city as "the world's dirtiest, unfriendly, and unfriendly city."" The Djiboutian people love camel meat.Djibouti is also a country in the current sense, and in fact, Djibouti is a French military base in which bars and brothels are available.My first stop was a coffee shop, so I had a drink of cold drink.

" Do you speak English?" What I'm asking is a big, big, trellis man who sits next to the table.Yes.I said.He looked at my hat, and he said, " Oh, American!Oh, great!I speak 12 languages.He continued: "I've been to ports around the world, like Cairo, Alexandria, Venus, New York, Athens, Sydney, Hong …," … he kept saying.He was a retired sailor.

" Now I finally return to the port of Djibouti.Do you like it here?" I like it with my eyebrows.

" Why are you here?He asked.

I mean I'm looking for a boat to Armaca.

Amarca?What do you want to go there?He was surprised to see me.

" For coffee!"

" You want to go to Yemen for coffee?He translated my words to other people, and then they were laughing and laughing." Friends, no boat will go to Amaka today."

He explained to me that yesterday the Eritrea invaded Yemen, a small island between the two countries.Now the Red Sea is crawling with two armies, and it is learned that Yemeni aircraft and warships have started bombing suspect ships.

"But you are lucky. A friend of mine has a ship to leave the port of Djibouti today."Some people have been waiting for two weeks, and they are not worried about being bombed. They are all anxious to go to Amaka.If you want to go, it's faster!"

His friend's boat is about 30 feet long and is painted with bright colors, but now it's gray.There was a simple hut, one of the most basic poles (with no canvas) on the boat, except for the stern, and there were no other empty objects.There are no radios, no electric lights, no emergency medical kit or emergency equipment, and the toilet is a wooden box hung at sea.This boat doesn't even have a deck, it's just a big green canvas cover on a pile of boxes.The boat was on board 15 Somali refugees.

Although it is not like this, the ship is still able to sail.I'm with Abu Alb.The captain of Hagg quickly negotiated the price (30 US dollars), and I jumped on the boat, and we started out in five minutes.At this time, when the sun went down, the sky was full of golden sunsets, and the sea turned to dark purple.I thought I'd be coming to Yemen tomorrow.When we approach the port, the ship is slow down, followed by a splash of water, because the ship's engine is already shut.

The wind is too strong today, "said a 14-year-old Somali boy next to me." We can start the process tomorrow."

name was Mohammed, and his sister, Ally, was taken to Yemen's relatives' relatives, possibly to the end of the war.He has a beautiful, slim figure, a gentle eye, and a sexy thick lips. If he is wearing a woman's dress, I will mistake him for being a girl.He asked me, is there a warlord in the United States?" Oh!Of course!" I say there is a warlord in every major city.He and Ally were somewhat surprised.They also asked: " Will the warlords in the United States have tanks and guns?I said, " There aren't so many tanks, but the guns are more than one mile." I am serious that many parts of the United States are no different than Mogadishu.

We spoke for a few minutes, not too much to speak English, but a gift to me, better than the other Somali people.

"This gives you," he put a stack of Somali money in my hand." Take it!But I refused.Somali refugees should not give American tourists money, which should be the other way around.I didn't plan to give them a dollar.

No!No!No!I said, " You don't have to give me money."

" To, must!He also put the money back in my hand.

Take it!"

" These bills are really beautiful!I said.These banknotes have a value of about 1,500 Sommari shillings." I can't take it, you're crazy!"

Another good Ethiopian, with a better English language, is now no longer worth the money by the Somali government, which is no longer there.I'm just barely able to close those beautiful notes.Mohammed was surprised to learn that he was not worth the money and accepted his gift.Ally was also upset because she had to wear the veil after she arrived in Yemen.She joked that she would surround the face with a robe.

" It's hard to see, it's not good!"My country does not wear the veil," she said." (Recommended reading: Iranian women really confuse: Do you want to wear the veil ourselves, we decide )

Her face has beautiful Arab and African mixed blood.She kept giving me tea and biscuits, and finally, I gave her my Arabic/English dictionary.

At about 2:00 in the morning, they took out the precious belongings, and it was the Casio electronic organ.I played a tune of Mozart's Sonata, but they seemed to be interested only in electronic organ music.I listened to the metal as Sir Brazilian Light in the breeze, recalling that the coffee was sent to Yemen, and in that era, these two children would definitely be sold into slavery.

Now they are just refugees. Looking at it from a historical perspective, isn't it a step forward?(In the same place: Behind the prosperity of Hong Kong, have you ever heard of cage homes in Hong Kong)?)

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If you're addicted to coffee, if you want to look at your coffee in a more loving way, track your coffee's footprint, to become even more fascinated by writing your favorite cup of coffee (and, of course, the taste that you have never imagined), you have a chance to a world history in the coffee .

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