Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, always "Enjoy every moment, and every now to the best" of the ye-Hui Ting, is how to say her entrepreneurial story! (Recommended reading: thank each of the past absurd, achievements of the present self )

(CEO He Jihong ( Center)/Deputy CEO Ye Shinting (left)/by-product length Ye Jinqing (left)/operating long Chen Yicheng (right))

Love Rating Network, the monthly domination of millions of people shopping decisions to share the site, to "eat" as a niche market entry point, to provide a food exchange platform, so that eat users can access the Internet PO Wen, sharing the exchange of fun experience. is the He Jihong and boyfriend to create a dream platform.

Because both of them love food, to eat this matter is particularly picky, often find a restaurant but met with the original expectations of the situation, so they brainwave, think with each and every time can not find the restaurant, not like to create a good platform, to meet their needs for food!

Because of such a small idea, Love rating network was born.

Of course, in the process of deciding to start a business, Zhonghui Ting Heart is still full of struggle. She had been working at Yahoo for three or four years, with good pay and benefits, even better than the students of the same period. How can this seemingly secure and excellent job be left behind?

When she was 24 years old, facing the turning mouth of life, constantly clarifying their own, thinking about the two choices will bring the different life, thinking about the meaning of each choice, in such a key moment of inner entanglements and hesitation, is from the father of a phone call, gave her the most strong and powerful backing:

"Daughter, you are only 20 years old, what are you afraid of?" Why should you be afraid when you are young and have a capital? Why can't you dream for yourself? 」

This sentence, such as a large dose of strong heart needle, heavily hit in the hearts of the leaf-hui ting.

"Yes, I am young, I have a dream, why do not dare to chase?" "Ye Hui Ting thought."

Insist, always 120% of the heart

Ou Ting frankly said, in the beginning of their entrepreneurial period, in fact, did not want to be successful, not to create a huge cause, but cherish the heart of gratitude, determined to have all their own play to maximize, so that every little thing can create the greatest value.

"I think I want to be worthy of my family, they invest in me all this." It's like if I spend 1 million of my tuition, I'll have to learn more than 1 million of the value that can be created! 」

Such a thought so that ye ou in the entrepreneurial road, always hundred intentions and efforts.

Always want to do a little bit more, love rating network in addition to providing a platform for the public to share the joy of eating to love, they still have a further goal: hope to accompany Taiwan's many small and medium-sized restaurants, to do a good job in science and technology applications! Therefore, in a short span of nine years, love rating network consumption experience to share the number of articles reached 460,000 records, the number of shops in the station grew more than 300,000, but also in the 2015 "Digital Times" Taiwan Web100 squeezed into the total ranked 43rd.

"The catering industry has a long history because there are physical stores, and the impact of the network's rise is not as immediate and huge as the line's in the newsletter and MP3 to the record business." But in the network generation, if can use the network to do the marketing, the management, can help the restaurant to maximize its cost utilization. "Ye ou Ting confidently said.

Hard and happy, those things about "people."

Asked Ye ou in the entrepreneurial process, I think the most hard and happiest of the difference is what, she said without hesitation: "Are and" people "related things. 」

In that year, four founders did not have too much experience, and never brought people, that is, with the courage to pursue a dream, it created the industry. At first there were only four people in the company, but as they became larger, organizations from four to 70 were testing how they "organize" the big time.

"Management is difficult, we are still learning." Employees will expect more different, younger management styles. "Therefore, even if the work is busy again, no previous experience, they must learn quickly, and constantly revise, is to make the team better, but also let the team to maintain confidence in her."

"Organizational Management" is the process of the enterprise scale becomes inevitable. From the "Personalized management", to the strategy, with people, to develop the ability of various departments Organizational Management ", while the process of change and growth is hard, but also because there is a group of partners together, together with the small and medium-sized enterprises friends, and from all sides to support love rating network enthusiasts, so that ye ou feel entrepreneurial actually not so lonely, again bitter, tired, as long as received a word from the user's sincere feedback, It's all worth it. (also recommend you: learn to fail on success!) See the story of six successful women )

Every moment of choice is the best choice.

Review of the company from the original security of the small staff, to become entrepreneurs, and then to become the management of more than 70 company Deputy executive long, this way, she always believe that they have unlimited possibilities, believe that their choice, defying challenges themselves, practice dream.

Ye ou think the entrepreneurial thinking is actually very straight: "is to try!" If there is no balance between success, it is also a learning, since no regrets, there is nothing to lose. 」

"It's good to know what you want." I believe that every moment of choice is the best choice. To live in the present! 」

We all laughed at each other when she said the words on the phone. Yes, if life is such a bad, can be wonderful on such a return, why should we be afraid, why do not dare for their dreams crazy once?

In the leaves of the body, we saw her self-confidence and courage, but also see her hard to live in every moment, every choice to the best spirit. "Responsible for their own choice, and to enjoy every moment," is the best of the life of the Hui-ting, life, after all, can not be reversed, rather than constantly regret can not change the past, now every moment of life is wonderful without regrets. (Guess what you like: don't let Life be kidnapped by the future!) "Live in the present" three actions )

Starting from the 24-year-old business 10 years to now, the present leaf ou ting is still trying to write more and more brilliant life story. Hey, let's take responsibility for our own choices, and write more Wonderful Life on the journey!

"Red Valley Information Co., Ltd.: the most influential food and play life platform of the whole Taiwan"

"ipeen Love Rating Network" the most influential food play Life platform, founded in 2006, and in 2008 to become Google Taiwan District strategic partner, May 2012 and the Yahoo! of the QI-Mo Strategy Alliance. And a succession of international VC Cyberagent Venture and NEC Corporation Transnational Strategic Alliance investment. So far, "ipeen love rating Network" the number of businesses have grown more than 300,000, consumption experience to share more than 460,000 articles, in response to the action of life trend development of "love life pass"app download more than 1.2 million people, the website and mobile phone merge active members more than 700,000, More than 6.507 billion visitors per month, the monthly view of 8,500-90 million. 2015 "Digital Times" Taiwan Web100 Total ranked 43rd.

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