Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, to love for beginner's mind, with gentle care of the strength of the entrepreneurial Chen Ruizhu, how to say her story. (also recommend you: dream for children!) Interview Lin Yi-jun: Love, is the starting point of entrepreneurship

"For the mother's heart, to help the child in need of care." "This is the Chen Ruizhu of entrepreneurship."

Starting from the way the community was run, Chen Ruizhu and co-founder Yu Suhua, in their early family visits to the Sanchong region, discovered the problems of the local children in the process of education, and in order to bring more education to their children, they set up " The Education foundation of the Geng-Xin Lotus, which is mainly based on moral and ethical education, is devoted to the teaching, life and growth of children in the local community.

However, after the 2008 financial tsunami swept, the amount of donations has plummeted, Chen Ruizhu in order to continue to raise funds for school, by the volunteer mothers from the pocket to learn pastry production, baked a plate of pineapple crisp bazaar, "Love a social enterprise" will be born with the karma! Because the parents of the past service have the craft of food, so love a Xingcong to provide non-toxic food additives to start, the establishment of Yongquan Square Education restaurant to promote healthy vegetarian, to provide students and community residents a warm dining environment, is also active in Taoyuan Shuk school to set up a new " 2020 Green Ecological Workshop in the future, will be specializing in the production of healthy health food, promote green life and diet. through the manufacture and sale of products, not only the women have two degrees of employment opportunities, but also help the foundation to have a stable income to continue to run school, so that consumers enjoy every mouthful of healthy and delicious while at the same time for the child's education to inject a hope .

Here, it's like coming home!

I think I'm probably a bit of a romantic entrepreneur, but I love it.

For Chen Ruizhu, her dream business is to be like a big family, and she is like a family of parents, no matter who come here to work, study, visit, will be like home to feel comfortable.

Chen Ruizhu says she'll always remember when a pro just set up, a group of mothers in order to develop and produce the highest quality walnut cakes, desperate efforts to fight the story. At that time in order to make products, from the studio originally only 10 pots of pot, crazy to buy fast 30 pot at the same time, some mothers even in order to be more diligent every time the quality of cooking, will be very active to go home to cook while learning, failed to absorb themselves, success brought the studio to help everyone to sell together.

Large orders to come, the most crazy one is that everyone will be willing to customer integrity, together to fight to the early morning 34 not shouting tired! Chen Ruizhu was very impressed, it was very late, but it boiled a pot, in fact, everyone is very tired, she also can't bear to let everyone work hard, but each other seems to know each other on the heart of the product adhere to, look at the Chen Ruizhu expression, not to give orders, everyone will actively shout to redo, do bad on their own absorption! Even in turn to comfort the Chen Ruizhu everything will be all right, please her at ease.

"This is our business, starting with love, in good faith as their own disk stone." So even if the body will be tired, sometimes very hard, but because of each other, the heart is always warm. 」

For Chen Ruizhu, in this big family, things do not matter, it is important that everyone here how to face the mistakes, how to move forward together with the heart. What she wants to create is a company that can support each other and grow and thrive together. (Guess what you like: Good jobs are like "ideal lovers": Understanding your frustrations, accompanying your growth )

A child's smile is the strength of all warmth

Entrepreneurship is actually very hard, although uphold the love and ideal departure, but many times when the cold reality in front of, or to face and solve.

Chen Ruizhu said when the turnover is not ideal, the order is not long, even when the director of the donation burns, she will calm down to ask herself: "Back to the original intention, why do you want to do this thing?" 」

"I guess I don't just want to sell pastries," he said. What I want to sell is the warmth between people. What I want to see is that more and more children who need help smile because they are happy and grow up. 」

If you return to your beginner's mind, you will have more power to carry away. Chen Ruizhu said that every time her own low tide, she will go to the community to see the children, when she saw the children's smiles, children become polite, the children's growth, she felt all this is worth, no amount of hard work is nothing.

How big the Love is, how powerful it is.

Talking about women starting a business, Chen Ruizhu said that in fact, just starting a business, and did not particularly realize that they are "female" entrepreneurs this matter.

"For me, my starting point is as a mother's heart." Everything is so natural that at first it doesn't feel like we're creating something, it seems to be doing what's right for us, and it starts. 」

Of course, when you first started a business, Chen Ruizhu was also questioned: "Is it necessary to do so much?" Is it enough for a girl to do this? "For Chen Ruizhu, the expansion of the enterprise and the gender is absolutely no relationship."

"I am convinced that, when our love is big, the strength will be much." 」

Chen Ruizhu that both male and female entrepreneurship, in fact, each have their own piece of the day. Women tend to be more meticulous, realistic, sometimes with a sort of hopelessly romantic, but that delicate and intimate, perhaps is the unique charm of female entrepreneurs. In any case, as long as you find their personality traits, have their own want to build the enterprise look, every entrepreneur will be unique. (Recommended reading: Listen to "heart" voice, find your unique charm )

All the opportunities are for a more complete life

At the end of the interview, we talked about how, in the Chen Ruizhu, how do we switch between different roles? She smiled and said, "Learning Buddha" gave her a lot of inspiration in life.

After learning Buddha, I was quiet, and I began to understand what role I was supposed to play in my situation. When I was a CEO, I had to have the backbone of execution, and when my elders raised me, they had to be thankful and thankful for everything around them.

Chen Ruizhu also lamented that, in fact, after the start-up, almost no time to accompany their families, for a while even with the family some alienation, so that brothers and sisters do not understand. But life is always a doubt, after starting a business she did not want to give up her career, but also because of this insistence, after many years after the mother had a big illness, as a service worker in the family, she is the most know how to take care of the mother, she will bring the mother into love a pro-business, we can take care of help The mother also had a happier life because she was in a big family. (Recommended reading: A momentary unhappy nothing, love their life!) )

Later I will meet with the people say, you are not happy now, does not mean that the future is not as good as Italy. Slowly, you will find that as long as you are willing to work hard, everything in life will be more and more perfect.

In fact, on the road of life, a lot of things in the present are not sure. Looking at the story of Chen Ruizhu, you can find that whenever, she always starts with love, with its own warmth to move everyone around. "How big is Love, how big is the strength" is Chen Ruizhu's life attitude.

In fact, to improve and help society is not so difficult, the starting point of change may be very small, but it is from love, with love, with the power of change, can affect people and power will be more and more, the goal of improving society is not far. "Hold the love, steadfast do change" Chen Ruizhu the attitude, let us see the possibility of changing the world. Looking forward to Chen Ruizhu's story can make you believe in love and believe in your infinite possibilities.

"Love a pro-Social Enterprise Co., Ltd.: Because of love, we are in ..."

In order to raise the funds for the character education of the children in the village, the volunteer mothers study the pastry production from their own pockets, bake a plate of pineapple cakes, and love a pro-social enterprise so born! In order to provide non-toxic food additives, such as the Mother's love, a variety of food. The set up of the Yongquan Square Education restaurant to promote healthy vegetarian food to provide students and community residents a warm dining environment; At present, active in Taoyuan Shuk school to set up a new "future 2020 Green Ecological Workshop" will also be specializing in the production of health foods, promote green life and diet. Let consumers enjoy every mouthful of healthy and delicious, but also for children's education, inject bright bright light!

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