Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, there are many roles in life, and never easily compromise the Zheng, is how to balance their own life in the business! (Recommended reading : Walk the Tightrope man, walk in the delicate balance of work and life Olive Lee)

Fu June Development Project, is Zheng 25 years old with Mr. Common Dream.

At that time, the two people because of the fate of work, Zheng is an environmental engineer, specializes in the design of sewage treatment plant, Mr. is a field engineer, specializing in the construction of sewage plants. In such ingenious fate and work complementary circumstances, her husband brainwave: "Now we 25 years old, 5 years later 30 years old, if successful, we have a company of their own!" 」

Hold if failed, each other also young, have a skill to where all can work determination, Zheng and Mr. Each took out 100,000, so entrepreneurial.

I have always had a dream, I want to be an excellent water resource engineer.

Fight for the dream, insist on doing the right thing

Management Master Peter. Drucker (Peter Drucker) once said: "Do not innovate, and die"; Bill Gates, the world's richest man, also said: "Innovation is the only way to expand the company."

Fujun is the beginning of the traditional generation of operation processing, the company founded 10 years later, as the size of the growing, but also faced with a large environmental depression and the company potential crisis. Zheng memories, at that time for the company's sustainable development, she shouldered the position of General Manager, actively introduce innovative management, leading the company into a transformation of the road.

"Innovation is hard, we've never done it, and even the husband thinks it's something we can't do," he said. I am also a female leader, in engineering so almost all men work environment, to convince themselves that the pressure is actually greater. 」

But Zheng did not shrink to give up, she knew only innovation, can let the company into the next peak. Therefore, in establishing the company's innovative operating procedures, she reduced her identity to the head of the operations department, walked through all the first-line scenes, spent one months, had a thorough understanding of all the forms, the difficulties and conditions of all the front lines, and then summed up the initial corporate crisis management SOP.

I have confidence in myself, in the face of setbacks or doubts, I will lead by example to verify what I believe, with action, professional to prove their ability, so that is enough to convince people.

For Zheng, she never thought that sex would determine a person's ability to work, or even that she believed that women's power was endless. It was this insistence and an example that made her believe that the change could happen. (Recommended reading: Never let fear stop me from doing what I really like: 18 inspiring quotes of female power )

A hard and happy entrepreneurial life

Talk about the entrepreneurial process, think the most hard is what, Zheng in the phone that head thought a bit, playful said: "Throw out DM of the brake!" 」

Because she had always been an office engineer, under the original umbrella is an expert, is everyone holding in the palm of the owner, but after the venture, she must step out of the office, her own business.

"was rejected when the DM was dropped on the ground by customers, these moments are very sad and frustrated." 」

Although the role of conversion, and customers to build trust and respect for the process is very hard, but has been four of children's mother Zheng always feel, again hard, as long as thinking of four children smile, all the hard work is nothing. After the start-up of the Zheng, not because of entrepreneurship and neglect of family life, but because of the creation of the industry, more flexible time autonomy, so that she can have more time to accompany the children, to attend each child in the most important moment of life. (Recommended reading: The secret of a happy mother, learn to make a friend of the child first )

"The previous oneself very envy other mother can lead the child's hand to go to school together, after I created the profession, had the child, finally has the opportunity to achieve this small wish!" Always remember to take a child to school, watching the car after the children, because it is too happy, even while driving tears. She said with delight.

A variety of roles, enjoy every moment

Yes, who said that the creation of the industry can not live a good life? Zheng is an entrepreneur, a mother of four children, and a student who is now studying for a PhD, even to plough into her own profession.

For Zheng, life is hard work, but also to play very hard! She starts from her own story and encourages every employee in the company to be able to make the most of the job and remember to live well.

Work is not the whole of life, but I absolutely enjoy every part of my life.

At the end of the interview, we pulled the topic back to Zheng, what would she say if he described his work in a few words?

She thought, earnestly said: "In life, I think everyone has to have the dream of entrepreneurship, because there is a dream to learn the motivation, with the motivation to learn, the dream will have a day to achieve." 」

Indeed, success is not accidental, listen to the story of Zheng, we clearly know that she always hold a constant learning heart, for each stage of their own set goals, and strive to pursue. More importantly, in the face of their choice of various roles, she always carefully clasped, and enjoy the sway.

This is the "uncompromising" spirit let Zheng all the way to a practical and wonderful. Who says that entrepreneurs are destined to work with the company for life? In Zheng's body, we see she is still actively for their own creation of different possibilities, always clasped, the role of every life to live wonderful. (Guess what you want to see: Should you compromise with the reality of life?) Your choice determines who you are.

Therefore, when we feel that a variety of roles to make it impossible to balance, we think of the original intention of choosing the role. After thinking, if every one of life is indispensable, put down will feel regret, then do not give up, do not easily compromise to hold forward, I believe that there will be a best balance at the front, waiting for us to reach.

"Fu June Development Engineering Co., Ltd.: Innovative thinking, leading the water quality monitoring into the cloud"

"Rich in water in the heart, June Tao for the people," is the development of the June, the spirit and the name of the project. In order to be able to endure good water, as well as provide the most professional talent and services, Fujun began from the community home, and water-related complex electromechanical generation operation and control, I hope everyone can in the environment without risk, ease of water, happy life.

June Development is the first domestic cloud technology used in sewage treatment system enterprises, to innovate the full independent management technology, to get rid of the international monopoly of hardware and software technology dilemma. and the sewage treatment, water, water storage, equipment, research and development, manufacturing, assembly, operation and other technologies, the application of integrated development across the field, so that water resources management from passive to preventive maintenance of intelligent management.

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