Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics , so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, always try to "challenge is not the same" Huang, is how to make a lane Xiaoice shop into a line of popular food bar! (Recommended reading: Challenge yourself, do something that scares you every day!) )

"Do what you want to do, do a good job to make customers moved." 」

This is the world of Ice ice Shop founder Huang entrepreneurial intention.

After the school and the 9 years of the education industry, as the age gradually increased, Huang but more and more hesitation: "I really want to do in the education industry to retire?" Is that why you're stuck here? 」

Huang and her husband, who always love to travel around the world, will never miss a local tasty ice shop every new place. Also because of each other's love of ice, open the idea of ice shop will slowly grow in the hearts of young couple, after a few times in the ice shop to observe, coupled with the support and encouragement of the family, the summer of May 2015, "The World Strange Ice" was so born!

By sticking to the right thing, you can create value.

After the establishment of the ice shop, how to maintain the operation is the next challenge to face. Huang said entrepreneurial early days are often the most exciting and the most difficult day, they have worked more than 16 hours a day, morning to shop to do the ice, tired to the warehouse to play on the floor, sleep in red beans, mung bean, mango next to dream even dream in the cut Mango.

Because the ice shop is a casual seasonal catering industry, as the weather turns cold, the turnover will follow the day, Huang thought as long as the model of other ice shop, winter to sell some hot food such as red bean soup, burning fairy grass can easily over the winter.

Did not expect the first winter of entrepreneurship, God gave them a great challenge.

Because their vendors are in the Central Plains night Market edge of the alley, and the business circle about more than 20 stores selling the same goods, in the cold weather, there is no one want to walk the Huang shop to spend.

At that time, we are dark and low tide every day, looking at the sale of products every day, also had to pain one by one fell.

Because it is too low, Huang and Mr Simply put their own days off, to Hong Kong holiday trip. Just a few days in Hong Kong, Huang found Hong Kong people even if the weather is cold, selling ice and desserts are still packed!

It turns out, "customer habits can be developed!" After returning home, they immediately boldly try to change all the hot goods into fresh strawberry mainly ice dessert, did not expect the turnover slowly picked up, and even more do more visibility!

By sticking to the right thing, you can create value! Perhaps, when we encounter setbacks, let ourselves take a break, give ourselves a vacation, you will find what new opportunities are not necessarily. (Recommended reading: Red perception Lin You:"Choose to do the right thing, and do the right thing!" ")

"A human face with a temperature."

For Huang, what they want to do is not just sell ice, they want to sell, is the real human.

Almost all the nearby stores were not bullish on the frontier of the night market, or even the seasonal ice. But Huang not because of the noise of these doubts back, she deeply believe that as long as sincere, to customers pay a warm human touch, their ice products will naturally be different.

Slowly, we are more and more often see familiar faces, from freshman to graduate, love to eat to get married and have children, national snacks to the country, from a student to three generations, from only Taiwan guests to 1 years more than 25 countries friends visit ... These loyal customers, these fortunate and we meet the people, are our business process the most profound move.

A career chosen by life

Looking back on Huang from entrepreneurship all the way, it seems so natural. Asked how she balanced her work and family in many different roles, she lightly said that in the early days of entrepreneurship, she gave up a lot of time and opportunity to get along with her family, but she thought it was all about choice.

"Since you choose to sprint in your career, you have to give it all you have. Time and effort to pay the hard, is only a matter of, because they are their own choice. 」

Fortunately on this road, Huang's side has always had her husband to accompany her to fight together the cause. Now that they're getting bigger, more and more members of the team, and external connections, they have more time to juggle work and family.

The beginning is hard, but as long as through that part of the process, stability and life balance will slowly come back. For today's Huang, not only work and family slowly balanced back, they are more in the career to get a lot of unprecedented touched.

Looking at the story of Huang, feel that in her body, always full of a "challenge is not the same" spirit. All the way, she is not afraid to go out of the comfort circle, challenging the cause of the same, in the face of difficulties, they jump off the traditional, brave try no one tried to sell the method, and do it! This kind of spirit is extremely rare, this is why her ice shop can become the biggest key to make the delicious food in the Red Alley from the silent shop. (also recommended: work is just like falling in love, challenges are after the passionate period )

Hey, on the road of life, we all deserve to be brave for our dreams. Success, is to achieve a small milestone in life, enjoy the moment to reach the peak of pleasure, failure, not afraid, all the way the process every minute and second are learning nutrients, are able to make the future of their own jump higher, flying farther the important cornerstone. Looking forward to Huang's story will enable you to find yourself more courageous and challenging.

"The world is a very big ice-ice shop." The odd ice is beside you!! 】

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