Entrepreneurship is the journey of love with the soul and the dream. The SME department commissioned the Zhongshan Foundation of the Flying Geese plan, an interview with 17 " female entrepreneurial Flying geese plan " female entrepreneurs, we talk about entrepreneurial stories, but also talk. What kind of female force characteristics, so that they can be on the road to forge ahead on the entrepreneurial path? Let's see, the love of work Chenhuijuan, is how to use the " passion " to enjoy her life of the chi industry. (also recommended: young man, you can do more than you think!) Don't lose your enthusiasm in comfort.

Tianyi Pharmaceutical Factory, is a group of professional and technical practitioners of Chinese medicine, the spirit of hanging pot, the production of the most natural, the most pure function of rational health food, hoping to help consumers do a good job to improve health conditioning.

Because the father is engaged in the business of Chinese herbal medicines, Chenhuijuan contact with Chinese herbal medicine, the Chinese herbal medicine industry is very sensitive, and later to Canada after work, in Europe and the United States to see the importance of herbal medicine, the heart of the herbal industry more keen interest. Because the old father was so hard to run the original pharmaceutical factory, Chenhuijuan will take up his father's profound Conto, resolutely initiative from Canada fly back, and then the burden of reform and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry, looking forward to Taiwan's herbal medicine to do a job.

"I want to" subvert the tradition "and do something different! 」

Hard and happy, meet the Noble also become a noble

Since 2008, the original intention of the factory to transform, Chenhuijuan face a large number of market products challenges, how to create a new brand of Materia Medica and the product relocation, is the day a pharmaceutical factory faced the dilemma.

Therefore, they start from the development of a new brand "Tianyi Materia Medica", Chinese Medicine to prevent health care, the concept of health into life, and through the government, academia and different industries to produce health biscuits, noodles and other products, the concept of health as a solid mode of operation-Traditional Chinese medicine living zone, through the process of transformation in the continuous integration of resources , and successfully implemented the life of traditional Chinese medicine.

Although the reform process is hard, but hard and happy is only a read, holding optimistic positive thinking, hard is happiness, as long as happy to enjoy the job this is the happiest thing!

From the internal change, to the different industry alliance cooperation, Chenhuijuan said all the way to her touched, is every time the difficult critical moment, always have "noble" to lend a hand to them. So, along the way, they are too generous to offer their assistance to any partner who is allied to a different industry, or to those who need help. Like this year due to typhoon factors, affecting their company near the Pomelo farmers, they launched the company all my colleagues and the strength of social groups, to help pomelo farmers will be the fruit drop grapefruit, make healthy grapefruit sauce, and the event named "Pomelo Meet the Noble."

Chenhuijuan said, in this mutual assistance and help, we can see the world everywhere have warm, every time this time, feel that those who run the company's hard work is nothing. "Pomelo meets the Noble", is let them move one of the stories. (Recommended reading: Guoshef: "I hope to be able to give warmth to the people")

Always say to yourself: "We can certainly do it!" 」

Talking about Chenhuijuan how to face setbacks and lows, she said that whenever she met the unpleasant things, she had a habit--is to read the sharing of successful people!

Successful people will succeed is not accidental, the process must have a lot of bitterness and tears, Chenhuijuan will read the experience of these failures to motivate themselves, tell themselves not a person, others can do so, she must also do it!

Therefore, in the product export card closed, in the internal tongren confidence is not the situation, Chenhuijuan or will carry all the pressure, told himself: "We can certainly do it!" , and continue to encourage the company to move forward together, but also through the process of encouraging colleagues to let themselves again be inspired by two-way.

I am a love worker, is an ideal practitioner!

Female leadership, seemingly arduous and courageous, but for Chenhuijuan, she believes that at work, both men and women are the same, do not particularly feel that they are female entrepreneurs.

I am just a love worker, is an ideal to achieve home, I want to continue, innovation, to achieve the ideal of father! That's it.

Therefore, the operation of the day a pharmaceutical factory, is Chenhuijuan to achieve the ideal process. She hopes that she is a bearing and moral leadership, to bring the staff optimistic, enterprising, positive thinking, she wants to create, is a great soul of the company, is a people-oriented, with a belief in love company. (also recommend you: woman fan CEO share: Use corporate culture empower team!) )

At the end of the interview, she thanked her husband in particular: "When children were young, it was hard to thank them for their support and understanding so that I could strike a balance and success between home and the workplace." 」

"Without their support, there would be no me now." 」

Is the entrepreneur, is the husband's wife, is also the child's mother, faces many roles the heavy burden, Chenhuijuan still to enjoy the balance well. It is the constant enthusiasm for life that allows her to get full of love and endless help on the way to entrepreneurship and family.

Yes, if there is no enthusiasm in life, will life become boring? Looking at the story of Chenhuijuan, from a strong interest in the herbal medicine industry, to the desire to innovate subversion of the traditional heart, is the passion for the work of the "enthusiasm", led her to continue to move forward.

And life is not the case, whether it is work, schoolwork, when we have a passion, with love, all the hard labor is not hard, even if it is to endure hardship laugh will be sweet. Because, these are now doing, is not a simple job just, but a lifetime of the CHI industry Ah!

"Tianyi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.: Medical treatment is not sick, the solar term with five elements, the day a creative"

A group of ideal Chinese medicine practitioners and like-minded people, in 32 years ago to create a "harmony between heaven and Man" for the professional journal of the Pharmaceutical Factory, hope to be able to integrate medical resources, so that the theory and practice can be mutually confirmed, appropriate to its.

In 2009, Ms. Chenhuijuan took over as general manager, determined to endow the pharmaceutical factory with new ideas and innovative attempts to lead the team out of the new life of traditional Chinese medicine and health treatment. From "Day one Materia Medica" new brand, "The life of Traditional Chinese Medicine Park" sightseeing factory, to enter Hanfang tea, and pet health food and economic animal medicine, and so on, it is not difficult to see the day one for the culture, inheritance, social responsibility, and innovation of the adherence and objectives, music found in the alliance of 1+1>2 brought the "good" ecological cycle

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