Entrepreneurship is the journey of love between the soul and the dream.In an interview with 17 women entrepreneurs from the Women's Entrepreneurship Project , we talk about entrepreneurship stories, and also talk about the idea of setting up a business environment.What kind of feminism is it that allows them to go straight ahead in the course of their entrepreneurial drive?Let's take a look, love oneself, and also focus on Yang Xinyi of the next generation, how to write the story of her entrepreneur.(Recommended reading: "In this age, the answer to young people's young people's creative work" Liu Hsuan )

“ Startup bar ” Harmony, "Entrepreneurship," is a start-up dream base in Taoyuan and a 24-hour-not-out business.In order to cultivate more potential entrepreneurs, it is also the first base for cooperation, exchange and matchmaking between Taiwan and the international entrepreneur. The only way to create an entrepreneurial paradise that can make varied ideas, diverse and enthusiastic converging and collide with each other is to create a more surprising number of new ventures.

The starting point of entrepreneurship is actually a simple idea.Yang Xinyi, who has a 10-year incubatio center, has found that many young people have interesting and unique entrepreneurial ideas in the course of coaching enterprises, but there is no platform or space to let their ideas be seen.So she would like to: "Why don't you create a space for these people to meet, friends, exchange experiences, and inspire creativity?""

As a result, from the experience of many years of experience, the best use of resource integration is to provide equipment resources, private entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to help fund the project, and Yang will start to push forward the program for student entrepreneurship.

Edison once said, "Genius is a 99-minute effort, and a 1-minute inspiration.""A lot of inspiration in life is a place where unexpected time and unexpected places are generated, as long as we are willing to think about it."

This is the environment that you want to create.Yang Xinyi was excited to say, " Entrepreneurship hopes to provide a variety of unexpected atmosphere, so that young people can create more good ideas here.We want young people to come in and create opportunities!Make their dreams an opportunity to be realized."

The happiest thing is: I can help people!

A business always comes from a simple idea, but it requires more fighting spirit if it is to be realized.

you first entered a business, Yang Xinyi was very much aware of the difference between the entrepreneur and the average person who was employed."Entrepreneurs open their eyes every day and they have to deal with a lot of things, and no longer do anything like what they used to do.""Entrepreneurship is a dream, a social responsibility, and more needs to bear the burden of the life of every employee."The journey to pursue a dream is always hard. Overall, the psychological pressure of starting a business is far greater than it was before.

Even so, Yang Xinyi says laughing at the start of a business, and the whole feeling of life is more sweet than that of the hard work!Because of the fact that businesses are always studying at any time, they are always filled with new things, because they are constantly learning, and they have injected new energy into the ordinary life.More importantly, after starting a business, "I can help others!"Yang Xinyi is right.

The hard work is a temporary one, and it is always a good idea to help people do that.Just think of your own earliest moments in every moment that feels like it's not going to survive.Move forward, and let yourself walk more miles.(Laughter) You like: Listen to the Heart, find your unique charm )

"The real leader is a new show with the potential to bring the next generation"

From ordinary employees to entrepreneurs, we can't help wondering how well a successful leader should be in her mind.

"A truly successful leader should be reckless and proactive in bringing the next generation of new talent with potential.""

A great business requires a strong team to create extraordinary contributions and credit for all of the contributions and credits that belong to the entire team, never to her, and therefore, she would appreciate the benefits of everyone and trust them.

"I want to give the team a happy atmosphere and make them succeed.""It's important to create an atmosphere where employees are happy to work at the company, but more importantly, everyone in the company can do what they want and what they want to do in a serious effort to make their own accomplishments and make them glow."(Also recommend you: Women's CEOs share: Use the business culture empower team!))

Love yourself to take the longer path

Entrepreneurship requires courage; leads, requires large machines; takes the team forward, requires more positive energy, and is strong enough to keep moving forward.

For Yang Xinyi, the method of keeping oneself in the best position is to learn to "love yourself."When you start to understand yourself, when you're feeling negative, you try to adapt, and you won't let it go out. When the pessimistic thoughts come to the nest, you go to the exercise and relax and give yourself some ME Time.You can always maintain a balance between life and emotions so that you can always give yourself, give positive energy to others, and when you have positive energy, you naturally succeed in doing things.(Recommended reading: Love III Steps )

At Yang Xinyi, we saw that she was a pioneer and a practitioner of the dream, and she was a girl who was breathing and working hard every day.She loves herself, is more dedicated to young people, and pays for the next generation of the environment.It is the spirit of "loving oneself" that allows her to maintain a positive attitude at all times, constantly creating more and more exciting opportunities for herself and for others.

Maybe before we pay, we should all go back to ourselves and ask ourselves whether we are prepared enough, enough to love ourselves, to understand ourselves, to take responsibility, and to share the full energy of our own, and to share it with the people around us." Only when you love yourself can you love others."Looking forward to the story of Yang Xinyi will allow you to find more people who love the world from yourself to others."

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