Creating a spark for an era of cross-generational entrepreneurship

to the survey, Taiwan's entrepreneurial success rate is low. Young entrepreneurs are on thin ice. If they don't have the guidance of the older generation, how can they fight the environment of the big world?Let the people of the older generation and their professional knowledge provide the most powerful backing for young people's entrepreneurship. Through the guidance of the older generation, the generation of sparks will be sparkles and the success rate of entrepreneurship can be enhanced

It's hard to avoid a generation gap between the two generations of the silver and the silver. How can we not balance the

Wallet on the road of the former, peace and comfort.However, on the road, the scenery is beautiful, and it is inevitable that it will be tempted to make changes to innovation ......

How should the two generations communicate, so that 1 + 1 is more than two?

November's Red silk floss invited two women entrepreneurs with outstanding achievements and development to share the knowledge and skills of the older generation to create a win-win situation for both sides.


Lio-Nellie Green-Founder Co-Founder

He graduated from the Finance and Finance Department and was a Hakka from Miaoli.After graduating from university, he worked for five consecutive years in the major foreign funds companies, studying global market trends and writing research reports every day.After starting a business, it was found that the growth of the bean sprouts was as elusive as the global stock market. The accumulated setbacks in the first half of the year were many times that of the entire life of the past.I'm sorry?No, I haven't thought about it yet!

Chan Naiqi, Chief Executive Officer of Culture.

A chemical engineer who loves to play with new things is always curious and explorates. It is a very interesting adventure. The foundation of entrepreneurship is the dream of a middle age, and it is his mission to let the child fall in love with science.

11/20 (5) Red silk floss [Girl Xing Xing]

Welcome to women friends who are also startuptun or aspic to a business, a party that shares and exchanges, and says a common language symbol.In a comfortable and comfortable environment, there is no need to worry about the naked eye of men, who are willing to be partners or investors in the future, as long as they are willing and willing to join the sisters who are sitting next to us.By sharing the experiences of those who share the experience of the past, the way to think about the past is also to make the future of the women's daughters, when they learn, a lesson for them.

[Time] 11/20 (5) 18:30 to 21:00 pm

[Place] Woman Wonderland: Taipei City Peace East, No. 50 (near the MRT Technology Building Station)

[Event Expense] Female Qualifying, Provide Simple Later Tea

1. Elegant single line 300 yuans/person, $300
2. Partner, I, she (two people), 250 yuan per person, 500 yuan.

[Activity Entry]

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2. Call for: 07-3321068# 12
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Guidance Unit: Economy Department Small and Medium Business Unit
Hosts: Women's fans womany , NSYSU Foundation

* The event will open three women's friends and share their stories. Each 5 minutes, the speaker will give back and give your heart a support! Let us tell the stories of our own.
If you wish to share it, please contact you by E-MAIL: and confirm your share will be confirmed by this Council after the announcement.

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