in an interview in India , we talked about her understanding of life and her observation of India . In this one, we are going to talk about her work in India--the Chinese reporter for Phoenix satellite TV, the job, how to learn from her, and the loneliness and breakthrough of a person in a strange land. (Extended recommendation: Taiwan should not be just a small island with a complacent drift )

Yu Zhiwei, who is called "India," this year only 25 years old, came to India 3 years ago, in the travel agency internship, just met the Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV in urgent need of proficient Chinese journalists in India, successfully through the interview began her international news life, when the reporter's rich and wonderful, let originally only intend to stay for 1 years of her, Still inseparable from the mysterious country of India, now, she has a fan-torn face book page " Indian God travel India ," Also this year out of the book.

Many people look at her glowing, envy her is "very know what they want" people, and even some people think she is the victory of Life group. In fact, Yu Zhiwei doesn't think she really "knows what she Wants", she thinks she's just having the guts to try and take it. The process of being a journalist in India is painful, because she has to return to zero, accept and face her own "ignorance". (same field Gayon: Choice and commitment, do you want to climb the stairs or climb the tree? )

In India as a journalist: I was so "ignorant"

Talk about the word "ignorance", Zhi Wei very feel, in India when the challenge of reporters, let a start to think oneself not without knowledge, international view of her covered with setbacks. The first news, she said, was "what is the impact on India of the launch of China's first aircraft carrier?" "It was a wake-up hit for her," what is an aircraft carrier? "," The original China has the first aircraft carrier? "and" What does it mean to launch an aircraft carrier? "and" the launch of the Chinese carrier, why should India react? "These doubts are pouring out from my mind, and she is now waking up to the fact that she knows so little about the past, the present and the future of the world."

"Now look back, I think it was a great turning point. Although because of setbacks, let me once afraid of their own knowledge, did not do a good job, midnight dream of their own news leaks, interview errors, was awakened after the nightmare is true, crazy online to check their own do the news has no problem. But I really appreciate it, because of that opportunity, I try to do my homework and progress. "Do international news, let Zhi Wei to the world's imagination richer, feel the pulse of the world more closely linked."

Graduated from the Department of Journalism, Zhi Wei said she graduated in fact, do not want to be a journalist. "At the beginning of the Department of Political journalism is my first wish, I really like the news to go in to read, in college things are fascinating, I like to write, like to listen to stories." But the way Taiwanese media produce news I don't like, the news environment makes me abandon the idea of being a journalist. Chi Wei said, Taiwan media spend too much effort in handling the lace news, in order to save costs, the use of the vehicle recorder or the Internet to find some funny, funny things, but also in international news processing, unless the event is big enough, such as Obama and Xi Jinping, Lien Chan to the Chinese military parade and so on, will not jump on the news page, otherwise mostly soft, Mostly interesting. (Extended recommendation: Improper "manuscript machine"! 24-Year-old left Apple Daily, Liao the news to a solid

"In fact, I really do not think the reporter is rotten, I think my classmates are not bad ah." Taiwan is not without talent, but without environment. Chi Wei mentioned that most of Taiwan's international news is second-hand compiling news, when we all cite the British and American sources of information, they lost their views, it is difficult to test whether the message is correct. "Many people ask me why I do not go back to Taiwan, but there is always a doubt in my mind:" What can I do to change back to Taiwan now? "She thinks that political and economic pressure is a difficult problem for every television station in the world, but she always feels that how to maintain the style under such pressure is the direction that the media can go to, but many media in Taiwan have succumbed, or are powerless."

I ask Zhi Wei, what is the most enjoyable news in India? "I think I'm doing something that I imagine the news should do." "That's the way she answers me." She said she reported on the economy, strategy, diplomacy, the international situation, analysis of the causes and events and the context, and actually did so, only to find that the whole world is closely linked, between countries, active and close flow. She said that the significance of receiving international news is not only to understand "what is the significance of the world situation", but also to understand "what is the significance of such an international situation to us?" " I think in Taiwan, many people often complain that the media do not report international news, but once asked why they want to watch international news, few people can say it, and Xu Zhiwei the answer, can give us more thinking."

"Loneliness is when you can't look into others, you can only look at yourself."

If you have a fan page that focuses on Chi Wei, you will find that she is a very lively, close to the crowd, even a little crazy people, but alone to live in India for 3 years, far from the familiar growth environment, there will be a person's lonely moment, I asked Zhi Wei, how to face such loneliness? She says she likes to touch people, but when she's alone, it's quiet. (see together: The soul imprisoned in the Sari: the freedom of the Indian woman to be imprisoned )

"A lot of people are afraid of being alone, maybe they don't know what to do, you don't know what to do, you want someone to be there for you." Zhi Wei described herself alone when the "super busy", she wrote a column, operating fan page, blowing trumpet, painting, want to unrestrained things. She said, a person is actually very good thinking time, can think of themselves now, the former self, even the future of their own, such thinking is necessary, but we often ignore, evade to think. The process of talking to yourself is often painful, but if you don't like who you are, the process will allow you to communicate with yourself and move forward in the way you want it to.

I like the way Zhi Wei talks about loneliness, but also by her tone deeply touched. She said, "Loneliness is to let you in the state of being forced to look at yourself, when your eyes can not look to others, you can only see yourself." Everyone is living for themselves, we will have links with others, but always to live for themselves. People and people can complement each other, and only in a person's time, all the advantages, shortcomings are exposed, must face it. For me, loneliness does exist, but it is not negative, it may bring sad and helpless, and bring something very gray, but it is a very neutral word for me. 」

" You must be a person to think, you must be a person to be happy, you must be a person to be sad, you must be a person to be angry." Zhi Wei said, oneself a person, is lonely. But this does not mean that we want to exclude loneliness, everyone will always have their own time, and how to face it, independent thinking and solve problems, may be difficult, but important, is that we have to practice the subject. Naked and their honest, is bound to be a little scary, but learn not to give their own emotions to others hand, it is not in vain born for the individual himself.

"Of course I am like India, I am India!" "Everyone can be incredible India

The interview came to an end, I suddenly feel that Zhi Wei's characteristics are very "India", she can be extremely funny in the Taj Mahal before disorderly dance, can also be extremely serious discussion of social and international issues, she is a delicate little girl, also like a quiet little boy. In the body of Zhi Wei, I see the flow of personality and gender, like India, every minute and every second in the change of the country, can not be defined, always full of infinite possibilities. Hear me say so, Zhi Wei laughs and responds: "I certainly like India, I am India especially!" 」

"In fact, before I came to India, I was a right from wrong, black and white person, and after I came to India, I found that a lot of things are vague and everything can be seen in many different ways." Now, I look at the "Poles", not just see the two extremes, but when the two extremes appear, neutral also appear. I learn to look at things in a neutral way, and I can accept the possibility of things and not judge them quickly. Zhi Wei said, she felt the progress of India, also led her progress, let her imagination of their own unlimited expansion. (And you share: when the world becomes non-blue or pink, sex ads who buy and harm who?) )

We often frame ourselves ourselves, in the heart silently draw a security field, think they crossed the words will be very dangerous, also impossible to cross, but Zhi Wei said, that is their own limitations, in fact, everyone can be incredible India, brave to do, do wrong also no harm, Because life is a series of choices. I ask Zhi Wei to 20 years old confusion a little solution side, she said so:

"Every decision you make must be what you think, not what someone tells you." After college, not your mother asked you to go, it is a more than 20-year-old people should not have excuses. Do not work, do not read research institute, entrepreneurial not entrepreneurial, do not push the responsibility to others. A person's life is lost, think again, again confused, think again, very simple, you decide to drink black tea or milk tea, selected black tea, feel super difficult to drink, then you want to continue to drink, or to change milk tea? That's it. 」

This paragraph may seem a bit harsh, but Zhi Wei said when in fact, it is difficult to hide the smile, especially when it comes to black tea, milk tea life analogy, than the hands of the appearance of the foot is very humorous. I am in Taiwan, Zhi Wei in India, we through the lens to each other heart-to-heart, also talk about the world, also talk about the soul, we are similar, perhaps have the same confusion, also are walking in search of answers, but fortunately we have already started. Life is never simple, I hope you and I can walk on this road brave, have fun.

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