Because we all have the "equal" opportunity to pay more to choose goods, but "sex ads in the end worth it?" Shall we keep the bill? 」。

Before you start, ask a quick question, do you think there is a gender in advertising?

Most people will agree that if the ads want to achieve better results, it is bound to narrow the communication group, more accurate delivery. Therefore the sex advertisement gendered marketing obviously is the simplest easy and obvious population grouping way, divides the populace into the male, the female student, see how simple?

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Of course, we must have paid attention to this kind of advertisement sex grouping phenomenon, perhaps even thought: "Please, do not use the advertisement to differentiate sex again!" "Don't stress that girls should have a whole collection of dolls, boys better go and play some masculine toys, like invincible iron king or car." But in fact, sex advertising is difficult to stop, because gendered marketing does help product sales, advertisers have already tasted too much sweetness. (same field Gayon:Youtube Red Movie: I don't do your little girl )

Sex ads who's buying? We!

Let's start with the evolution of history and look at the following examples of this Lego AD.

The film is the 1955 Lego ads, rather neutral, boys and girls can play.

1981 's Lego print ad, looks pretty good!

Half a century past, the advent of the minority era, look at the 2012 comprehensive deformation of the music and High-tech advertising: pink, dress, café, hooray This is the girl's Lego!

You may feel a bit disgusted, but the figures show that when Lego adopted a new advertising strategy, it immediately increased global earnings by 25%.

By sex, divide-and-conquer is not only used in children's ads, advertising data also shows "identical products" if the male-specific and female-specific words, will help the overall increase in sales. the role of gender advertising is not only to sell more and faster products, but also from consumers to get more money, especially female consumers. For example, the body Glide for outdoor supplies in the United States, they introduced a friction ointment (anti-chase) into two versions of men and women. Male version of the emphasis on preventing upper body friction upper body, girls are stressed to prevent chest friction bras, so the price per G is more than a male version of 0.27 dollars.

It is clear that manufacturers have discovered the marvelous of gendered Marketing. If we pay attention to the small details of life, you will find that gendered marketing is ubiquitous. And of course we don't mind, because we think it is a kind of intimate, let us not waste our minds on the products that do not belong to our "sex".

Click on the next page to see how the "negative" dove communicates with a male reader.

And for the example of Dove, if you analyze carefully, you will find that from the Dove's brand name to its logo of the Flying Pigeon pattern, in fact, are very "female", the traditional advertising has been to women's point of view, the consolidation of female consumers, but also to the Dove team and male consumers communication is very not smooth. To this end, dove specifically added Dove Care male series, even the male-specific soap changed to angular, compared to the negative "soft" feeling. And it turns out that this step of "gender" as a prerequisite to improve the approach, it does work. (Dove's successful female communication advertisement: woman, you are actually more beautiful than you think )

So maybe we can't really blame ads for sex, right?

When the world becomes more and more non-blue or pink ...

"Does this company want to abduct me to buy the pink toy in this area instead of the boys ' special toys?" "the companies who make this try to trick the gils into buying the pink stuff instead of the stuff that boys Right?

The remark came from a little girl's mouth, and it was a bit too pertinent. Now the market is not only men, women play their own toys, but also began to appear exclusively for women's toast, men-specific toothpaste, and even a woman's special pen (Bic for her). Such products, which had been identified as fairly neutral, were also gradually labeled as sex labels. We still have to wait and see what other gender-partitioned products will be on the market in the future. The world is no longer black and white, and it may be not blue or pink. Frills for girls, and Force for boys.

Take a look at the research by Kirsten Drysdale and Zoe Norton, who found that consumers are actually fairly equal in sex advertising because we all have the "equal" opportunity to pay more ...

Gendered marketing is a formidable beast. It allows advertisers to narrow the reach of a specific group of people (demographic), while doing so may also allow excluded groups to feel that they are being "targeted" by groups that are "excluded" and specifically communicated.

However, perhaps we do not have to be overly anxious when we look at the gendered marketing, and we think that the dividing line of sex is also gradually increasing and curing. In fact, under the role of gender advertising, both sexes are both victims and benefit, giving us the opportunity to re-examine their own gender characteristics, let us remind ourselves is in this wave of "sex advertising" trend, or to pay, is entirely their own business.

Maybe the next time you go to the supermarket, when you are ready to pick up the "woman dedicated to remove the hair knife", you can and "men dedicated to the hair knife" super than a ratio, they exactly where it? Perhaps this is not a product of the intimate, the difference between the two may be only color. And we don't have to spend twice times as much money on color differences.

Finally, you can ask yourself a key question, "is sex advertising really worth it?" Shall we keep the bill? "The answer to this question, no right or wrong, leave everyone to think about it!"

"The same field," Ellen DeGeneres in response to "a woman's pen."

"Oh, I used to be the boy's pen, my mother!" --Alan.