single Diary is a new unit of female fans, with 500 words to write tempting's single thoughts. Today is the day that Shu Qi and Peng starring "the remainder is king" release, Shu Qi in the play is as single as you are, you want others mouth of "leftover" in fact, I think not bad, the so-called leftover , is to find the right person, so the best of their own to. (Recommended reading: leftover?) Just too honest to lie to myself .

"I have been longing for, have a love me person, accompany me to walk through this life." "When Shu Qi in the big screen before the sky wishing, you can not help but think, people this life in love to ask is what, but hope someone witness you this life good live, deeply loved, not in vain."

But you're single, not dead.

Your days are still busy, you step three inches high and shake the career landscape, most of the time you for work, in the street to meet the ex-lover also relieved a smile, and friends to the bar always have a few people wink to you. Your life is not going to suck because you're missing one person.

You're not so rush to get rid of the "leftover" name, what's wrong with being single? Often have friends tease you "standard is very high" you have to endure June smile, you are single not because you pick. You do not want to stay even do not love the back bladder, do not want to be the relationship between the chicken, you think of life but so long, why the veteran on the wronged, and then whine about his waste of your time? with a person who does not love, it is called life waste.

Relationship is willing to waste each other, you want a certain person, let you think of the person, let you heart of the people, before that you want to be single, love yourself more than impostors.

"Believe in love, even if it brings you sorrow to believe in love." --Al Gore

You still have a solid belief in love. In order to find the right person, you choose the best you have left. Often people say Shu Qi, Lin heart such as, Chi Ling is older female, you always feel love and cherish. How much you love being single, but you never give up believing in love.