in the last three years, we've talked about getting married, not getting married, shouting Happy Single , and also celebrated two of people's trouble. Today, we want to talk about the "single to the family " mentality conversion, women fans have been hoping to silently accompany the dear you through every part of life, regardless of the choice of each stage, the problem is what. 11/27 Please go to the woman's favorite text of the husband and wife file, big A and blue and white drag, in the female fan living room with everyone to talk about each different stage of life happiness and challenges.

She told him: the Journey of Life

Hugo once said: "Love is not a goal, a journey."

we thought that being single was a bit like a short sightseeing trip: We had beautiful photo memories, visited hot spots, tasted chef's food, and had a huge souvenir. is this a fun trip? of course! is the picture beautiful? Absolutely! But at the end of each trip, there was a feeling of loss .

on the other, not everyone will choose the hard journey of marriage: it is like arriving at a Turmine different countries, only the choice of long-term residence in the local, shuttle through the streets and towns, eat local food, and live together after the people, you can really say you "understand" the humanities amorous feelings. (Recommended reading: Jay and Kun Ling's fairy tale Imagine: why do we aspire to dream wedding )

11/27 invited to the two big guests, one is to describe the love sentence into the heart of the gender writer big A, the other is known as backpack waves, recently launched a new book to the traveler who came back "Blue and white drag. Perhaps everyone to the "blue and white a" impression of the most profound of their husband and wife of the noisy, each other on the face of the book wall of funny messages and choking sound. in the two people who have independent life, personality and ideas, how to transition from a shiny, dashing "solo trip" to the "two-legged" family world?

A single sightseeing trip has its good, and the marital life also has its charm. Perhaps you support the "Long live single", and perhaps your attitude to marriage is afraid and expectant, or you are the enthusiastic matchmaker who encourages friends and relatives to enter the marriage hall. No matter how you feel about being single or married, invite you, listen to the hearing and laugh. The Cold War of "blue and white a fit" to share the scenery of each love journey and mentality adjustment. (you'll also like it: Marriage is a class that is constantly being rebuilt: after a quarrel or to hold Your hand )

Photo: Big A offers

They will honestly share a person's good with two of people's fuss!

01. A man's journey: a two-sided mirror of loneliness and freedom

A single age is like a blank passport: with different lovers and life experiences, our blank pages are gradually filled with a postmark marked with dates and places. Some people make the music, the stamp chapter seems to be the achievement of life, so they can't wait to plan the next journey, look forward to the next stamp chapter. Some people have been feeling dull, and more stamp chapter, no matter how beautiful exotic scenery, represents just another airport, another lover to say good-bye.

He, who is accustomed to being single, has so described love:

I used to hate love when I was a person, because love must be two people.

The best understanding of love hard ming Her, is so described as single days:

I most miss the freedom of being single, I often go abroad when I am single, I want to stay as long as I like, but sometimes I am free to represent my helpless, because this means that nobody waits for you to come back.

I used to think that love is a flint, see the other side can feel the heartbreak. It is a kind of like a person like to have not begun to think of the end, and then very sad.

02. Travel of two people: down-to-earth, insipid, joyful.

The habit of wandering you, may one day be longing for two of people's noisy. But accustomed to the independence of life, unavoidable to the daily necessities of the marital life feel fear. Dear, we want to say, sometimes, the best place to travel is not the colorful outside, but know that they have a warm home after all can return. For those of you who are curious about family life, listen to what they say:

He is accustomed to being a single traveler, describing the two worlds:

After breaking into the love world, the original vigorous is only a small part of love, with another person living together, noisy still feel the other side is very important, In the daily life together. Love teaches me that the most important thing is "cooperation". It is a difficult thing to learn in one's life. It was not until now that I realized that traveling alone was not scary, and that the real horror was that two people lived with their children.

So, I no longer take the journey as life, because life is the real long-distance travel.

She used to describe family marriage in the same way that she had left blood for love and shed tears.

Now the stability is also very happy, but marriage will be a lot less excitement and romance, but perhaps this is the way to live, not too many accidents, I like this day after day.

my good sister asked me: "If there is no child, you will not be married to blue and white drag it?" "Yes, I won't." because the blue and white drag is the first not let me fall in love, but still with him people. at that time, I was not sure whether we could go down.

and I'm glad to have a child, forcing me to learn about love but that's it. Two people married honestly, in the room when the quarrel each cried. there are many better people than him, but he is the best for me. Together we walked through the pit of Baba's life, pulling each other, teasing each other very ugly. That's good, there is a person with their own sometimes strong, sometimes soft rotten. (same field Gayon: Love does not talk about guilt, marriage is also )

after the children's trip, to me is to change the place of life just. I am not divorced from my identity, I am still a word worker and mother.

I feel very tired, but I would like to take the children to travel. on the one hand is very do not want to regret not to accompany him more, on the one hand I hope he can be very confident, he knew he was loved since childhood. I've seen too many people who don't believe in themselves or trust others because of their native family relationships. I hope my child will still love to laugh.

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Big a :
Taipei People, six grade, Gemini. like good-looking people and funny things. It's easy to vent and roll. When I was young, I thought I was special, and then I found out that I was doing something. do not know where to offend the love, so set up a fan page " I am big a ", every day to think that there is no, is not thought of will be married with a backpacker. every day is inexplicably complacent, the original most proud works is the son.

Blue and white drag :
wandering in the seven grade between treason and rationality. after a year of debauchery in 2011, he began to put together the real world by writing. after having a child in 2014, he decided to be dissolute with his children. new book: " for the traveller who returns "