Have you seen Ariel starring in "234 say Love you "? There is real life, real feelings, walk into the cinema, you will find your shadow. (Intimate reminder: This article micro-ray, said is the film protagonists love the way, if you want to enjoy the film not be spoilers, please read the text.) ) (same field Gayon: the choice question in the face of life: talking about sex/lust and "moral decay" in "234 saying love you")

Rush say "Love You" in "234" to go into the movie theater before the film, 36 minutes an hour, I found that this film is more delicate, realistic and more naked than I imagined. Love, is ultimately a choice, a fearless, or a reality? Some people love directly, some people hide obscure, in the relationship between the retreat, the final choice is to gamble on a back, or to pick up self-esteem turned away, anyway that is love.

The play of three women, two men, each interpretation of a variety of different love, perhaps the personality, perhaps the age, each of their own way into love, feel joy and pain. Five people, five kinds of love, I think,"234 say Love You" can let us in who to learn something, feel very much like ourselves, and from the cinema with a role of the soul Walk, walk back to life, continue to love. (Extended reading:"What those movies Teach Me" is love that beats the heart. )

Mother and wife, morally bankrupt woman, it's all me.

"I won't ask you to divorce him, I just want to be with him, with him, I can do it myself." "--Jiang (Ariel Adorn)

Jiang, who graduated from college, was an actress in a small theater troupe, with a dream of learning to play in Paris, and a steady life with her boyfriend Azeri. Her role as Josephine, but the director was not enough to play, he said, because the smoked life is too stable. Josephine, a woman who had to sleep with a lot of different men to fill her emptiness, was incredible to her, and she had only Azeri, or, more precisely, Azeri in her eyes.

Until she was in order to earn money to join the credit agency, in order to let Li Yu love her and Bowfinger. She has no way to forgive herself, think she is a "morally bankrupt woman", she and the credit agency boss Baoji said "I feel very cheap", Bao sister only said "you just do not dare to face yourself to other men have desires." Smoked once tried to resist the fact that fell in love with Li Yu, eventually gave up the struggle, she and Azeri broke up, moved into the Li Yu home. Gambling is only the youth, as long as you can accompany the love of the people, not because of why, just because she fell in love with him. Do not know love, but also desperately love.

If, smoked did not meet Li Yu, if, she so and Azeri have been together? Such a script, very clear, such as Azeri soldiers discharged, two people together to save money, to Paris to learn to do desserts and performances, back to Taiwan to have a child, two jobs earner family, after work cooking laundry, happy or angry for trifles ... and then a lifetime. Lifetime, more than 20-year-old young girl, you for such a lifetime, is the expectation or fear? When society teaches us to look forward to, you dare to admit that you actually have some fear. (Extended share: a letter to an old friend: Resign!) I support you to leave the courage to live a stable life.

I love you, every minute of the future will be with you.

"I thought of everything, but I didn't think you'd mutiny." "--Azeri (Jianhonglin adorn)

Azeri's love is very simple, is the heart to dig the lungs of love. My love, is to dig out my heart for you to see, I have all, also handed to you. The way I love you, is my future you also want to together, I use my heart, wholeheartedly love you, I wrote the script is not a solo, but have I have you. But I seem to have forgotten to ask you the story I wrote for you, do you really like it?

Azeri in order to love the performance of the smoked, on their own to see the English web site to find a movie, before the soldier secretly saved more than 200,000, want to be discharged after the dream of Paris to take smoked. He was poor, but he was willing to eat a French restaurant for the sake of the bacon and make cakes by herself on her birthday. In all ordinary life, his mind of the blueprint are smoked, but he imagined, is always, has been playing a "mother and wife" smoked. When smoked frankly told Azeri, she fell in love with others, at that time, Azeri desperately said, "I think everything is good, just didn't think you will mutiny." Everything is ready, but it is Azeri own life after all.

"I'm out of the army." Going to Paris, you want to go with me? 」
"No, that's your Paris, not mine." 」

After the discharge, Azeri back to find a new life has begun to smoke. This dialogue, is Azeri from and smoked relationship, take away the growth.

To know a person fully is to hold a trump card that will not fail.

" me and him On the same ship. I love him more than you, because I even love his faults. I'm not going to leave him for the rest of my life. "--Wang Danli (Cai adorn)

"We used to watch Bergman on this Couch", "Li Yu doesn't like to wear a condom, you still take the medicine, Wang Danli as Li Yu Shong wife, from her face always can not see too much emotion, but that shares calm and rational, but let people have to believe that she has already seen through Li Yu every cell, kissed his deepest soul. That kind of love deep in the bones, but revealed too sensible desolate. (same field Gayon: to the former lovers: For a moment, we are the most honest people in the world. )

Wang Danli never had a grain of sand in his eyes? Now but so do not let Li Yu love Jiang, find the relationship of the fourth, get rid of the third party, cold watching everything. She said softly, Jiang was too young to get involved in the complex world, sitting in the backseat of the car, she asked Jiang: "You really think you are Summer?" Is it Jiang? Or what part of your play? "It's as if he's accusing Jiang of acting too much and forgetting who he is." But this kind of questioning, reflects the Wang Danli heart to own doubt.

Who is Wang Danli in the act? She really love Li Yu, with the full understanding of this person, plus this is a deep buried in the reality of love, she held the trump card will not fail, as long as she does not leave Li Yu, Li Yu will never leave her, although in what form left, she could not grasp. "Let's play a loving couple again," said the man. She wrote a note to Li Yu, graceful, calm, and leisurely, Wang Danli like a pretty doll with less emotion. You really love him, but he has not loved you, tied to the Li Yu, do you actually play happy?

Afraid to make my heart transparent, I choose to love selfish

"You're right, I'm afraid of getting hurt." No one ever dared to challenge me like you, no one ever gave me that feeling. --Li Yu (Qin adorn)

Li Yu is really in love with Jiang, but he gave love, cunning like wandering in the dream and reality of the edge, absolutely no like Azeri give the sense of sureness. Li Yu is very intuitive about what he wants, he is weak in some aspects, because of this weakness, he does not easily give the heart to others, the deep inner uneasiness traction him, selfish, secretly to his own part of the reservation.

Go out to work will never answer the phone, where not to you, but I just want to go home, I will see you at any time. This love is self-righteous, hiding behind a fear of hurt heart. He feared that the jewels he had designed were not perfect, sitting at the table every day, rubbing several drafts, drinking several bottles of whisky, in love, he feared that he would be transparent, but the person will be away from him, and such a deep fear is a wisp of filaments, can only briefly support his heart. (Look at this: write to a modern man with a commitment to fear: to have, not to lose the beginning!) )

and Wang Danli too know him, only with his hand to the thin wire a tick, Li Yu Heart will not hold. She knew Jiang is true love, but told Li Yu, Jiang is she bought the actor, this is the fact, but only a part of the fact. When Jiang cried and Li Yu said: "My behavior may deceive, but my heart is true." "Everything has not been mended. In the feelings, who can accept the deception, especially the reserved, afraid of the injured fragile soul, this moment, Li Yu verified their predictions.

The deception of the heart is not known, the behavior of deception is often clearly visible, we all say that they value the heart more than all, but this can not see and touch the heart, but only through the behavior to verify. Li Yu Love Jiang? Love, but his behavior but let Jiang angry tears "I am not your dog!" Jiang Love Li Yu? Love, but she because conceal her true identity behavior, let "lie" these two words, in Li Yu's mind deeply carved hurt.

There is no one who does not love. Love, is just a choice

"Do I love him?" To me, this question is a choice question, not a right question. "--Yu Ying (Zhou adorn)

Yu Ying, Li Yu's San, has been with Li Yu, the design director, next to the Deputy Director. You can't see what she wants, she's strong, she's talented, she's always a romantic Li Yu, even more shrewd and capable. From the clues of the plot, we can see that she loves Li Yu, but no one thought, in fact, she could choose not to love.

At the end of the story, she chose to give up love. Perhaps because in love, she will always be the third party, a lifetime of the third party, but choose their own life, she can embrace their soul. For Yu Ying This 30 women, love is only a part of life, she understood that no one who does not love who can not, those who have been crying days to rob the lovelorn, break up the pain, thought that no longer meet the love of the people, and finally will encounter the next. The original life, just a series of their own choice. (Share with you: the reality and dream in love, do you choose to leave or stay?) )

Out of the cinema, the mood is very complex, but feel a deeper release. 234, representing the 20, 30, 40 women, but the film of men and women in the same deep and intangible, five people, the difference between five kinds of love is not only age, but more life variables. Sometimes we may be the Azeri of the lungs, is a moral dilemma smoked, is afraid of the injured Li Yu, is to support their own Wang Danli, but also may be a natural turn of the Yu Ying. Love, is a lifetime of practice, never understand the problem, I hope we can all be injured, still retain the ability to love.