In January, Paris, France, after the failure of the Charlie Weekly incident , last night, Paris, France, 13th, many of the shooting, explosions and other terrorist attacks, the current number of victims of more than 150 people, in this painful moment, we want to stand with the French people, holding their hands, listen to their pain (In the same field review:"I swear to defend your freedom, even if you taunt my religion" terrorist attacks are not mentioned #Jesuisahmed)

13th Friday Night around 10 (Taiwan time around 5 o'clock in the morning), the French capital of Paris in the last hundred years the most serious terrorist attacks, including bombings, shootings, hostage-taking, currently according to police statistics have killed more than 150 people.

The terror attack, which was not early warning, tumbled over Paris's 10 districts, 11 districts and the northern suburbs of France. Bars in the tenth district of Paris, at least three shootings occurred in restaurants and theaters, injuring dozens of people, and the Bad Klan Theatre (Bataclan) in the 11th district of Paris was the most heavily killed and injured in the evening 9:30, with masked black men rushing in and shooting for 10 minutes, updating figures showing that at least 70 people had been shot dead, More than 100 people were taken hostage. Theatre survivors said: "The theater can hold at least 1500 people, the scene is almost a massacre." 」

The New York Times 's sorting map

Philippe wojazer/reuters

The police escorted a wounded man away from the theatre. (Philippe wojazer/reuters)

The evacuation scene of the Backtran theater
Christian hartmann/reuters

Explosions also took place in the French national stadium on the northern outskirts of Paris. At that time the stadium was playing de France-Germany's football match, President Aurande in his watch the ball, the security inside left. Then President Aurande made a televised speech declaring France a state of emergency: "This is an unprecedented terrorist attack, I will mobilize all feasible forces, France will enter a state of emergency, military reinforcements, will also close the border." 」

Aurande in a tone of pain "The hard times of the terrorist attacks, I miss the countless victims and their families, and more wounded." We mourn with empathy, and at the same time call upon us to unite and calm down. In the face of fear, France must be strong, this time the terrorist attack is very serious, the country must be determined to, we can do it. I also asked the people to get along with France. Terrorists intimidate us with fear, and we certainly have reason to be afraid. Fear is alive, but in the face of fear, France knows how to defend itself, knowing how to arm itself, and we will repel terrorists. I ask my countrymen to be convinced that we can defend this country. 」

"It is a night filled with tears, sadness and hanging in Paris." But here in Paris, we stand still. "I know it's been a rough night for the Parisians," said Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo. This night we will be distressed for the fall of life, we will be back on the side of the wounded to stand up. 」

U.S. President Barack Obama responded to a terrorist attack by saying it was a crime that provoked people to panic. "Paris has the significance of the times, symbolizing the advancement of human rights." If anyone thinks that they can destroy Parisians through terrorist attacks, or denigrate the human rights values guarded by Paris, they are far too wrong. "It's not just an attack on Paris, it's an attack on the Parisians, it's an attack on the world's human rights," he told the French. 」

According to the update of international major newspapers, no organization has come forward to admit committing crimes, we do not rashly speculate on suspected organizations, we want to soft respect for the wounded and the dead, we want to be strong for the French shout, in the distant Taiwan, we want to stand with them, the heart and they closely tied. #PrayForParis

For Paris and the world, this is the darkness of the fall, we fell for the dead wounded tears, thinking how death came so malicious? We also stand back from the dead, convinced that if we do not bow to fear, tomorrow's France will be more powerful because of the pain. (same field Gayon: Don't be afraid, the darkest time need love most )