single Diary is a new unit of female fans, with 500 words to write tempting's single thoughts. What is Love? single You think, maybe love not so many great excuses, not so many complex reasons, love is you want someone in your illness, accompany you to see a disease; there is a person around you, you walk into each other's most boring life. (Recommended reading: We want to be loved, because we want a person to witness the life we used to be )

You remember well, that day Lin Chi-Ling received a visit said: I hope you like me, not everyone in the eyes of Lin Chi-ling, but silly Lin Chi-ling. I hope that when I am ugly you would like to accompany me, old sick, you would like to accompany me to see a doctor. 」

You are red on the other side of the screen, you know, you wish so similar.

The essence of love is companionship, there is a person, with another look at you gently, let you unload all strong preparedness. In fact, what you want is just a generous holding your hand, to see a doctor.

Your heart is always contradictory. What do you mean by being single? Single, is the smallest of your life every moment, small to see a doctor, big to career choice, have you take good care of yourself, how lonely there is more freedom.

You are really a good person, when you are single, you live exceptionally strong, you particularly do not want others to worry about you, in the end, it seems that even the fragile time to cry no longer have, "want someone to accompany" the mind has become your soft rib, you are not unbelief, but stubborn can not say, but in the heart secretly look forward

You think, there are so many single sisters, want to find someone to accompany the wish to calculate defection? You think again, why the single and love divided into the north and South poles, can not be a good person, but also eager to be loved?

You want such a person, you do not have to travel around the world, but to walk into each other's most boring days. You have to see his most 颟 mandatory sleepy, he will accompany you to endure the most awkward month, you read each other always have unbearable, always old, always ugly strange, but still love.

"I also think of myself as the most painful child you have." 」