What kind of decorations are suitable for men's wear?

Is the silver and gray color tone, large jewel or large metal surfaces, or a single, simple line of color?

Founded in London in November, the design brand Library Brass launched the third brand design series: Smith Trades Series No. 2, "Black Pollen Black Pollen", trying to convey the comical and unseemly appearance of the past, as a kind of past scenery.

This time the Librarry Brass recruited photographer Shen Pei-yu to try to show this series of decorations with a male model.The photographer Shen Pei-yu shows some strange, neutral, and even dubious, delicate beauty through the body of the body, and the aesthetic sensibility of the yin and yang blending into the flow elegance.In addition to the simple geometry of cable strips, modern collage necklaces, necklace necklaces, and a long and crisp lock-head necklace, have shown the exquisite and elegant appearance of contemporary men.

Captain necklace

Captain necklace necklace

(image) Library Brass rabbit necklace necklace /(illustration) Library Brass flow necklace

Library Brass Gold (necklace

Library Brass rabbit necklace

cameraman: Shen Peiyu, 23.It is a freelance photographer who has published the ‘ Brain Neurodebilis ’ photo collection and is about to travel to Finland to film a documentary.

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