You like Lin Chen-chen because of the characters she played; you like Lin Yichen, because no matter how many characters she played, she didn't go bad.This time, in the film Diary Diary , Lin and us shared more of the workplace and the love of love, listening to her say that all the fine water flows come from a natural moment.(Recommended reading: Lin Yearly's Seven Smars: "I'm just an ordinary girl who wants to do something meaningful in limited life" )

Lin Chen-chen comes from Yuan Xiangqin, and takes a look at the past. From his journey to the Ching, he takes on a new and tenacious approach to the past, and takes a turn from Chien Pei-hsun to the same old Tang.This time, Lin Yichen, in his "Diary" diary, says that the selfish greed of a woman, as well as the weak and soft that the girl has, is also in her own right."The role of Dura, ah, stick, strong, fragile, I will say that.""

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Women's Strong and Fragile: We are all in the Search for Identity

Lin says in an exclusive interview with a woman: "Tura has both a strong and a fragile character, both a career and a feeling."We are all trying to identify with this. This is the psychological force that people need most of the time, and our status will not remain fragile and will not be strong.The insistence on making people from fragility to strength and vulnerability allows us to rely on them, and this is the only way to make life a journey that has always been the case."

She has always been a long-lasting runner, and she doesn't have to sprint and appreciate the scenery along the way and enjoy the lost sight.As in "Diary Diary", she was 33 years old, and was facing a career pressure of internal and external attacks, and a stable and impulsive choice of love.She was lost in a beautiful dressing room, gorgeous palace, and she said on morning that Turara's subject was self-identification: "People are constantly seeking to be recognized, whether they strive to reach the upper reaches or take off the crown."We are all looking for an identity that is recognized by others."(Recommended reading: [exclusive] Lin's growth book:" Life needs to be lowered to have more " )

We want to be loved, but worry about love Za .As I said in the morning, we must agree to ourselves and have a clear conscience.The meaning and success of life in the opera, the success of her sweet voice, and the density and density of life: " Life is a loss of life, but it's a blessing in disguisance.Resiliently finding their own flexibility in a disaster."

Happiness is the love of the world

What is Success?She doesn't talk about her career success, she doesn't talk about the family's success: "The definition of success is different."My success is that I have a lot of love, and I can love a lot of people and give me love for a lot of people."

Too many messages inculpate the absolute values of the powerful in a single sense, but forget to teach you everything that there must be, and revenge is never going to happen, " she said."Everyone should remember thinking independently, not easily pointing to each other and hurting weakness."(Sibling: Terrorist Attacks in Paris and Lebanon: Our Care is More than the Header of the Exchange )

Lin Yichen is a girl like this, and there are lots of love and love, and she doesn't give up on love.

She says she can love many people is a success, and I think of the Japanese author Kang Niang-kang. "As long as we can make a person happy, it is happiness." " Happiness, in the eyes of Lin, is a very simple two words.

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Love, the most beautiful misconception

We can see a lot of real things in Wang Wei, but Dura sees so many things in the real world. She sees Wang Wei, who has always dreamed of traveling around the world, and has no reason to understand his motives.On the other hand, Chen Feng was able to promise her that there were many stories on the surface of her son, who was a son of a gold.We have a beautiful misunderstanding of our people."

the morning of the wedding day, it was a very beautiful misconception that we couldn't recognize ourselves, love each other: "Look at it with both eyes and hearts, and we will choose between us, and ultimately the people, not the conditions and the identity.""

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Let's talk to the ideal of love by morning, she says, "Choose another half, have a shoulder, a sense of responsibility, and a heavy responsibility."The time is best to see if a person's sincerity is in line with his words and deeds.I like to be honest and honest, and love is the last time I'm happy and sad." (Recommended reading: After 30 years of age and a long stream of water!): I want a person who understands me )

All fine water flow comes from a pounding

How are you going to choose between a sudden and a stream of water?After reading the "diary of marriage", I inevitably ask myself this question.Lin Yichen's answer was surprising: "I feel that every detail of the flow of water begins with a pounding, but at the end of the day it flows into thin water."We need to change our new sense of new feelings as we change our status and our time, so long as we continue to absorb new knowledge and make it better today than we were yesterday.This kind of fresh feeling can still be maintained!" Don't forget, we've all been impulsive, and we have the ability to become more charming.

" No more people's bookmarks, it's a book worth reading on first reading!Cheng once said that as Lin's happiness in the morning, he constantly reads the world and doesn't stop until he becomes a better one.In a happy relationship, what is more important than that?(Extended reading: Lin Yichen: "I want myself to be a book that makes one want to turn over and over again" )

The fine water that she imagined was a treasure for firewood oil, and she didn't forget to grow herself: "Happy, at any time, you can keep the other side reassuring."The needs of each other, the dream of each other, the joy of each other's illness, you are willing to share.It is the most important reason why I feel that I have been able to help him solve the problem of sharing or helping him increase."

The most important process of life in life

Lin's marriage, she treasured her husband's long distance and made her more understanding. She treasured a company that allowed her to make her own company and support her career.After the marriage, Lin was more focused on his work than in the past, but she didn't have to blame herself, because she treasured the joy of acting as an actor: " The happiest actors can go through a lot of characters.Back to think about their own life, and do some more practical choices."

Don't stop thinking and become the forest that we see now, Lin Chen-chen, her life is not absolute, it's constantly changing the position and dealing with her contradictions.

Each character lets her take some life, and we are curious about Lin's most important role in her life, and she talks about her youth, and that we all have a stubborn girl, longing to become a practicing woman: " When I read the script for the first time, I cried a little.I felt that at that time my life was very similar to that of youth, and I happened to be at her age, choosing between career and love."

It was not Ta-jen, but Cheng's hard work: "She helped me make the key decision at the moment and see what I should stick to, and what to choose."I also think that a lot of girls will be in a situation like that, and there are many people who are still at the age of the same age as I am.I hope that young people can help them walk out of the dead, so I know that I have to play this role." (Recommended to you: Write to the lost you: drop the Unsuccessful Expectable to listen to your inner voice )

"Owning a love job and having a loving home with him.""

The woman's charisma, 13, Lin Chen-chen says this is the motto of her later life. She wants to remind herself that this is her ideal life: We Can have It All.

There aren't so many choices that can be easily made. Every encounter is deeply treasurn, and this is the meaning of Lin Yichen's life.We like her flexibility to preserve herself, not to be humble in love, but to be gentle in character.Lin is a very beautiful woman. She treasures the rights of public figures and does not squander the star. She likes the way she grew up, she liked her bravely loving the world, and we loved to always believe in the good forestry chen.